“It seems to be bad。”On the platform of a residential building not far away,Li Tianchou has been shocked in a cold sweat,Then he shook his head with regret,Leaf knife flies back to hand,Disperse the glory,Suddenly disappeared。

The first time you control a leaf knife spin attack,Li Tianzhen is very excited,But the technique is unfamiliar,No matter how powerful or precise,Just a little bit worse,The colleague’s head was cut off by him,After coming like a frenzy, I’m afraid it will make him gasp,Can’t stand,I sat down slowly by the wall,At this moment he realized that his legs were all weak。
Li Tianchou remembered the scene when he was in the special training group,Severely wounded a comrade,Leave the other party with permanent disabilities,It also made him bear the burden of his life,When this burden can be put down is very important to him,But if a similar accident happens again before then,That would really be overwhelming。
Leaf knife,Such a sharp attack weapon,It’s really not a thing on earth,Manipulate it,Li Tianchou has a way to control everything、Whose domineering,This extremely exciting feeling made him a little forgetful,The demons and demons almost made me demon,This is definitely a very dangerous thing,Li Tianzhu’s fear lies in this,It seems that becoming a god or a demon is all within one thought,This is not a lie in Taoism,Only this time,He has a deep experience。
No danger of life and death in the future、Don’t practice the spinning attack to the point of perfection,Li Tianzhen will never use leaf knives easily,sometimes,Curiosity is also a delusion,Especially master this big killer,We must guard against arrogance and rash。
Li Tianzheng was nagging in his heart for a long time,I finally regained my energy,The little golden man in the gods despised him for a long time,He just smiled and ignored,What is Taoism?I have my own experience。
“‘Big earthworm’,Why is there no sound?”
“What do you let the old man say?”‘Big earthworm’Naturally quite frustrated,The clone born from the same root was easily killed by Li Tianzhi,It’s not sad,But the rabbit is sad,Empathy,It is afraid that after the other clones are killed,It’s its turn。
“How long can you exist in this form?”Of course Li Tianzhi understands‘Big earthworm’Thoughts,Suddenly changed the subject。
“If I can’t find the host,You must have fresh blood from living creatures every day,Otherwise, it will last up to seven days,It’s gone。”‘Big earthworm’More frustrated。
Li Tianzhen frowned,A living creature a day,The old hen is the minimum requirement,Want to keep this guy alive,The cost is high,And it hurts。
wrong!Almost caught this guy,In the magic tower,This thing will never hang up,Unless its body is completely finished,Otherwise, the one-eyed old demon doesn’t know that he has been locked up for thousands of years,Isn’t she still alive and well??
“I originally wanted to allow you to eliminate the demon in the Demon Suppression Tower,Find a shell for you to survive,But you are not honest,Nothing,Wait for other clones to be removed,So I will take you!”Li Tianzhen is deliberately violent。
“Don’t,Don’t,old……I’m not fully developed,I don’t know how to survive,Now it is more instinct to act,No intention to deceive,Please let me go。”‘Big earthworm’I saw hope all at once,Plead immediately,even‘Old man’Dare not claim。
“next!”Li Tianzhen snorted coldly,Raise your leg downstairs。
Just downstairs,Phone vibration,Li Tianzhi is strange,This phone was brought by him when he stole the clothes,If the owner came here,,That’s really embarrassing,I was helpless and penniless,I can only do a sneaky one time,Master Xuanyun blushed for a while,Things here,Must be returned。
Turn on the phone,The number is actually Xiao Yadong’s。