Know the autumn leaves to ignite the spell,Open the mouth of the left thousand,First put the spell into his mouth,And after deep absorbing two,I kissed my mouth.。

Trough,You are too taking you for saving people.。
“Cui brother,I am not enough.,The breeze girl is really unable to force,If you are so yang,You can divide her。”Knowing the autumn and one leaves,Hurry and remind a sentence,Then I blew the big mouth again.。
“You are too simple to be too simple.……”
Liao Wenji mouth,Looking to a green faint Fu Qingfeng,Cheeks edema,Band with viscous juice,Just a step away from the corpse demon。
too ugly,Don’t go your mouth!
Common statement,First bitter,The hardships of eating can become 亼。
This mouth is going,Perhaps it is very fried in front,Can be behind,I will not be pumored.。
“I want to lie to me.,Do younger……”
Liao Wenjie snorted,Not that he is not ugly,Well-known,He never looking at the food,Beautiful with him like a cloud,He value is inner,Is interesting soul。Just happens,He encounters interesting souls,Have lived in a beautiful body,Only。
This refining path,Who starts from 鬟 鬟,To Xiao Qian、Xiaoqing is now,There is always beautiful deliberately close,It is a coincidence……
Please refine the end of the way,Continue to maintain strength!
Now,He doesn’t want to step on this pit.,I don’t want to try it.。
“I want to lie to me,There is no door!”Liao Wenjie,Remove Montenegro mask,Directly buckle on the “Fu Qingfeng face”。
Hairstyle,Insugmentation into the mask……
“Cui brother,I’m ready!”
“I am so fast here.。”
Chapter 26 Dead, mixed a dragonfly
“No way,Qingfeng girl should not be saved。”
Know the autumn and one leaf,Dragonfly,Look at it,Suddenly shocking the mouth。
In the sight,Fu Qingfeng face buckled stone mask,The demon seems to find the same organization.,Rolls the corpse to leave her around the majority,Crazy into the mask。
Take a short while,Halfriend is more than dangerous。
Haven’t end yet,Waiting for his arm wound fading ink,Reforming flesh and blood,And starting to park bleeding,Liao Wenjie palms held a watercorn,The wound is flying fast by the speed visible to the naked eye.。
“Cui brother,What is this moving??”
Knowing the autumn leaves to see both glance,I am curious about my hand。
“how,Autumn brother,I want to learn, you,I teach you.!”
Liao Wenjie smiled,Thinking of nowhere to wear a mask,Hellxiously control the innocent and innocent smile。
“Have a little……”
Know the autumn and one leaf,And shook the head:“no,If you want me to disclose the secret surgery,Then I will not learn.。”
This guy is actually smarter.!