Autumn cool stomach six attention

Autumn cool stomach six attention

After the fall, due to the cold weather, people’s appetite is strong, which makes the burden of the stomach and duodenum worse, which may lead to stomach problems, especially those who have stomach problems, which are more likely to recur in autumn.

Therefore, after the autumn cold to prevent stomach attacks, you need to pay attention to the following six aspects: First, the diet should be regular hygiene: eating sometimes too early, sometimes too late, eat a lot of delicious, eat less if not delicious, or eat cold food,Snacks can easily cause gastrointestinal disorders and are easily caused by neonatal diseases.

Unhealthy diet can easily lead to food poisoning.

Therefore, choosing food, paying attention to freshness, cleaning, and eating regularly is the primary problem in preventing antibiotics.

  Second, the taste should be light: to maintain the temper and fermentation of the fermentation, we must often eat vegetarian rice, appropriate to assist some meat fat food.

The diet of patients with stomach diseases should be gentle and light, so eat less and eat more meals, and regularly quantify, so that the stomach often has food to neutralize stomach acid, preventing gastric acid from eroding gastric mucosa and ulcer surface.

When eating, you should chew slowly, do not eat cold food, and quit smoking, alcohol, to prevent stimulation of the gastric mucosa, gradually worsening and recurrence.

  Third, the mood should be optimistic: Studies have shown that stomach and duodenal ulcers are closely related to people’s psychology and emotions.

Excessive sorrow, sadness, horror, nervousness, and anger can all lead to chronic diseases.

Therefore, to prevent and treat stomach problems, it is necessary to always maintain a good mood and avoid the stimulation of adverse factors such as loss, fear, fear, nervousness and sorrow.

  Fourth, the body should exercise: to actively participate in sports, this will help improve the blood circulation of the rehabilitation road, improve the ability to adapt to climate change; scientifically arrange life, pay attention to work and rest, ensure sleep, prevent excessive fatigue, reduce the incidence ofopportunity.

  Fifth, medication should be cautious: clinical practice has proved that drugs that are highly irritating to the gastric mucosa should be banned.

If you need to take these medicines due to illness, you should take them after meals or add drugs to protect your stomach.

In addition, the gradual disappearance after taking the drug treatment does not mean that the disease in the body is completely cured.

Chronic chronic diseases often develop into organic deterioration, although the symptoms may disappear quickly, but the wounds need to be gradually restored.

Therefore, patients should continue to take medication to reduce the efficacy.

  Sixth, clothing should be kept warm: With the change of climate, people should increase or decrease clothes in time, and cover the quilt at night to prevent the stomach from catching cold and causing stomach problems.