Then Jess tried to bomb twice, but failed to hit Lu Zhan.

When Jess’s gun came, Luzhan EZ was reinforcing soldiers, but when he saw that the horse was going to hit him, Luzhan dodged.
It turns out that he has reached the second level and learned E skills, so it is more convenient to hide.
Jess saw that it was impossible for him to fight Lu Zhan, so he simply changed his target to fight the demon Ji.
At this time, the demon Ji was also in the second level, and Jess hit him right with a shell.
Lu Zhan took a look at the demon Ji, and when his teammate was hit, he couldn’t help but take care of his own soldiers.
I didn’t expect Jess to hit the demon Ji again in a few seconds.
Jess didn’t call Lu Zhan and lost confidence, but the performance of the demon Ji made him confident again.
The third gun, not surprisingly, hit the demon Ji again, and the demon Ji was immediately hit in two places at once.
So water!
Even watching Li Xiuyue was surprised that it was normal to be hit once, but it was not normal to be hit every time. The weakness of this demon in this bureau is amazing!
When Lu Zhan just learned lol, he knew that dealing with the other party’s expendable heroes, such as sudden or explosive heroes, could be disadvantageous because most expendable heroes were in close combat.
However, this land exhibition is difficult for EZ to get close to, and it bothers him that the demon Ji has been consumed all the time.
In order to make up for the demon Ji’s blood volume, Lu Zhan also began to try to use skills to consume each other.
First, he asked two questions, and both of them dodged, so a Q Lu Zhan pressed the E skill before playing.
E skill jump made him change his position. Q hit rate was much higher. Hit Jess.
A repeat of Lu Zhan’s old trick hit Jess again
Jess and Dwarf Nature are unwilling to be consumed in this way. When the land exhibition E came, both of them came.
Lu Zhan immediately walked back behind him, and Jess fired an acceleration gun. They chased each other very close.
Lu Zhancao EZ fled to the tower and kept observing the other side’s position. If he was hit, the consumption would be gone.
He chose to walk into his own little soldier’s pile, and just two steps later, the other person’s skills were also smashed.
Jess Q and EZQ came at the same time, but Lu Zhan leaned forward and went behind his melee soldiers, and those two skills hit the little soldier.
Because the other two skills can’t pass through the Batman and Jess’s shot doesn’t accelerate, both skills are blocked by the Batman, so it’s impossible to show the land.
One walk, two skills, and both of them were deceived by Lu Zhan’s little exercise!
Jess is angry. He hasn’t hit Lu Zhan with one shot!
Jess switched to hammer form and jumped to Lu Zhan, but Lu Zhan already had an e, and he jumped away with a flash of golden light.
After jumping, Lu Zhan also hit Jess from the back of a Q.
Because Lu Zhan has entered Tajis, he has to turn back silently to continue to prepare for consumption.
But the demon Ji has never been killed.
Lu Zhan saw the demon Ji’s blood volume about 30%, and it was nothing. There was no meaning.
He continued to make up for the soldiers, consuming one person to complete two people’s work, but he didn’t pull a few soldiers.
Was it at level 4 or was there an accident?
Demon Ji seems to be trying to recruit a W to run to the other soldier’s side, but Jess’s gun just came and blew him to death!
This situation is just like the demon Ji hitting the gun herself!
Lu Zhan can’t stand it any more. This teammate is too watery.
He wants to explain the experience of eating behind the demon Ji, but when he cuts to the chat bar, he finds that there is no root here. When he can press the button, he comes out with Korean syllables. If he doesn’t want to hit the demon Ji, he may not know it.
It’s bad luck to meet a water teammate at this time!
Lu Zhan thinks he has decided to fight against the demon Jilu on his own.
As soon as he made this decision, he found that his left teammate’s blood streak was crazy.
Compared with him, Lulu is more harmonious.
He almost kept fighting on both roads. By the time the demon Ji died, five people had already broken out on both roads, and one was missing here.
Lost blood teammate Lu Zhan cut through the lens and took a look at the middle road. It seems that the dead song came over and slowed Syndra down, but Syndra’s counterattack also made the dead song lose a lot of blood.
Lu Zhan didn’t hesitate. He immediately pressed the F key to send red light. He EZ jumped.
After a short detour, you will get to the middle road.
Syndra seems to have lost his eskills, and he was slowed down by the wall of pain of the dead song W. He ran very slowly and was almost killed by the dead song Q.
When Lu Zhan arrived, he gave Sindra a shot in the arm. Syndra saw hope again and ran back.
At this time, Syndra was already bleeding to death, and there were 2 blood. Syndra obviously couldn’t beat the dead song.
Lu Zhan sent his eyes to the ground next to the dead song
As soon as Lu Zhan came, QW played a dead song
The dead song is still alive after two skills are hit.
Lu Zhan looked at Syndra’s blood volume. He won’t last long.
夜网论坛Lu Zhan simply jumped the e skill into the e skill circle of dead songs.
This E used to be as bloody as Syndra.
Chapter 547 ez play
The dead song has been firmly won by Sindra, and the sudden arrival of Lu Zhan may cost him his life.
Of course, the dead song is not reconciled. If he continues to follow Sindra Sindra, he will definitely die if he burns one or two.
Just then, the green light of Sindra’s head flashed, and Sindra accelerated and fled.
It turned out that it was Lu Zhan ez who gave him treatment!
Lu Zhan took the initiative to enter the dead song circle when he knew that Syndra’s blood volume couldn’t last!
This acceleration effect Syndra residual blood fled. At this time, the dead song was only level 5, and there was no big move to watch him leave
brush! “
Ez throws another Q at the dead song, and the blood volume reaches the bottom.