If you derail, test how he treats you

If you derail, test how he treats you

What do modern people do most riskily?

Mountain climbing, gliding, rock climbing, extreme sports . In fact, ambiguous feelings are the greatest adventure.

Have you ever or are you going to be emotionally adventurous and would like to know how he would react if you were derailed?

Take a test -1, do you imagine that the moon “look up at the bright moon and look down at your hometown” is something like that?

  Full Moon-2 Crescent-3 2. One day in the street you met the most familiar stranger. Do you have a chance to dodge, would you choose to dodge?

  I think maybe -4 is not necessary, not -5. 3, what kind of situation do you think the body has sent you an aging warning and officially announced the death penalty of youth?

  The wrinkle and spot forces occupy the face and body. -6 The physical strength is not as good as before. When you go to bed, you sleep -7 4. A friend confided a very interesting personal question to you. He kept you confidential. Your attitude is: Do your best to prevent others from knowing it. -8 Find someone to discuss the problem immediately. 5. Of the two qualities here, which one do you think your friends should and you lack: make you feelThe ability to shock joy and happiness -6 is reliable and trustworthy -11 6. What is your attitude towards the afterlife?

  There will be things in the afterlife -12 that don’t -13 7. If you find your friends are pranking you, will you?

  Laughing with them Shi-14 feels annoyed-15-15 Do you think your personality is more consistent?

  The sea-tolerance-16 high mountain-toughness-17 9. If you get lost in the forest, who do you think can save you?

  Fairy-18 Hunter-3 10, what do you think will attract your attention at a dance?

  Super gorgeous dresses on others-19 a handsome gentleman-20 11, friends you met on the way, will you contact him after the trip?

  He didn’t contact me, he didn’t contact -10, and voluntarily contacted him-12-12, “I thought that even from the beginning I knew it would be a fruitless love.

We just didn’t meet under the right conditions.

“What conditions do you think are inappropriate?

  Time -17 location -18 13, when you take the bus, you will bring a lot of food. When you get off the bus, do you still have a large bag that you have not finished?

  Will -19 not -20 14 Do I consider the doctrines that I have thought out on my own as universal truth?

  Yes -20 not -16 16. If a colleague has the same qualifications as you, but the salary is lower than you, how would you feel?

  Feeling your superiority -13 Express sympathy or injustice for him -12 17 You all stop talking.

The river flows quietly, and sometimes there are floating branches over the bow, and he always pulls them away with a long urn.

Except for the sound of wind and water, everything is peaceful.

Whose heart is uneasy?

  Your -C his -B 18, do you sometimes be too enthusiastic about something and feel unnecessary at the time?

  Yes -C is not -D 19, in a heavy rain night, you saw a man walking alone on the road through the window, do you think he is in a certain mood?

  Just ended a relationship and lost heart-A just forgot to bring an umbrella and didn’t want to run in the rain in a embarrassing way-B 20, she is used to a lonely but not lonely life.

There is no moisturizing of love, caring of friendship, greetings of affection.

These seemed far away from her.

I know it isn’t.

She refused.

Why do you think she refused?

  She must have some secret past-D is nothing, but her personality is so bad-A test result: A: If you are confused for a while, he may put up with it, find a place where no one is going to thunder alone, then, biteYaguan, bear this shame silently, open one eye and close one eye to you.

This is because he believes that repairing flaws in love is a necessary process, and giving up does n’t mean that all the problems have ended. Maybe there is a long list of more upsetting problems: you can give up the habit you have already usedLife?

Can you be sure that what you seek again will be perfect and happy?

Who would easily destroy the hard-earned stable relationship that belongs to him?

  B: He always treats you like a drowning dog.

He is a person who follows the rules, works in the unit, works hard at home, and never dreamed that his wife would betray himself one day.

But it still happened, and you feel that it’s so uncomfortable to keep this lingering thing in your heart all day.

Finally one night, I couldn’t bear the suffering from my heart, and told him your faults and regrets.Next he will be very distressed and suffer complaints from the ground for your cruelty. When you do such a thing, you will also tell him that he often mentions it for two days and two days, when you are chasing like a drooping dog.

He said he just couldn’t forget the shot of you fooling around with other men.

  C: This kind of thing is absolutely tolerable.

A soldier can be killed and inviolable.

He certainly cannot tolerate such behavior by his wife.

This double traditional notion is haunting.

It is also because women and men are different in their treatment of “sex” or “emotional problems”. Men’s emotions are like fans, they can emit several rays from one point, and sometimes they can be physically and mentally separated, while women’s emotions are likeThe line, except for the watery poppies and the dusty women in Fireworks Lane, some women’s body and spirit are closely linked, and the soul follows the body.

Therefore, the derailment of a man may be just a temporary emotion, leaving no trace in life afterwards; the derailment of a woman is a double betrayal of spirit and body.

  D: He’ll find the kid desperately.

It must be acknowledged that men are indeed very selfish and narrow-minded, and there are no variables or personalities at special times. Although being out of breath at this time can cause great harm to life, or it may be worth more than gain, but it is also necessaryEndlessly, come forward to blow up the bunker.

So once he knows your hidden feelings, he will be irresistible, lose his reason, no matter what the consequences, whether he can win or not, he will go to the guy desperately.

However, such a boy also has a lovely place. If you are good at inducing, after a short period of impulse, he will put his energy on the right path, and maybe he will be blessed by misfortune.