Can’t get old,Naturally it will be smaller。

When Li Tianxing learned through his own channels that there was Ye Qing at the dinner,Li Tianxing expects that Xiangchen is going to use his love for Ye Qing to humiliate himself。
Li Tianxing is familiar with a routine like this,He had done something even worse than this long ago,After all, the most humiliating behavior of a man,Just throw his beloved woman on his bed。
All as my own retribution,But Li Tianxing thinks that he is not something that Xiang Chen can handle.!
I was ready to break the boat,But it’s ravaged everywhere by Xiang CheniDown,Li Tianxing’s aura can’t be improved anymore。
“Why not speak,Li Gongzi has never tasted the delicacies,Don’t eat anything!”
Xiang Chen slapped Li Tianxing on the back,Let Li Tianxing squirt out the food just put in his mouth。Fortunately, Xiang Chen was prepared,Pressed the napkin on Li Tianxing’s face,Also avoided the disaster of a large table of meals。
Under the leadership of Shan You and Zhu Ziqing,Although I feel that the dinner is a bit different,But everyone still bows their heads to eat their own food,Occasionally talk in a low voice,Doesn’t seem to be particularly familiar。
“What are you doing?There must be a limit to bullying?”
Li Tianxing stared at Xiang Chen,The tone when speaking is a bit wronged。
“What i said,Your banning order,Remove!I don’t care what you use,What Ye Qingchun was like before,What I want her to do!”
Xiang Chen slapped Li Tianxing on the shoulder,It shows that the two people are very familiar。
There is no need to say something threatening,What does Xiangchen do anyway?,Li Tianxing also knows。
“You won her by this?”
Li Tianxing said nothing,Just can’t figure it out,It’s not uncommon for Xiang Chen to use such a tough method,Why couldn’t I conquer Ye Qingtian?Words on Yan Value,It’s not just a little bit of my own advantage!
y. A little depressed,After Li Tianxing’s comparison,He found that besides his strength value,Seems to be better than Xiang Chenpanshoubang.Up some,But why did I lose??Li Tianxing is caught in a self-defeating cycle,And Xiang Chen beside him,After asking twice,Also completely lost patience。