World prison,But there are many ancestor gods and ancestors,Li Ming once promised to give them freedom。

“but,Can’t be in the Three Realms。”
The ancestor gods in the world prison,Except for the three who had acted on Li Ming, they were already beheaded.,There are still fifteen left。
Two of them have the strength of top ancestor gods。
If they appear in the Three Realms,There must be a chaos in the Three Realms!
“and so,Absolutely can’t let them be free now!”Li Ming sighed slightly,“It seems that only two avatars can be sent into the space-time vortex channel,Send them to Da Moyu,To let them be free。”
“It seems,Have to take a risk!”
Li Ming’s heart moved,Three avatars are divided into two。
but,Even if the two clones are separated,But it can be regarded as the power of the half-walker。
Have this level of power,Auxiliary World with Heart,Li Ming is confident that he will be able to break through the space vortex channel。
Tianqiong Eternal World,An extremely remote chaotic world。
“The flow of mind has broken through the world,Comparable to the power of Daojun’s blue and white mist,My soul that was also conceived is comparable to a Taoist monarch。”
“The stronger the soul,Faster thinking,The quicker the battle against Taoism!”
Although Li Ming and his breakthrough into the world,The power of the blue and white mist is also comparable to that of a Taoist monarch,But the breakthrough of divine power and mana is also very important。
After all, once his deity breaks through the flow of divine power,Exploit supernatural power,Pure strength is still above the blue and white mist。
Mana,He also didn’t figure out the power of using the blue and white mist to control the magic weapon to use the magic weapon.。
and so,Still have to elevate Tao to the world first!
fortunately,Now Li Ming’s heart world is opened,Feeling and comprehending yourself at any time,Master the Chaos of Heaven,General‘height’There is no big bottleneck for upgrading to the world。