This level of loss,It is difficult for both parties to lose,Almost coincidentally,Both Pope Ernst of Illumination and Korland of the royal camp made the same decision,Temporary shrinking sanctuary strong,Create opportunities for a decisive battle。

A negotiation paper was passed to the army by a messenger,Subsequent reporting。
“Charlie、Wright,What do you mean by Ernst?negotiation!”Koland holding a letter in his hand,Touched his chin and said weirdly。
“Maybe his breakthrough,Sure to deal with you?”Wright frowned,“but,Facing the extreme powers of the two sanctuary,I don’t think he can do anything。The Holy See is really threatening,Actually only him。But we still have to guard against angel battle formations”
Although there are concerns,But their goal has been achieved,Lead the Pope of the Holy See of Light out of the temple。
A few days later,On the mighty white river,There is a large ship drifting along the flowing river,There is no one on the deck of this building。
In the top lobby of the ship,Masters gathered。
Everyone in this top-level hall is a sanctuary-level powerhouse,In the lobby,Ten chairs。The ten chairs are divided into two positions。
Royal side,Koland,Charlie、Wright、Palmer and the right arm under the bandage‘Iron Wall Juggernaut’Goody,Five people sit side by side。The five of them can be said to be the top five masters of the royal family!
And on the other side,Pope of Light‘Ernst’、Fanatic‘strong’、Ascetic leader‘Desiree’,‘Seraphim Chief Andrew’,And a man with a figure hidden under a black robe also sat side by side。
Behind them,A large number of sanctuary powerhouses。
Ernst and Koland looked at each other,I feel a little weird in my heart,Ernst weird Ulette,He did not expect this young genius to be on the side of the royal family,And Keland values the black-robed sanctuary powerhouse he has never seen before。
“Ernst。”Koland has a smile on his mouth,“I don’t know if you invited me,What’s the matter?”
The Holy See Ernst looks at Koland,That soft gaze makes people feel like spring breeze:“Koland,We have lost too much in the recent fight,You don’t want the sanctuary powerhouses under your command to lose.,How about the truce between us?”
“Are you dreaming?”Charlie scolded,And Wright was a little dumbfounded。The current territory of the Holy See was owned by the Puang Empire more than a decade ago,Shake hands,How is that possible。
Ernst did not take Richard,A newcomer to the peak of the sanctuary,Even if you have an artifact,He doesn’t care at all。He just looked at the true leader of the royal camp,Smiled lightly:“Koland,As long as you back down,Our Bright Church will also give a lot,Will definitely satisfy you。”
“You can return the territory to us?”Koland sneered。