Wang Lin followed from behind,Pressed down the toilet spray。Xia Jian waved to her and said:“You go out!I’m fine”He just finished,He started to vomit again。

Wang Lin didn’t go away,But standing behind him,Keep slapping his back,Thoughtful and tender feelings were revealed in an instant。This spit,Throwing up the river,All the food in the stomach may be spit out。Wang Lin kept pressing the toilet flush button。
When vomiting everything in the stomach,Xia Jian just left the toilet and stood up。Wang Lin immediately handed him a dental play and a water cup,Xia Jian hesitated,I brushed my teeth indiscriminately。
Once back to bed,Wang Lin poured boiling water for her,Said softly:“Drink some water!Or it will be uncomfortable in the stomach”
Xia Jian shook his head,Did not reach out,But weakly asked Wang Lin:“Fang Fangna?How did i get back?”
“So embarrassed to say,You are drunk,Fang Fang carried you upstairs,She looked after you in the middle of the night,It’s my turn later in the night”Wang Lin said,Glancing at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian heard Wang Lin say in the middle of the night,Have you been drunk for a long time??He asked softly:“what time is it now?”
“More than four o’clock!”Wang Lin said,Put his face to the side angrily。
Xia Jian knew why she was angry,So lean against Wang Lin’s side,Slammed her little hand,Hehe said with a smile:“Do not be mad,Everything is on the spot,Just deal with the scene”
Wang Lin struggled twice,Said angrily:“Go find your sister Ma。How long have you known,Called so affectionate”
Xia Jian used his hands slightly,So he dragged Wang Lin onto him,He whispered:“No matter how affectionate you are,is not it?”
“Where are you going to have sex with her?!”Wang Lin pretended to be angry and wanted to get up,But Xia Jian’s arms are like iron hoops,Where can she break free。
They hugged like this,Fell asleep unconsciously。Until someone knocks on the door,Wang Lin hurriedly got up,I quickly packed my clothes,Ran to open the door。
Fang Fang’s soft voice came from the door:“How is he now?I seemed to hear him throw up in the middle of the night last night?And the sound of vomiting is very loud,Do you want to get a bottle and sling?,Don’t get alcohol poisoning or something”
With the voice,Fang Fang walked in,Xia Jian on the bed is too embarrassed to pretend to sleep anymore,He sat up,Fang Fang smiled slightly and said:“I worked hard for you last night,Am i very drunk?”
“Anyway, when I went you were already awake,But Director Ma is almost down,But the waiters everywhere seem to know her,Got her upstairs to sober up”Fang Fang said,Sweeping both eyes on Xia Jian’s bed,She seems to be looking for something。
Fortunately, Xia Jian and Wang Lin slept together,In addition, Xia Jian’s vomit last night made him too exhausted,What’s in my mind,He can’t move either。
Wang Lin glanced at Fang Fang,Speak softly:“Look at him first,I’ll go back and wash it up,Let’s go out for breakfast later,Maybe Qiangdong has something to talk about”