Wang Weigua’s neck is tilted,To say frankly:“Forcing them to ask the old village chief to take charge of the work!You Chen Gui don’t have the guts,We are not afraid“

“All mischief,Do not burn incense,Bare beard,do you know?Xia Jian will be back soon“Chen Hu glanced around,Lowered his voice and yelled。
Wang Chengyi listened,Asked hurriedly:“Which is true,Mayor Ouyang brought Zhao Hong just now,Said to pick up Xia Jian,We thought she was acting for us“
“How can it be faked??What can you do“Chen Gui glared at Wang Waigua,Go away proudly。
This is messed up,Which villagers were brought,Some people began to accuse Wang Weigua and Wang Cheng,Said these two lied to them,Did not understand the situation,Just mobilize them indiscriminately,Said that after this time,Every family will apply for subsidies for poor households。
This is still a fart,No benefit,If Xia Jian comes back, I will make trouble for them,A group of people swears out of the office,Busy going to the ground。
Song Fang just passing by,I heard the clues from these people’s mouths,She couldn’t help but stop,Xia Jian is coming back soon,She has to show,Woman thought about it,Can’t help but smile。
First0106chapter Beauty drunk
The night is like ink。
A BMW car,Bumpy on the village road leading to Xiping Village,Xia Jian is sitting in the passenger seat,Unhappy,Zhao Hong and Ouyang Hong in the back row,Also silent。
“Stop“suddenly,Xia Jian shouted,Listen to Zhang Sangui,Immediately stopped the car on the side of the road,Not far ahead,I have seen the faint lights of Xiping Village。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“President Xia,Don’t get angry,Things are already like this,Anger doesn’t help,Why not face it calmly,Otherwise the people who counted us,Secretly laughing“
“Humph!I’m no longer angry,I’m just thinking,How can we congratulate tonight“Xia Jian said,Looking behind the car, he looked down at Zhao Hong, who was silent。
How smart is Zhao Hong,I immediately understood what Xia Jian meant.,She smiled and said:“Our poor country,It’s this time again,There is nothing delicious and fun,Do not want my house,When I asked someone to build a greenhouse a few days ago,There are a few bottles of liquor left,I’ll cook a few home-cooked dishes afterwards,Let’s drink“
“Hey!good idea,To be honest,I already have this idea,But it has been too busy,It’s better to hit the sun,Let’s have two glasses tonight“Ouyang Hong said very happily。
Xia Jian’s face,This is the smile,The car quietly drove to the village committee compound,Then a few people walked to Zhao Hong’s house,Zhang Sangui told me to go back to bed early,So I went to Xia Jian’s house alone。
It was past 11 o’clock in the evening,The people in the village are almost all asleep,Zhao Hong leads Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian,Just stepped into the door,Just listen to her mother-in-law Wang Qiaohua asking:“Red!Are you back?Don’t forget to plug in the door“
“Hey!Ok,I will bring Mayor Ouyang back to sit down,You don’t need to get up”Zhao Hong agreed,I inserted the door easily。Xia Jian walking ahead,Thought,This woman is really timid,Plug in the gate as soon as you enter the hospital。