“Don’t want to think,Will have a heart。”
Liao Wenjie quickly went to the grass,A burst of his ear,I am shocked by him.,Half-embarrassment is not detached。
A bit deafness,But the problem is not big,The result is more than 100 times more unstable than the heart.。
“Hide,Not,It is estimated that you also see it.,After you are involved in the sky,Enter messy time and space,Come to the present after hundreds of years。”
Liao Wenjie said:“You can come,Your two apprentices can naturally,Concrete,Fusang ghost king is no exception。”
“you……If you say something not to say,Two is really a good person?”
Grasshrise replace clothes,Silence and half, a man who is improper,Consciously,Make up a sentence:“Do not misunderstand,I am not questioning,But the mentality is not flat.,I really can’t believe in two。”
Liao Wenjie shakes his head:“What we said is not important,Key wants to feel,If you have iron my heart, I and Lyon is the evil devil,Then we don’t say anything.。”
A gift:“I shouldn’t,Crimified a big mistake。”
Liao Wenjie turned over white eyes,What is it?,It seems that he looks like a bad person.。
This pot is not back,Are the fault of Lyon,Take it with him.,Be hit‘Evil’s Mark。
“Two,still have a question,I hope you give me guidance.。”
The grass is deeply absorbed,Said that I am angry in my heart:“Grass, practice for many years,Dare to say to the world,Is a master of the world,But also fidelity,Calculate the small name,Can…Can……”
He looked at Lyon,Then I looked at Liao Wenjie again.,Very lost:“Although the two is strange,But you will have a high-strength skill.,The grass is not as good as,I want to ask a question,It is two days far-funded.,Still now today’s practice is so?”
Lyon disdain:“Bright frog,You are also very good.,Who gives you a thick face,Please be sure to introduce it to me.!”
“Lyon,Don’t say,What should I do??”
Liao Wenjie blame,Backward:“Hide,Said that you are not afraid of you jokes,I and Lyon qualifications,It is also bullying you.。Now today’s practice,Better than our powerful,No mountaineering、Nattong picks up the moon,Going out, you are embarrassed to call me.。”
“It’s so truthful……”
The grass is very bitter in the heart,A proud bones,蔫 蔫 蔫 模 老 老。
“Hide,No need to be frowning,The road of practice and long,Nothing to do two years later,You still young,Let them have a few years,Young is capital,Let’s wait。”Liao Wenjie patted the shoulders of the grass,Worder。
“It is a poor way to be a flower.,Can’t afford it。”Prapping head。
“almost,I and Ajie also talented.。”
Grass,Covering the face of chest,Tianling cover,Bean big sweat。
“Lyon,Don’t mess with,See you!”
“Pooh,You are also happy.。”
Both people, let’s start the fun of the mouth.,There is no word in the grass.,Waiting a little better,Take a speech:“Two,Fusang ghost king is from me,It should also be finally,I have to find two disciples,Fusing the flag and its……”
“Hide,The evil magic is gone.,Fusan ghost king strong beauty,My heart is deep,No need to talk to him,Everyone is getting up together。”
Liao Wenjie is serious:“Looking for apprentice,Let’s first talk‘Tiandi Xuanmen’,I am more curious about how you shuttle.,if you are free,Trouble。”
Wrope frown:“This matter involves teachers secretin,I am unable to tell。”