“Rented a house,But rarely live。Decoration I designed,Do you want to check it out?Much better than the old house you decorated!Your decoration is too old-fashioned!”Seeing her mother, Xiao Xiao nodded repeatedly and expressed that he wanted to go,She just looked at the time,I guess Chen Wen went to bed early last night,Must have been up long ago,Just called and said,Then say:“Let’s go,Not far away。”

“Is he there?”
“He always goes home to sleep,Accompany his mother and sister to dinner and watch movies on holidays。”
Xiao’s mother is a little worried,But thinking that Aunt Huang is unlikely to hide it for Xiao Xiao,I also know that Xiao Xiao went home early this evening,It was meant to convey that she can master her sense of love,Just endure not saying things that will destroy trust。
Entered the house,Xiao mother couldn’t help but shine,Ask Xiao Xiao incredible:“You design the decoration?This is too special!”
“I decide,I don’t need the kitchen if I don’t need it,I don’t think he likes calling a group of people into the house,I care about private space……Come see the bath,Dangdangdang——I just want such a bathroom!Look at the effect of my lighting!”
Xiao mother looked at the effect of the tiles under the light like waves,More surprising discovery,Xiao Xiao is grown up,Have their own ideas and opinions,The renovation of the old house from the beginning,You should ask her what she thinks。
After appreciation,Xiao mother pays attention to the supplies in the bathroom,I found a lot of bath towels folded in the cabinet,But the towel toothbrush is for single use,There is no Xiao Xiao’s clothes in the closet,There is only one pillow,Very few personal items in the room,Most of the desk drawers are empty,No lock grid,No sensitive objects,So relieved。
just,Boys and girls,When,Maybe it will cross the line sometime。
What about the transgression itself,Xiao mother actually doesn’t care,Just like fathers usually don’t care about their son’s behavior,Xiao’s mother is afraid that preventive measures have not been taken,Or the emotional involvement is too deep and the harm you will suffer when you separate in the future,Or have an impact on her long-term reputation。
Xiao mother looked at the dazzling wine cabinet,ask:“You usually drink and chat here?”
“Just change the wine to drinks。”Xiao Xiao opened the refrigerator,Xiao’s mother saw it all drinking。“He doesn’t like to drink?”
“Unless you play with friends and drink some beer,Usually doesn’t touch at all。What do you want to drink?”
Xiao mother only drinks mineral water,I would like to accompany Xiao Xiao to sit there drinking water and chat,Feel the atmosphere,Just say:“You look to pick,It’s the same as us。”
Sit there and chat,Drew the curtains and closed the door,The effect of the ambient light can also be shown during the day。
Xiao mother said very emotionally:“The decoration of the old house should let you decide。Xiao Xiao,Why don’t we buy another room here,Decorate as you like,what do you think?”
“no need,The old house is well decorated, right?,But living there is affection,pretty good。”Xiao Xiao said,Remember the sweetness of the family in the past,Can’t help but ask:“mom,Why did you and dad divorce?”