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Then Jess tried to bomb twice, but failed to hit Lu Zhan.

When Jess’s gun came, Luzhan EZ was reinforcing soldiers, but when he saw that the horse was going to hit him, Luzhan dodged.
It turns out that he has reached the second level and learned E skills, so it is more convenient to hide.
Jess saw that it was impossible for him to fight Lu Zhan, so he simply changed his target to fight the demon Ji.
At this time, the demon Ji was also in the second level, and Jess hit him right with a shell.
Lu Zhan took a look at the demon Ji, and when his teammate was hit, he couldn’t help but take care of his own soldiers.
I didn’t expect Jess to hit the demon Ji again in a few seconds.
Jess didn’t call Lu Zhan and lost confidence, but the performance of the demon Ji made him confident again.
The third gun, not surprisingly, hit the demon Ji again, and the demon Ji was immediately hit in two places at once.
So water!
Even watching Li Xiuyue was surprised that it was normal to be hit once, but it was not normal to be hit every time. The weakness of this demon in this bureau is amazing!
When Lu Zhan just learned lol, he knew that dealing with the other party’s expendable heroes, such as sudden or explosive heroes, could be disadvantageous because most expendable heroes were in close combat.
However, this land exhibition is difficult for EZ to get close to, and it bothers him that the demon Ji has been consumed all the time.
In order to make up for the demon Ji’s blood volume, Lu Zhan also began to try to use skills to consume each other.
First, he asked two questions, and both of them dodged, so a Q Lu Zhan pressed the E skill before playing.
E skill jump made him change his position. Q hit rate was much higher. Hit Jess.
A repeat of Lu Zhan’s old trick hit Jess again
Jess and Dwarf Nature are unwilling to be consumed in this way. When the land exhibition E came, both of them came.
Lu Zhan immediately walked back behind him, and Jess fired an acceleration gun. They chased each other very close.
Lu Zhancao EZ fled to the tower and kept observing the other side’s position. If he was hit, the consumption would be gone.
He chose to walk into his own little soldier’s pile, and just two steps later, the other person’s skills were also smashed.
Jess Q and EZQ came at the same time, but Lu Zhan leaned forward and went behind his melee soldiers, and those two skills hit the little soldier.
Because the other two skills can’t pass through the Batman and Jess’s shot doesn’t accelerate, both skills are blocked by the Batman, so it’s impossible to show the land.
One walk, two skills, and both of them were deceived by Lu Zhan’s little exercise!
Jess is angry. He hasn’t hit Lu Zhan with one shot!
Jess switched to hammer form and jumped to Lu Zhan, but Lu Zhan already had an e, and he jumped away with a flash of golden light.
After jumping, Lu Zhan also hit Jess from the back of a Q.
Because Lu Zhan has entered Tajis, he has to turn back silently to continue to prepare for consumption.
But the demon Ji has never been killed.
Lu Zhan saw the demon Ji’s blood volume about 30%, and it was nothing. There was no meaning.
He continued to make up for the soldiers, consuming one person to complete two people’s work, but he didn’t pull a few soldiers.
Was it at level 4 or was there an accident?
Demon Ji seems to be trying to recruit a W to run to the other soldier’s side, but Jess’s gun just came and blew him to death!
This situation is just like the demon Ji hitting the gun herself!
Lu Zhan can’t stand it any more. This teammate is too watery.
He wants to explain the experience of eating behind the demon Ji, but when he cuts to the chat bar, he finds that there is no root here. When he can press the button, he comes out with Korean syllables. If he doesn’t want to hit the demon Ji, he may not know it.
It’s bad luck to meet a water teammate at this time!
Lu Zhan thinks he has decided to fight against the demon Jilu on his own.
As soon as he made this decision, he found that his left teammate’s blood streak was crazy.
Compared with him, Lulu is more harmonious.
He almost kept fighting on both roads. By the time the demon Ji died, five people had already broken out on both roads, and one was missing here.
Lost blood teammate Lu Zhan cut through the lens and took a look at the middle road. It seems that the dead song came over and slowed Syndra down, but Syndra’s counterattack also made the dead song lose a lot of blood.
Lu Zhan didn’t hesitate. He immediately pressed the F key to send red light. He EZ jumped.
After a short detour, you will get to the middle road.
Syndra seems to have lost his eskills, and he was slowed down by the wall of pain of the dead song W. He ran very slowly and was almost killed by the dead song Q.
When Lu Zhan arrived, he gave Sindra a shot in the arm. Syndra saw hope again and ran back.
At this time, Syndra was already bleeding to death, and there were 2 blood. Syndra obviously couldn’t beat the dead song.
Lu Zhan sent his eyes to the ground next to the dead song
As soon as Lu Zhan came, QW played a dead song
The dead song is still alive after two skills are hit.
Lu Zhan looked at Syndra’s blood volume. He won’t last long.
夜网论坛Lu Zhan simply jumped the e skill into the e skill circle of dead songs.
This E used to be as bloody as Syndra.
Chapter 547 ez play
The dead song has been firmly won by Sindra, and the sudden arrival of Lu Zhan may cost him his life.
Of course, the dead song is not reconciled. If he continues to follow Sindra Sindra, he will definitely die if he burns one or two.
Just then, the green light of Sindra’s head flashed, and Sindra accelerated and fled.
It turned out that it was Lu Zhan ez who gave him treatment!
Lu Zhan took the initiative to enter the dead song circle when he knew that Syndra’s blood volume couldn’t last!
This acceleration effect Syndra residual blood fled. At this time, the dead song was only level 5, and there was no big move to watch him leave
brush! “
Ez throws another Q at the dead song, and the blood volume reaches the bottom.

"…" Han Shu picked an eyebrow. "What’s so smelly?"

"Who else can it be? Hello!" Jingmuchen almost shouted out this sentence.
"My son?" Han Shu frown "you say small white? He’s still in the United States. He said he wouldn’t return to China until next month. Why … Do you miss Xiao Bai, too, big brother? "
"Miss your sister!"
The president, who has always been cold and taciturn, actually spit out such a sentence. When the online buzzword Han Qi was drunk for a long time, he asked, "Er, what happened to Big Brother Xiaobai?"
"Your son just called me and turned my daughter away. You … you linked me to him now! Give me back in half an hour! "
After saying this, the words were hung up.
The sound is loud and shows great anger
Han Zuo left his thin lips and immediately dialed the telephone number in the United States
A minute later, he put his cell phone on again and smiled, which was already in stitches.
It’s really not the kui that his son Han Yan does things just like this … Don’t take the usual path.
He picked up the phone and dialed his wife’s number. "What’s the wife busy with?"
"What else can you do? Today, it’s rare for your daughter to take a vacation in the college entrance examination. Let me take her out shopping to buy clothes. "Yu Xiao’s noisy head seems to be shopping.
Han Wei "well" asked, "Did Xiaobai call you today?"
"Small white? No, "Yu Xiao said." Besides, it’s early morning in the United States. How do you fight? "
"Wife" Han Shu sighed "My son … he has returned to China"
"What? Xiaobai has returned to China? " Yu Xiao was surprised. "When will he fly? Why didn’t I know? Why didn’t you tell me! "
Han Shao smiled and said, "I don’t know, but … my son has really come back and went to school to find jiujiu’s eldest brother who called me just now. Well, it seems quite angry."
"…" There was no sound in the words for a long time, and then … Yu Xiao excited the sound. "You said Xiao Bai went back to China and went to jiujiu? God, that’s great. It’s really my son! Action is so fast! "
Han Dong "…"
It’s really worthy that his wife’s reaction is so "singing with her husband"!
D Shi mo Jia Chongqing hotpot
Han Mo white clip a chopsticks covered with red seasoning beef venetian blind into his mouth and chewed it for a few times without changing color. Then he looked up at the opposite side and stared at his girl’s eyes for a moment. Her smile was strong and narrow. "Can I be satisfied?" Is it delicious? "
Jing’ an Jiu’s little face turned red and looked away to hide his embarrassment. He also stretched out his hand and took a swig of mango juice in front of him.
It’s freezing!
Han Mo smiled and continued to pick up chopsticks and eat hot and arbitrary hot pot.
After a while, Jing Anjiu finally couldn’t help but say, "I remember you didn’t like hot pot before."
Han Mo white nodded "now also don’t like to eat".
"…" Jing Anjiu didn’t understand. "If you don’t like it, why do you come over to eat?"
Although his face didn’t change color, she could see that his face was red and his eyes were a little red. Although the room was fully air-conditioned, a thick sweat was already on his forehead.
Isn’t this asking for it?
Although the memory is a little long five years ago, she can always remember some things clearly, such as he never eats spicy food and his eating habits are so healthy that he can’t …
"Because you like to eat," Han Mo Bai said naturally. "Don’t tell me that you don’t eat spicy food now."
Jing Anjiu "…"
Eating is eating … What does this have to do with him?
JingAn nine sip sip lip openings asked "what do you want to see me? Isn’t it just a hot pot? "
Just now, along the way, she has carefully thought about what he can do to find her in the examination room and recognize her at a glance. There can be one reason, that is, someone tipped him off and probably showed him her photo from time to time.
Ten times this person is aunt Xiao!
Han Mo smiled in vain. "Yeah, or what are you?"
Jing Anjiu "…"
It seems that he thinks too much again, and he will apologize for what happened five years ago …
"I’m so hungry because I came to see you as soon as I got off the plane." Han Mobai added, "I didn’t even tell my parents."
My girl will be very touched. Who knows …
Jing Anjiu smiled and said, "I still like to leave without saying goodbye as I did five years ago."
Han Mobai "…"
He definitely said, "jiujiu, are you still angry with me?"
"No!" Jing Anjiu smiled slightly. "There is no need to be angry with people who don’t regard themselves as friends."
Han Mobai looked at her face and smiled without anger, but slightly evoked his thin lips. "I really … didn’t treat you as a friend."
JingAnJiu smile a stiff.
Section 766
桑拿会所Then she got up from her chair and lifted her feet to leave.
"Wait a minute." Han Mobai grabbed her little hand more quickly and said, "I haven’t finished yet."
"What else is there to say?" Jing Anjiu is very angry.
She admits that she is a person who bears a grudge, otherwise she would not have remembered what happened five years ago.
Because of this, she is no longer as cheerful as before. In recent years, she has few friends around her and has been nicknamed "Iceberg Goddess" by her classmates behind her back.
May I ask a person who stays with her every day who can suddenly go abroad without saying a word and then hasn’t contacted her for five years … Who can she trust with such a fragile friendship?
She tried desperately to pull her hand back, but somehow she just couldn’t break free.
Although Han Mobai is tall, thin and strong, the big hand has controlled her whole person without any effort, and the disparity in strength has also made her deeply realize that the former gentleness has harmed the little boy, but now it is really grown up.
"jiujiu" whispered after watching Han Mo’s white expert control her alive. "I want to say that I have always regarded you as my girlfriend, not an ordinary friend."
Jing Anjiu almost choked on her own saliva. She forgot her struggle and said with a horrified face, "What are you talking about?"
"I’m not talking nonsense." Han Mo’s white expression is serious and serious. "I just told Uncle Jing that I want to be your boyfriend."
Jing Anjiu "…"
After a hot pot meal, most of the ingredients are left on the table.
Han Mo white is really spicy and can’t be eaten. Yu Jingan Jiu didn’t eat much from beginning to end and was not in the mood to eat.
She kept talking with Han Mobai in her head, but he continued to move chopsticks as if nothing happened …
Han Mo got up and said, "Let’s go" after shouting the bill.
"Where to?" Jing’ an Jiu could not help but ask
"Go home"
Go home?
Jing Anjiu got up and was just about to ask whether to send her home. His hand was held by him again.

"No, no" may be that Han Minzhi immediately said, "You will say later that this flower was specially bought as a birthday present for him. I think Ah Shu will be very happy, too."

Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Back home, the servants are preparing dinner in the kitchen, but there is no one in the living room. They should all rest in the house.
Han Minzhi went directly back to the guest room and Gao Xiaoxiao also held the flower house.
Pushing open the bedroom door, I still didn’t see Han Shu.
Where did you go?
Put that bunch of flowers on the table, Gao Xiaoxiao looked at it and said in his heart that it was false or not.
He’s been really nice to himself since they officially got together, but a president that big is willing to learn to cook. She prepares a room to pick up and drop off classes every day, but she is …
"snapped" a door was pushed away from the outside Han Shan came in.
The straight suit has been changed into a dark gray sweater with black casual pants. The figure is tall and straight, and the legs are straight and slender. The whole person is clean, handsome, elegant and leisurely.
At first glance, he saw a large bunch of dazzling roses on the table and frowned. "Where are the flowers?"
Gao Xiaoxiao looked at his elegant eyebrow eye and suddenly blushed a little, prevaricated and didn’t know what to say.
May be watching Gao Xiaoxiao’s "guilty conscience" and not talking. Han Hao went straight to the door and picked up the rose and looked at it. There was no card.
Deep eyes narrowed sharply at once and the voice became serious. "Which wild man sent you flowers?"
Wild man? Gao Xiaoxiao Nai said honestly, "Do you like it when I buy it for you?"
"Send me?" Han Wei squinted at her eyes and her expression was a little Gherardini. "Why did you give me this?"
Gao Xiaoxiao thought of Han Minzhi’s words and said, "The day before yesterday was your thirtieth birthday. I forgot. I’m sorry. I bought these thirty roses for your birthday."
Korea’s hook lip elegance facial features gradually become a little stiff and dim voice also low "is forgotten or … I don’t know".
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao winked and picked up the bouquet of flowers and sent it to him with a soft and clever voice. "I must remember that November 16th is your birthday after I promise. I’m sorry, flowers are given to beautiful men. Happy birthday!"
Han Dong "…"
桑拿网Four eyes relative Gao Xiaoxiao face slowly some red.
Han Shao looked at her today because she was going to the wedding. Gao Xiaoxiao also dressed up beautifully, with a delicate eyebrow and clear eyes. She was wearing a pink fine needlework with a light fragrance and a short black skirt. She was even more shy …
His heart sighed and he couldn’t help but reach out and pinch her. Her cheeks were red and there was a kind of … unspeakable intimacy and ambiguity.
Gao Xiaoxiao’s face turned red instantly. At this time, a cell phone bell suddenly rang.
She touched her hot cheeks, bowed her head and held the bouquet of flowers, smelling the fragrance of roses, but her ears pricked up to listen to Han Shu’s speech, "Well, two first-class tickets."
"I’ll send you the ID card information later. Um … OK, hang up."
After the announcement, Han Shu said, "To express your apologies, accompany me to Beijing for business."
"… huh?" Gao Xiaoxiao surprised looked up to see him "go to Beijing on business? How long will it take? "
Han Shu stretched out his hand and took hold of her deep voice for "three days"
"So long?" tall
Long? "Gao Xiaoxiao tangled frowned." I have other things to do. "
"What is it?" Han Yu’s soft face suddenly became harsh, and she just got better, and her mood was instantaneous and overcast.
What could be more important than him?
Gao Xiaoxiao saw that he looked pale and answered truthfully, "I want to go back to Chongcheng. A relative has come back and I have to go back and see."
"Come with me on a business trip first, and then I’ll accompany you there after you come back." Han Shu said directly.
"But … she may leave in a few days." Gao Xiaoxiao is entangled in this place. She plans to go to the company for leave in the afternoon and then buy an afternoon ticket back to Chongcheng to save money.

Is the in the mind such as treating the daughterinlaw Zhao mother in the mind have a dispute.

Section 317
There, even though she was still wearing topless breasts at home, Au Yeung Fei saw two strangers brought in by Yang Xiaojing.
Asked casually
Mom, who are they? Did you ask them clearly?
Don’t bring strangers home without asking.
What are you talking about? This is a person. Zhao Ping’s parents came to see you specially.
Don’t come and meet the parents quickly.
桑拿按摩Au Yeung Fei is wearing a Vneck skirt with suspenders. The neckline is a little wide, and her career line has soared. A few people have seen it in a glance.
I’m used to my daughter’s dress. Yang Xiaojing didn’t think it was wrong.
It is rare to see people wearing Zhao Fu like this, but they have long been afraid to look at it at the beginning, which can make people impulsive. The woman has been psychologically prepared. When Zhao Mu sees this, Au Yeung Fei’s mouth is frozen with laughter.
Seeing that she heard Yang Xiaojing’s words, she lifted her eyelids and looked at them. She didn’t get up at all.
Psychology gave her a big fork.
In this way, if a loose woman wants to marry her son, she really needs to think about it.
She doesn’t want to marry a woman like her ancestors to go home.
However, mother Zhao also knows that today they have done some abrupt things and haven’t asked her if her face is still smiling.
She’d like to see what this woman will do next
Hear is Zhao Ping parents Au Yeung Fei frowned.
She didn’t understand why Zhao Ping’s parents suddenly came to the door.
Uncle and aunt, have you made a mistake? Why don’t you come to the door
We know about your relationship with Zhao Ping.
With Zhao Ping object? He said?
Didn’t you send us your rolled sheets video and then tell us that you are talking to Pinger about the marriage and asked us to come to H city?
What’s wrong with listening to this Au Yeung Fei?
In my heart, I scolded Ouyang Xianqian and Hejun a hundred times.
Just said dismissively
I send you a video? Also send me a video with Zhao Ping rolled sheets?
I’m not a bitch to send you that kind of video.
For me and Zhao Ping, even boyfriends and girlfriends are nothing to talk about.
You’ve been fooled.
Mother Zhao still belongs to that kind of thinking, and when she listens to Au Yeung Fei’s socalled words.
Where can I accept it
You mean that you and Pinger are playing together and never want to get married?
Something like that.
If you don’t get married, you still sleep together and shoot this kind of video that makes people blush?
That’s your son secretly behind my back. You can ask him why he took these pictures. You can also ask him if he has any plans to marry me?
Come here, this woman is sure to be her daughterinlaw, and mother Zhao doesn’t like her in any way.
Nowadays, people have no idea of marrying their own children at all.

Like Meeos conjecture, he never gave up his escape from the beginning.

Sending the tower is the best policy. What he does is to seduce the other side step by step and hit himself according to his own pursuit route, while others go out by road.
From the road to the road, most people didn’t notice that the land exhibition was a diagonal line instead of a straight line. Two hidden diagonal lines escaped the interception of the other side and chose the optimal route
More importantly, the delivery tower and the delivery tower seem to be delivery towers, but they are actually different.
When the defensive tower attacks the same target, the damage will gradually increase. When the other two defensive towers attack each other, this judgment will be triggered when he attacks again and again. The higher the damage, the higher the front tooth tower body is than the highland tower attack.
Compared with coming out of the highland tower, the blood loss is reduced to a minimum without being affected by this judgment.
In this way, Lulu changed from big to small, and the blood volume increased and decreased, but it was like ordering a day trip in the other highland, and no one could catch him.
The whole escape route, he walked with the tip of a knife, and his heart was settled after dozens of blood escaped.
It’s not that he has escaped from the other side, but that his teammates are coming.
Riven, who was the first to die in the team battle for such a long time, has already lived. Now Riven has come to their red buff through the wild area. It’s coming soon. The emperor and the policewoman walk faster. It’s been a while since they crossed the river
In fact, when Lu Zhan began to design the escape route, he asked his teammates to come from the semi-regional wild area to save himself. Even if he couldn’t succeed, he could control the dragon to prevent the other side from taking the dragon while he was dead.
This is the biggest mistake of the North American team. The team fought for two games, but failed to get back to some situations. They couldn’t get the dragon, not to mention the vision. They chased Lulu for the whole half minute.
"Hey, killing over there is a good opportunity for us!" Tianlan said
Lu Zhan nodded, considering that mantis should have new e skills, it is becoming more and more difficult for him to escape, but it is good to drag his teammates to support him
I hope the North American team will continue to go ahead.
As soon as the idea was over, mantis really came over
"Pa" I don’t know who the other party is, and I put an eye outside the wall of the high ground, and then mantis fell from the sky at the farthest distance.
Maybe he went to the highland wall and flew over against the wall just when the position was right.
At this time, Lu Zhan walked out of a short distance, and he quickly gave himself an acceleration to avoid the blow of mantis.
With the acceleration, the landing position of mantis is still a little worse than that of Lulu, but the attack after mantis is also played out.
This time, mantis learned his lesson and didn’t lose W skills in confidence as before, but only attacked after landing.
Three beams of light shot at Lulu again, and Lulu leaned forward to avoid it as before, but this time they were too close. Mantis scratched Lulu by relying on his own Q skills.
Just as the horse was about to hit, a man suddenly appeared in front of mantis.
The emperor an EQ company came from behind the wall to pick up a big move to instantly frame the mantis. It happened that the hammer hook reached the emperor at this time, which was neither pushing nor not.
Mantis’s attack finally took Lulu away, but he also became run.
There is an end reward for mantis killing. At this time, many people found that there was no obvious leakage in this game, and Lulu unconsciously accumulated many times of killing deaths, which was also the least assist but the most for the North American team.
"It’s a single-type auxiliary!" The commentary deliberately realized this point. These two land exhibitions are completely different from each other, but they can’t be underestimated.
Even if he died, his teammates won the anti-killing time.
The China players who came after them besieged the North American team in the wild area.
Female police officers with a long range and a wide field of vision don’t come to this side of the wall to attack mantis directly outside the wall.
"pa!" First, there was a critical strike, and mantis’s blood volume dropped a lot instantly.
The North American team also tried to save the mantis, hammer the stone, throw a lantern into the highland wall, and pull Sindela over.
In this way, they will have four regiments and battle bases here.
However, the China team defused their offensive.
Because the policewoman’s output position on the other side was too excellent, they could hit the emperor with one person and compare with the four people, but they didn’t kill him in a round of attack.
Hammer stone took the initiative to pull himself to the emperor’s side, and it was difficult for the emperor to find a chance to rescue mantis without fire.
"When the warriors of broken arrow recast day return!"
喝茶约茶  title=North America tried to attack the emperor, but jumped out of a new opponent.
Riven, the exile blade, is here!
After a death, his knife fell off many layers, but his murderous look did not fall off.
Especially when the North American team just let go of a round of attacks, his entry was almost fatal.
Don’t say that he cut in a set of attacks and directly dropped the mantis and the hammer stone. There is not a lot of blood, and there is not much defense. Riven attacked first
After three Q’s, Riven did not retreat and followed the pursuit of Sindra and Dreven. The two men hurriedly ran to their highland tower.
Both of them flashed, and this time they really ran back on foot.
Before the situation suddenly changed, the North American team became the chased side.
However, Sindra Levin, both of them came home after the regiment war, and it was not so easy to kill them with full blood.
The two men managed to get into the defensive range of the Highland Tower, but the pursuit of the China team did not stop.
The policewoman’s big move locked Levin and threw it out without hesitation
The emperor came while the bomb was still flying.


On this day, Yu Tingchuan returned to the office and threw the folder behind the big desk. Liang came in and looked at the back of the office door with his hands on a belt and stood in front of the French window. The old man’s back was tall and straight, giving people a sense of oppression.
Thinking of what happened in the conference room just now, Liang dared not speak casually. After a while, he felt that the boss should let go of some anger even if he was unhappy. Then he tried to speak, "There is still a bad demonstration ahead of the automobile industrial park, just like Li Donglai’s intention and support, and now it has become ambiguous. Why don’t I invite people from that video company to dinner another day and ask what’s going on?"
Yu Tingchuan turned around and went back to the big table to "put it aside"
He looked at Liang and asked, "What happened to the nail in the Green Fragrant Garden?"
"Still refused to let go" Liang shook his head and observed the boss’s face. He was in charge of this project. The real estate boss looked for him and couldn’t help but sell it. "Mr. Zhang and the engineering department tried to help him talk. The other party was determined to eat the weight and refused to move. He also said that if he threatened to lure him again, he would make a call to let the TV people come over."
See the boss didn’t pick up the words beam unexpectedly continued, "the roof root can’t live. I went to see the whole building the day before yesterday, and it has been tilted and will collapse at any time. There are always doubts that someone may be aiming at Hengyuan behind this Xu Qiang."
Said his line of sight to the boss.
"Speaking of it," Yu Tingchuan picked up the lighter and the flame didn’t ignite. Suddenly he remembered something and threw the lighter back, including the cigarette in his mouth, which was also taken back to the big table.
品茶论坛In recent months, Liang has noticed that the boss smokes less and less, and he knows that the boss has a pregnant wife at home.
This woman has a child, and a man has to endure it even if he is addicted to cigarettes.
His boss is a living example.
Liang actually said, "At first, our people in the demolished area didn’t show any intention to move, such as Xu Qiang. When the engineering staff passed for the second time, his attitude changed and he began to think that the price was low. Zhang always gave him 200 yuan per square meter. According to the actual area, there are also three or four Zhang Wan’s head office this time. Which chengxiang thought that the other party turned around and went back on his word, saying that this room was left by his father to his ancestors’ possessions and could not be lost?"
"Let Xiao Fan look back."
Yu Tingchuan’s tone is unusual. There is no nail to get angry. "If he refuses to dismantle it, then set aside his piece. At the latest, work must be started to make Zhangping install cameras in every demolition machine. Now he will not want to move this piece."
Beam was nodded.
See yutingchuan picked up the landline and didn’t bother to be available and turned to leave.
Walking to the door, I heard Yu Tingchuan say, "Still wandering outside?"
This question is naturally not asking him.
Office door Yu Tingchuan listened to Xiao Fan’s report and learned that the whole Song Dynasty had been sent back to Yunxi Road by Shen Che. He began to charge "Pay attention to driving and have nothing else to do to the door, so you can go back and hang up first."
In the evening, Yu Tingchuan came home to watch the toffee sofa in the living room of Song Qingcheng.
She leans against the back of the sofa with a fountain pen in her hand. She looks focused. From time to time, the pen guides her to draw a line. She reads something softly in her mouth. There is a floor fan next to her cheek. She doesn’t wear socks. There are several test papers and two teaching materials on her feet.
Yu Tingchuan took the key and went over to see that the light in the living room was dim and put his hand on the wall to open it. "Why don’t you turn on the light?"
Song Qingcheng looked up and saw that when his class came back, the whole person was in a halo. She first bent her lips. "Is it not good to save you?"
"It was only a few cents at one time." Yu Tingchuan sat on the sofa with his left hand and caressed her white ankle. It was delicate and smooth. "I’m not afraid of catching a cold before the exam?"
☆ Chapter 37 Diary of Ten Years Found (Sweet)
Song Qingcheng shook his head and slowly sat up near Yutingchuan. He sniffed it carefully and praised, "Don’t smoke too much today. Don’t be complacent. %d7%f%d3%4%b%f3"
Yu Tingchuan laughed and still held her ankle. "You can smell the dog’s nose without your light."
A man’s smile is very shallow, not that of a young boy. It is impossible to tell whether he is happy or a little happy at a glance, but it has infected her mood.
Remembering the first meeting, I hardly saw him smile like this.
Gu Jia’s birthday party, she sat among the guests and watched him and Gu Zhengshen walk into the banquet hall to shake hands and greet people. There was a faint smile on her face, and most of the polite ingredients disappeared in a blink of an eye, which made her feel relaxed from the heart.
Jiang Chi’s sudden visit later seems to have something to find Yu Tingchuan.
Two men went upstairs to their rooms.
The whole song dynasty stayed in the living room and continued to see if there was anything to disturb them.
After a while, Aunt Gong boiled the tea and soaked it.
When I passed the living room, the villa door was pulled open from the outside. It was Lao Zhao who said that Aunt Gong called to find her. It seemed that her grandson was ill again. Song Qingcheng heard about it and told Aunt Gong, "Go ahead and answer the phone first. I’ll send two cups of tea."
Said the song city has got up from the sofa "is two cups of tea I have to move that’s all right"
Aunt Gong relieved and handed her the tray in her hand.
Jiang Chi heard knocking at the door in the room and turned to look and found that the tea came in. Song Qingcheng worried that the other party was pregnant and immediately got up and helped to take it. "Why don’t you let Aunt Gong send it?"
"Aunt Gong just went back to Xiaolou to answer the phone."
Song said the whole take a look at the sofa YuTingChuan lips smile "you continue to chat I’ll go and see"
"Go" Jiang Chi nodded.
Waiting for the door to turn around and look back at Yu Tingchuan and laugh, "Now it is more and more helpful."
Yutingchuan smell speech is also a smile.
Jiang Chi sent a cup of tea to his old friend and then took his own cup and buried it. "Your wife is pregnant and brings you tea and water. You don’t get up to meet her. Is it too long to think it’s hard to coax the little girl?"
"You have scrambled to get up. Does it make any difference if I don’t get up?"
Yutingchuan paused and said slowly, "She’s not the kind of person who is coy, and she doesn’t like me to hold her in everything. If I followed her up just now, she would probably think I was too welcome."
Jiang Chi said, "It’s just like showing your students in front of teachers."
Hearing this metaphor, Yu Tingchuan smiled unconsciously.
The two chatted for a few words, and then returned to silence. Jiang Chi took the topic back to business and pointed out that "you shouldn’t have been soft-hearted at the beginning to avoid causing these troubles now."
Yu Tingchuan said, "Some things belong to him. I’m afraid it’s not just him. Most people think so. In that case, it’s understandable to take them back now."
"You are open-minded," Jiang Chi sighed. "Even if it was him over the years, who would say it clearly?"
The water vapor at the mouth of the light teacup is dense.
Yu Tingchuan just sat in the backlight, especially when his eyebrows were dark with the fragrance of tea. He pointed his fingers through the handle of the cup and lowered his head to blow away the floating layer of tea, but his tone was understated. "Say it clearly, the board of directors will see for itself in the middle of the month."
"Hongmen Banquet?" Jiang Chi immediately sit tight.
"It’s just a play."
Yutingchuan said that the white porcelain cup was put back on the tea table.
Jiang Chi seems to have found something and suddenly said, "Your little girl is not really like Gu. You see, this can help you give up smoking."
Yu ting chuan Xiao
Seeing this, Jiang Chi sighed with emotion, "It’s not easy to get the old chimney to quit smoking. You are the only one of us who smokes the most. It’s good now, otherwise I have to worry about your lungs besides your stomach."
Yu Tingchuan didn’t quit smoking completely, but the number of cigarettes smoked dropped sharply every day. At the beginning, he was almost two packs a day. Later, he was afraid that she would think she smelled too heavy and didn’t smoke intentionally. Later, she always hinted that he quit smoking. Although he was addicted to cigarettes, he could not touch cigarettes. Since Song Qingcheng was pregnant, he has exercised restraint in smoking.
Sometimes he is so addicted to cigarettes that he will consciously reach out for cigarettes and find out that there is no cigarette anywhere in his suit bag or trousers pocket.
Section 37
Only when your voice is really uncomfortable will you smoke a cigarette and throw away the cigarette butt. Don’t forget to wash your hands and smell it.
Quitting smoking is not easy.
It has been said that this is different from castration pain for a man addicted to cigarettes.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t quit smoking as soon as possible. Apart from the business dinner and entertainment itself, there are also some reasons for his persistence. It comes from the fact that a thick note was found in the bottom drawer of the bedside table when he went home to pick someone up from school a few days ago and went back to his room to take a shower and change clothes to find a mobile phone charger.
I took it out and found it was an exquisite diary.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t keep a diary himself, so it goes without saying who this diary is.
Suddenly Yu Tingchuan felt that he knew very little about his little wife. Two people lived under the same roof for more than half a year. He didn’t know that Song Qingcheng liked to keep a diary and secretly wrote it every day.

"I can’t!" Gao Zhiqiu’s face is twisted with pain. "It took me several days to find a tutor for this job. No one wants me to do this. Besides, the manager is not bad, and his colleagues are also good, and the working hours are free every day …"

After talking for a long time, she found that Yu Jinchuan didn’t respond. She always took her to the bus.
She looked at Yu Jinchuan "always … always teach …"
"Don’t call me chief instructor" Yu Jinchuan suddenly interrupted her.
"Ah?" Gao Zhiqiu blinks.
"Don’t call me the chief instructor" Yu Jinchuan looked down at her and repeated it.
Gao Zhiqiu looked at his eyes, the street lamp, his eyes were deep and dark, and he couldn’t see his emotions clearly. He only had a low voice and sank into Gao Zhiqiu’s ear. "I am not your chief instructor now."
"…" Gao Zhiqiu can’t stay with a small face.
桑拿Don’t let her call the chief instructor, then what should she … shout?
When the No.11 bus arrived in Yujinchuan, it took her off without asking.
"I bought a ticket and bought a ticket for one person." The conductor shouted hysterically because there were more people in the car.
Gao Zhiqiu was held by him. The car next to the seat was crowded. He held her arm with one hand and grabbed the handrail with the other. He was tall and clubbed, and there was a military uniform. No one dared to squeeze around.
It’s like an iron wall that separates her from others.
Gao Zhiqiu lowered his head and his eyes could see the olive cloth on his chest, and his heart was beating wildly, unlike himself …
"Do you have any money?" A deep voice suddenly sounded overhead.
Gao Zhiqiu leng busy nodded "with"
She stretched out her hand to take off her backpack, but Yu Jinchuan said, "Don’t move. I’ll help you with it."
Gao Zhiqiu "…"
She realized that her arm was loosened and went behind her to zip her backpack.
A warm breath brushed her face, and she was almost surrounded by his arms and nose, almost touching his military uniform …
Gao Zhiqiu was so nervous that he dared not move.
Soon after the ringing, the hand took her wallet, found two coins from it and handed them to the conductor.
When he put his wallet back into the bag, the low voice suddenly said, "Do you sew it yourself?"
Gao Zhiqiu first froze for a second, and his whole face was covered with embarrassment and embarrassment.
She kept her head down for a long time before she gave a gentle "grace"
Yu Jinchuan gave her a look. Although she lowered her head, he could still see her white cheeks flush.
Suddenly he seemed to have lost something.
His heart may have touched the most sensitive place in a girl’s heart …
But he didn’t know what to say at the moment, frowned and turned his head to look out of the window quietly.
Gao Zhiqiu didn’t speak again, and both of them were immersed in silence until the D gate.
As usual, Yu Jinchuan held her arm when driving.
Stand tall and know autumn, then he said, "Chief instructor, thank you for sending me back. I can go back by myself."
Her tone is polite and polite, and she brings some things that have not been alienated.
Yu Jinchuan looked at her and said, "I’ll walk you in."
"No," Gao Zhiqiu dared to bother him again. "I’ll just go back by myself. Thank you today."
Words don’t say that finish arm a demanding YuJinchuan has helped her to the school gate.
"Chief instructor, chief instructor …" Gao Zhiqiu struggled, but Yu Jinchuan didn’t hear it, and the hand had been firmly holding her arm.
After entering the back road of the campus, some students are embarrassed to talk again after Gao Zhiqiu, and because Yu Jinchuan’s dress is too eye-catching, many people have seen it and whispered.
Gao Zhiqiu is thin-skinned and faintly feels that this is not so good, but Yu Jinchuan always walks beside her with his head held high and his chest held high …
The arm and the hand have never been loosened, just like a soldering iron imprinted on her heart, which made her nervous and panicked.
Finally, the two men came to the door of the girls’ dormitory. When they saw the lights on in the aunt’s room, Gao Zhiqiu stopped and said, "I’m the chief instructor. Thank you for sending me back. I’ll just go in myself."
Yujinchuan didn’t force him to stop this time and slowly loosen his hand.
"Does your foot still hurt?" he asked
Section 726
Gao Zhiqiu shook his head "It doesn’t hurt"
Even if it still hurts, you can’t say it. Otherwise, she is really afraid that he will send himself in …
Yu Jinchuan nodded and said, "Well, then you go in."
Gao Zhiqiu saw his one eye and was about to leave when he said "Wait a minute".

China’s team is on edge, and it’s relatively high, and it’s all gone to the wall.

Although Lu Wenbin is not tall, he bounces well, so he is also arranged in the wall to stop the Brazilian team’s Italian ball.
Mal and Oscar watched Lu Wenbin and others while covering their mouths behind the ball to discuss the Italian ball tactics.
This is probably the last chance for Brazil to threaten to attack.
So the two discussed it for a long time.
Lu Wenbin was keenly aware that Oscar glanced at his own feet and others, and then said something to Omar, who nodded.
桑拿Lu Wenbin’s heart thumped and thought, "Do they want to beat the soles of their feet?"
Lu Wenbin wanted to think is not without this possibility.
Italian ball is a skill most of the time, but it is difficult to score Italian ball.
If you accidentally hit a low level ball, the wall will take off in unison and be caught off guard, but it may result in a goal.
After thinking about this possibility, Lu Wenbin was ready to block the low ball.
Then, after the referee blew the free throw whistle, Oscar rushed in first, but Lu Wenbin assumed that Bo shouted "Don’t move" to his teammates, and everyone didn’t move.
Oscar did cross the ball and follow up. Mal straightened his arch and hit the ball.
Although Lu Wenbin had a hunch that Mal might hit a low ball, he was not quite sure, so he didn’t dare to ask his teammates not to take off and didn’t speak.
So Dewey, Zhao Peng and others in the wall jumped up and tried to stretch their necks to try to stop the ball.
But Lu Wenbin in the wall did not move or turn around to avoid it, but stared at the ball intensely.
In a second, Lu Wenbin saw the ball swish out and drag out a ghosting image, but it was not facing his calf.
Lu Wenbin didn’t think twice about it. He stretched his foot aside and felt his toes touch the ball.
Lu Wenbin’s instep was hit by Dewey’s foot, which hurt him. Dewey was also stirred up by him and almost fell down.
But Lu Wenbin didn’t care about his own feet. He turned his head and looked behind him and saw that he had touched the ball. It went through the wall, missed the column and rolled out of the bottom line.
Lu Wenbin successfully stopped Mal’s ground Italian ball. Mal looked at Lu Wenbin with his head in his hands at the penalty spot.
China teammates embraced and celebrated Lu Wenbin, and Zhao Peng hugged Lu Wenbin and shouted, "Lu Wenbin, how do you know that Mal wants to play a low ball?"
Lu Wenbin had completely forgotten being trampled on the instep by Dewey and laughed. "I saw Oscar glancing at our soles and then communicating with Mal. Mal nodded repeatedly, so I guessed that Mal might hit a low ball, but I didn’t expect him to really hit it and I was waiting for him."
Wu Sihuo was concerned. "Fortunately, captain, you blocked the ball out, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have caught it."
The team members applauded Lu Wenbin’s stand in China, and many people shouted "666". Lu Wenbin applauded this defense.
Brazil, which took the corner kick, was pushed out of the forbidden area by China without grabbing the first point.
Then the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game before the Brazilian team scored two goals in midfield.
China, a commentator at the commentary table, shouted, "At the end of the game, China won the Olympic Games in China, 32 defeated Brazil and won the gold medal in the London Olympics."
Suddenly, the whole stadium and the whole land of China were boiling.
I have been waiting for the coach, players, team doctors and other personnel of the China team to rush into the field. Lu Wenbin, Dewey, Zhao Peng and others celebrated wildly.
In the stands, China fans and Chinese overseas Chinese waved national flags, banners and so on, clapping wildly, cheering, screaming and crying.
There was a sudden burst of neat cheers and screams in Guodu Community, which woke up many residents who had fallen asleep.
Others took out firecrackers and fireworks that had already been prepared and set them off to celebrate.
In the 12-minute final, China’s men’s soccer team won the gold medal in men’s soccer at the 212 London Olympic Games with Lu Wenbin’s hat trick.
Segmented reading 27
At that time, all China fans and Chinese overseas Chinese in the world were boiling up.
China football finally won the world championship for the first time and ascended the world championship throne.
This is a new history of China football and a day worth remembering by all China fans.
China players and fans celebrated crazily, while Brazilian players wept bitterly.
They passed the Olympic champion once again.
World-famous five-star Brazil still hasn’t won their dream Olympic gold medal in men’s soccer.
After a short celebration, the award ceremony began.
England won the bronze medal first, and then Brazil won the silver medal in bereavement.
In the final cheer of China fans, the China team reached the highest podium and each received a gold medal.
This is the brightest moment of football in China.
Then Ran Ran, the highest position in the majestic five-star red flag row in march of the volunteers, rose, and the flags of Brazil and England, the runner-up and the third runner-up, were on both sides.
But they don’t have the treatment of playing the national anthem.
Lu Wenbin, China teammates, China fans in the stands and China audience in front of the digital camera all sang the national anthem along with the music.
China sleeps tonight.
Chapter 62 New goals for the new season
With the champion, Lu Wenbin also won 50,000 experience and 5 skill points in the London Olympic Games.
Lu Wenbin’s experience before Canada increased by 19 levels, and the balance of 17.53 million and 50,000 skill points reached 51 points.
Naturally, Lu Wenbin first spent 3 skill points to add the numerical 14-point position selection skill to 2-point full value.
There are 21 skill points left to upgrade to the master Italian ball skill, but they can’t. It takes 5 points to upgrade the gatekeeper attribute, so there is no need for Lu Wenbin to keep it.
Lu Wenbin’s attribute has changed after the promotion.
Host Lu Wenbin
Chinese nationality
Age 22 years old
Height 12
Weight kg
Club Real Madrid
Grade 2
Experience 17.535 million
Skill point 21
Shoot 22
Ball 22
The tape 22
Speed 22


Tang Yuanshan finally persuaded Tang Ying to go on a blind date, saying that she had arranged a handsome young man for her.
Tang Ying began to dress up in the evening and didn’t leave home until half past seven.
Lan Club is located in the northernmost part of Kyoto.
That land has always been an entertainment club, and most of them are rich and powerful people.
Although Tang Ying has been accustomed to pampering and taking part in many activities in recent years, she was not dazzled by the extravagance when she arrived!
From the moment she came in, Xu Ran locked her eyes!
Soon a waiter led Tang Ying to the other party to reserve a table number. Tang Ying sat down and someone brought drinks and snacks.
Yes, it’s ten minutes since the appointment
Tang Ying frowned and asked, "hasn’t Mr. Li arrived yet? !”
Shouldn’t men wait for women on this occasion? How can this man come later than her Tang Ying gives birth to a trace of unhappiness!
The waiter respectfully said, "When Mr. Li arrives and meets an acquaintance, say hello and let me tell Miss Tang what you want to eat first."
"Oh" Tang Ying impatiently waved "you go to busy you"
The waiter backed out with a nod.
I took a sip of coffee and was about to put it, but I saw Lin Ya coming in with a light blue gift at the gate!
Tang Ying’s eyes sparkled with angry flames. I hate this woman!
If it weren’t for this woman, she would be on a blind date. !
Her eyes sparkled with hatred and she remembered that there was a sex shop when she first came in!
The trick flashed through her eyes and she got up and went out.
When Tang Ying came over, she just sat opposite a fat old man.
She went over and pawned the bag in her hand. "Who are you? This is my position!"
The old man opposite looked at her with a gray hair and a sly look. "Miss Tang, I’m Li Jinghai!" "
Isn’t Tang Ying the blind date who remembered this name after she lost her head? !
She cried with frightened stare big eyes, "Are you Li Jinghai? !”
The man replied with a smile and a wretched "yes"
Tang Ying gas chest jitter opposite people have been obscene staring at her chest!
Is that what his father said about young talents? !
"ah!" She stamped her foot, took the bag and went out.
In the corner, Lin Ya looked at Tang Ying, her face was black and her lips were slightly upturned!
Tang Ying tilted her head and saw Lin Ya smiling in the corner and gestured to her with champagne.
Her eyes flashed a trick, then she turned around and took two glasses of red wine and walked towards Lin Ya.
品茶  title=-digression–
Remember how Miss Lin was slept by Mr. Mu’s old rascal? One, she’s going to give that little bitch Tang Ying an eye for an eye! (^o^)/~
☆, 62 humanity treats people!
Tang Ying must have handed a glass of wine in front of her and asked with a smile, "Miss Lin, would you please have a drink?"
Lin Ya’s beautiful eyes swept the glass of red wine in her hand and then put champagne in her hand to take it.
Tang Ying’s eyes flashed a little smug and then gently touched her glass of wine and said, "Thank you for coming."
Looking up, I was about to drink the cup in my hand, but I was stopped by Lin Ya!
"Don’t worry, it’s not too late for us to talk later."
Tang Ying consternation when Lin Ya has taken the glass in her hand and put it aside.

On Hoffenheim’s side, Ralph and Lu Wenbin, who scored a hat trick, attended the post-match press conference.

Ralph naturally insisted that Valdez had touched the ball, even if there was a player touching the ball, it should be valid.
When Lu Wenbin was asked this question by a reporter, he said that he didn’t know this kind of partial door rule. He didn’t mean to throw it directly into the door at that time, so he could say that he respected the referee’s decision by mistake.
Many people laughed when Lu Wenbin said this.
Lu Wenbin is a profit-maker. Of course, he respects the referee’s decision, but surely the Barcelona people are quite depressed.
The Super Cup match that night and the next day caused a big discussion among the world’s digital media and fans.
Hoffenheim’s surprise defeat of Barcelona to win the championship is nothing. There are too many surprises in the football world. The focus of discussion is whether Lu Wenbin’s sideline ball is a goal.
However, with the detailed interpretation of FIFA rules by the media and football experts, many people have realized that this ball should be counted and there are examples.
Villa defender mellberg threw the foul ball in the backcourt to goalkeeper Enkelmann in the 22 nd Premier League Derby.
Enkelmann didn’t pay attention to the ball. It slipped from his foot and rolled into the door behind him.
It seems that Enkelmann didn’t touch the ball. Should the ball be counted? But the referee thought that his foot had rubbed the skin of the ball and the goal was valid.
Whether Enkelmann touches the ball or not, it can be seen from this example that the referee on duty recognizes that a foul ball is a goal if a player touches it.
Finally, a FIFA expert came out and announced the final result. He said that the direct entry of the foul ball was not counted, but there was a game where the entry was counted as a goal except for the referee.
Lu Wenbin’s sideline ball is not counted if Valdes doesn’t touch it and falls directly into the goal.
But Valdez touched that and the goal was scored.
And either Valdez own goal or Lu Wenbin scored.
Because the ball is running towards the door frame, it will not count as the goalkeeper’s own goal if everyone’s shot is saved by the goalkeeper at ordinary times.
The implication is that the referee’s decision was an accurate mistake. If Barcelona wants to find a back-pot man, he should call Valdes. He should never touch the ball.
If he hadn’t touched that ball, it wouldn’t have been counted.
Of course, it is impossible for Barcelona players and fans to blame Valdes, the team’s triple champion.
This rule is too biased, and most people don’t understand it at all. Besides, the situation in the forbidden area was so tense at that time. Where did Valdez expect this rule?
The goalkeeper’s reaction is that he can’t let the ball in.
It’s bad luck that I met it at last but was blocked by Puyol and didn’t get out of the door frame.
But even so, the media and fans will be depressed for a long time if they don’t blame Valdes themselves.
Everyone used to say that the European Super Cup was a warm-up match, but now it is increasingly regarded as an official honor. After all, there is a trophy in this competition.
Losing a champion because of his own mistakes will definitely make Valdez feel bad. Look for kuunèo, a cool oo network.
Hoffenheim doesn’t care whether his opponents are depressed or not. They care that they have won another championship honor.
After returning to Sinsheim the next day, Hoffenheim celebrated again.
In the past two years, Hoffenheim fans have been so happy. From the long-term sinking into the low-level league to the present honor one after another, it is simply dizzying.
Of course, he scored a hat trick in the final, and Lu Wenbin is naturally the most popular hero in the eyes of all fans.
桑拿论坛The next week is FIFA match day. Without Lu Wenbin’s business, he will stay at home and continue to practice his speed and Italian ball and help Kate publish her first novel.
After Lu Wenbin’s trial reading, suggestion and revision, Kate is expected to create 20,000 words. More than 20,000 words have been written in the upgraded western fantasy novel.
There is no online novel platform in the west, and the population of each country is seriously insufficient. It is difficult to sell money in a small profit but quick turnover way like China.
Therefore, the best way is to take the entity out.
Now Kate has more than 20,000 words before she can publish the first film.
It is said that Lu Wenbin’s girlfriend, a big star, is going to publish a novel, but it has attracted several clubs to come to negotiate, and it has not been given the cold shoulder like his new novel.
Moreover, Kate’s plot of this western fantasy novel, which refers to China’s online novel, is also very attractive, which makes several clubs very optimistic
Finally, the lawyer helped to negotiate the largest publishing agency in Germany, and he returned it to Kate only if it was printed in German.
However, it will take some time for the publishing house to be finalized, arranged and printed.
At that time, we can see if the western novels written by Kate China’s online novels can stand the test of the western market

She’s fine. Not at all.

She’s going to lose her baby. That’s her blood and flesh. She’s going to lose her baby.
What could be more cruel and bloody than killing your own flesh and blood?
She is a demon, a demon who is not qualified for ten levels of hell.
She will never forgive herself.
The heart is cool
be heartbroken
be completely dejected/despondent
Yu Jiahao looked at long summer’s leaving figure, so thin, so sad, but stubborn in his bones, as if with disdain for him, like a contempt.
桑拿会所His heart suddenly ached and he knocked over the expensive crystal vase on the table.
Long summer, although I hate Yu Enze, I have always been sincere to you.
I love you, I really love you, and I can’t help loving you from the moment I first met you as an adult.
If I can get you, I don’t care if I’m cunning or ruthless, even if I have to do my best, I’ll get you
What? You just don’t care.
What? You must hate me.
You’re going to be my wife. I’m not happy at all.
You are beside me, but I feel separated from you.
You don’t have me in your heart.
Yu Enze is Yu Enze.
It was Yu Enze who stole my beloved woman’s heart.
Long summer, you are my Yu Jiahao alone. Yu Enze will never steal your heart.
The resentful voice in my heart is more and more frantically clamoring for Yu Jiahao to raise the red wine in his head cup and be gulped down with a dark and strange smile across his mouth.
"Enze, do you want to meet your old lover, your future aunt Su Lixia?"
"Yu Jiahao, what tricks are you going to play?"
"Why don’t you want to see it? Don’t regret it then."
"What do you mean?"
"It doesn’t mean anything. I just want to inform you that if you want to see long summer for the last time, you can come to W downtown hospital at noon, whether you come or not."
"Yu Jiahao, what did you do to long summer?"
It’s a long night. Yu Enze’s mind plays back over and over again those inexplicable words that Yu Jiahao said to him during the day. It’s hateful that Yu Jiahao actually hung up halfway through the words, which is to make Yu Enze worried.
At this time, Yu Enze is flying to W, and his heart is like hanging on this 30,000-foot high school for a long time.
Yu Jiahao said he saw long summer for the last time.
What? He wants him to meet long summer at the hospital.
What the hell did he do to long summer?
Will something happen to long summer?
Yu Enze couldn’t get through to long summer because long summer had definitely blacklisted him since she broke up with him.
Something must have happened to long summer. Otherwise, why would he go to the hospital?
If anything happens to long summer, he will never let Yu Jiahao go.
Long summer, he will never forget long summer. As soon as he hears the news of long summer, he will still go to see her without hesitation.
The plane is flying so slowly, can it be faster and faster?
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
How much he wishes to see long summer at once.
Long summer, don’t talk about anything, just be good.
The newspaper in his hand has been crumpled into a paper ball by Yu Enze, who has no confidence in himself. He hides, panics, confuses his mind, and worries and worries torment him wantonly.
Chapter seventy You let me go!
It’s drizzling and gloomy. long summer sat in front of the mirror all night. That delicate and beautiful face is no longer covered with heavy and lengthy worries. It seems that in just a few days, it will be old, gaunt and as white as paper. She is like a dead lamp that is about to burn out and dying.
Long summer bowed his head and his thin hands could not help but caress his lower abdomen.
Is it an illusion? She feels the little guy move.
The little guy is moving.
Little guy moves
Hey, baby, did you say hello to mom?
Or are you afraid?
Very rebellious
You must hate mom, right?
Because mom is going to abandon you cruelly
You are reluctant to part with your mother, aren’t you?
You can’t bear to part with your mother
Mom also loathe to give up you.

Snow nai smile stiff face.

"I can say that life is forced" is really forced by life. After 20,000 yuan was taken away from her aunt, she stopped trusting people, including herself. Although Xiao Yin was kind to her, she still managed to be really at ease. It was all because she finally got it. She didn’t allow her future to go wrong. The Gaos are the most powerful family in Beijing. She must hold on to this opportunity and she must not have weaknesses before she reached the peak.
She has solved many people who hurt her in the past, and her bad gambler father Xiaosan has been driven away by her. Now she is taking care of the old hag who complains all the time at home with trepidation. The old hag loves to complain. She won’t let her die so soon, torturing a person is not to let her die, but to let her die and live hopelessly.
She fed the old demon’s family a lot of tonic every day, which made her eat indigestion, vomit, vomit, have a nosebleed, cough, dizziness, hypertension and suffer from illness every day.
And that bad gambling father, she cut off all his ten fingers, so that he could not gamble and be addicted.
桑拿论坛And that money-rolling aunt
She loves money so much that she feeds her money every day. If she eats 10 thousand a day, she will have an operation to stimulate her appetite. She will put 10 thousand yuan into her stomach and let her spend her life in the whirlpool of money, which will fulfill her wish.
However, she got revenge on these people, but she still couldn’t get revenge on Han Luoxiao and Liu Yun. Because their family background is not what she wants to do, she can move the role. She is not strong enough.
Ever since I’ve been through these things
Chennai feels so good to be rich and powerful.
Killing feels so good.
Everyone who doesn’t like them can crush them with one hand. Compared with the past, she is humble and cowardly. Now she is what she wants, and she has everything to do.
"What have you experienced in these two months?" In the narrow carriage, Helian turned to look at her calm eyes and flashed a trace of invisible forbearance.
She didn’t answer Helian Yin’s question and looked out the window with indifference. "I owe you a chance in the future, and I will definitely pay you back. Now I beg you to help me keep a secret and hinder my future, such as killing my parents. I hope you can help me move forward depending on my future. Xiao Yin, I am afraid of you and your brother. I know I can’t hide it from you. I didn’t lie to you, and your brother is no match for his financial position."
"Since you know that coming to Beijing will be recognized by us, why do you want to come to Beijing?" He Lianyin lowered his head.
"It’s not that I want to come. It’s the capital of Gaos thought. I have to come."
"Can you make sure that you will not be identified by Gao Ze?" If you are found out, you may go to jail. That Gao Ze is not a good crop at first glance.
"He didn’t find out that Xia Jin is dead. Now the person in front of you is Xue Nai, an orphan. He has a pair of adoptive parents who are wizards, and I am really a wizard now. I have worshipped my great-grandmother’s friend’s name. I am no longer a family member. I used to live in such a mess. I don’t want others to know that I used to be Xia Jin. Of course, Master Gao may be able to frame me if he knew about my past. After all, Thaksin is a science, and his mother gave me so much money every month. He has long disliked me."
"What’s your decision?"
"Marry Master Gao" and then get divorced and get half of the property of Gaos thought, overlooking Liu Yun and Han Luoxiao, and happily avenge that year. She wanted to torture Liu Yun to death and make her parents dare not say anything and dare not resist.
For Xiao Jin, this decision is too risky for He Lianyin. Master Gao is not very good at holding the object. From the afternoon, she can already feel it. Master Gao looks at the game player but is actually thoughtful. Maybe he is faking his romance.
Suddenly, there is a feeling that everyone around me is deep, and there are intrigues and hatred everywhere.
I don’t know what I will be like in the future
I wish it weren’t so complicated. Although she was afraid it wasn’t intrigue, she didn’t want to be surrounded by intrigue all her life. Unfortunately, four of her brothers were destined to be involved in the intrigue.
I wish her brother could be so beautiful all his life.
"Chennai, I know I can’t stop you from thinking, but I want to tell you one thing. Your Harvard complaint was definitely not written by Liu Yun."
Chennai was shocked. Harvard admission was the last thing she wanted in her life.
"Who else would it be if it wasn’t for her?"
"I’ve thought about this matter. Liu Yun likes Han Luoxiao so much that she won’t do such a thing. First, you stay away from Han Luoxiao abroad. Second, even if they go to study abroad together, it is unlikely to go to the United States. At the beginning, I heard Han’s father say that Han Luoxiao is going to study in Europe. Even if they are thousands of miles away from the United States, even if they go to study abroad, they won’t touch your place. The happiest person is Liu Yun, so Han Luoxiao can’t touch you when she goes to study abroad. She seems to be the most suspected person,
Smell speech
Chennai stopped talking.
Half a ring, she seems to have figured it out. She looked up at He Lianyin. "Yes, she really didn’t have this motive. I spent time alone with her that night when the college entrance examination ended. She also gave me a sum of money to support me to study abroad, telling me that I’d better not go back to China or contact him."
He Lianyin knew who she said he was, holding her hand silently and thoughtfully. "It seems that there is a dangerous person hiding in the dark around us. This person is likely to provoke us in this group of friends. If you leave, I will not be able to talk to Han Luoxiao in a friendly way, and it is even more impossible to ignore Liu Yun’s brother. Although my brother said that he would not be involved in his brother’s family affairs, it is difficult for me to catch him, and then it is Yuanbao and Jiang Chenxi. If you really make trouble, they will inevitably disperse."
This passage said that the key point snow nai looked at her quietly. He Lianyin also looked at her. The two men looked at each other for a long time. Finally, He Lianyin slowly withdrew his line of sight and long eyelashes covered the complex emotions of the fundus. "I know what to do."

But I seem to be dragging the leaves far away, which has become his resistance instead of helping him.

Can I come out to stabilize Gu Changning and voluntarily give Ye Xiangyuan to Gu Changyu and divorce Ye Xiangyuan? I can’t do it again.
I don’t want to give Ye Xiangyuan away.
I finally made progress with him, and I felt the same way with him. I was reluctant to leave him for a few days.
Just then Lu Xun suddenly shouted Gu Changning one.
We all looked at him.
Lu Xun said, "I brought someone here. Maybe you can catch up."
Gu Changning eyebrows tiny cu.
And Yuan Xi came in with someone.
I can’t help but stare big eyes.
This person turned out to be Xu Xin!
Gu Changning’s face changed. Instead of looking at Xu Xin, he stared at Lu Xun and said, "What do you mean?"
If you listen carefully, you can still hear some anxiety and tension in his voice.
Lu Xun said nothing.
Gu Changning’s expression became uglier and uglier. He swept over and went to see Ye Xiangyuan again. "Have you long been on guard against me threatening me with Xu Xin?"
When he said this, his whole body was in a state of hair standing on end, as if to nod to Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun, and he would rush to bite.
Lu Xun rubbed his forehead some nai way "you calm down first".
Gu Changning hum 1.
品茶Lu Xun sighed, "You broke up with Miss Xu long ago. After Miss Xu returned to China, you rarely meet her again … You and she are old friends … What do we threaten you with?"
Gu Changning was a shock seems to react is wrong.
Lu Xun glared at him. "Or do you think Miss Xu is very important to you? If you catch her, you will be threatened?"
Gu Changning blushed and almost jumped up from the sofa. "You … you’re talking nonsense!"
It’s like watching a good play.
I didn’t expect Lu Xun to run on people so badly that every sentence hit the nail on the head
Lu Xun lip angle slightly evoked a smile, but soon disappeared and then said in a cold tone, "I caught Miss Xu as a threat to her family. The Hsu family took refuge in Li jiaqi and followed Li Jiawei. At this time, of course, it was removed first."
Gu Changning looked beaten and opened his mouth but could not speak.
At Yuan Xi Lu Xun no longer ignored him.
Yuan Xi knowingly gave Xu Xinsong a tie.
Xu Xin looked indifferent and very calm, and his face was free from anxiety and fear.
I was really worried when I first saw her tied up.
No matter what the Xu family did, I like Xu Xin very much.
She is straightforward and has done nothing wrong.
Besides, she once helped me get rid of Chu Feifei, which saved my life for me and my baby.
I’m sure I can’t just sit back and watch her get caught by Lu Xun this time.
The original is secretly pondering the countermeasures. Lu Xun called Yuan Xi to untie her.
I’m wondering if tracing the cause doesn’t really want to threaten Xu’s family with Xu’s heart.
Then what the hell does he want?
Chapter 33 Reasons for Breaking Up
After Xu Xin was loosened, he walked to Gu Changning from the ground.
She is very tall, but Gu Changning is very tall, and she also looks petite in front of him.
Gu Changning looked down at her expression is very complicated.
Xu Xin and his eyes sneer at a "you really hurt your sister"
Gu Changning mumbled something and didn’t speak.
He doesn’t usually forgive people, but this time he was blocked by Xu Xin’s words.
But he didn’t look angry at all
Xu heart before he seems to be some unintelligent.
Xu Xin didn’t buy it, but his face still hung with a cold sneer.
Gu Changning whispered, "Are you … Are you hurt?"
Xu Xin said lightly, "Lu Shao invited me to be a guest, which is very kind to me. How can I get hurt?"
Her clothes are neat and her face is clean. It really doesn’t look like she has been tortured.
Gu Changning stopped talking again.
Xu heart corners of the mouth GouXiao quipped "you don’t mind your belly is less than your sister lu jun"

Sister-in-law came over and shouted to Xiao Jin, "Uncle Yuan is here. You should practice boxing."

Xiaojin immediately got up and leaned in to give me a kiss before he left, and then he walked away.
I smiled and watched his little figure disappear from the door, then looked up at my sister-in-law and became nervous again.
She must have something to say to me if she keeps Xiao Jin away.
I can’t help but sit upright.
Sister-in-law sat opposite me and smiled. "Do you want to hear the story of your brother and me?"
I couldn’t help looking up at her in amazement.
Sister-in-law smiled and said to herself, "Your eldest brother and I were childhood friends, but we almost separated."
After listening to a story that is neither too long nor too short.
The eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law grew up, and the eldest sister-in-law didn’t agree with her to marry the eldest brother, because Ye Dad was calculated and sacrificed at that time and Ye Li was alienated from the eldest brother, but the eldest sister-in-law insisted on being with the eldest brother, and later they got married and gave birth, and the eldest sister-in-law’s family had long since declined, and the eldest brother had helped the eldest sister-in-law’s family a lot.
This is really a love story.
Sister-in-law said, "You’re right. If you like someone, you should leave them around so that you can be happy. If your eldest brother and I hadn’t insisted at that time, we wouldn’t have been together, and there would have been no Xiaojin."
I was surprised at her sight.
She’s implying that she already knows that I’ve spied on Ye Xiangyuan and Gu Changyu. Is she on my side?
Sister-in-law patted my hand with a smile and said, "You are a good girl at the right time. Of course, I want you to be happy. I believe you have fate … so I also hope you can think again before making a decision."
夜网论坛I remembered for a long time that she said that I had fate with Ye Jia … I couldn’t tell what it was like for a while. After a long time, I solemnly said "I will"
Sister-in-law patted my hand again and said nothing.
After all, her position is awkward. She is Ye Jia’s daughter-in-law and Ye Xiangyuan’s eldest sister-in-law, and she really doesn’t say much.
I still appreciate her from the bottom of my heart. At least she didn’t blindly go to the other side.
Ye Xiangyuan came back in the evening.
Xiaojin just came in after practicing boxing and sweated. His face was red and he looked very healthy and lovely.
Ye Xiangyuan also don’t abandon directly picked him up.
Xiaojin kissed him and turned to me and held out his hand at me. "Aunt, I want to kiss you ~"
I’m one leng unexpectedly to leaf to the distant line of sight.
He looked at me with deep eyes and a little smile.
I, wait for a while, completely forgot the reaction.
He smiled and hugged Xiao Jin, approached Xiao Jin and took the opportunity to kiss me.
I smell his faint scent of gardenia.
He whispered, "I’ll take Xiaojin to take a bath."
I looked at him stupefied, and there was a storm in my heart.
So he still went to the hospital?
After that, I deliberately avoided Ye Xiangyuan, and even I sat far away at dinner.
Ye Xiangyuan seems to have noticed that I looked at me several times during my emotional period.
I just hung my head and didn’t go to see him.
Unfortunately, he didn’t avoid him after all. When he was going to sleep at night, he pushed open the door and came in.
I consciously sat up and watched him approach.
He sat on the edge of the bed and said, "Grandpa is not in good health and had an accident today …"
When I heard that, I immediately asked, "Is it an attack?" Is grandpa hurt? Where is he now? "
Although I have seen him once, my grandfather is very kind, and my heart can’t help but get up when I think of his poor health
Chapter 21 Chu Feifei Peng and Chu Feifei
Ye Xiangyuan looked at me and said, "Nothing has been solved. Good Ayi was there at that time. I wanted him to give grandpa a physical examination, which is lucky, otherwise grandpa would be in danger."
I am relieved.
He went on to say, "Actually, I was going to take my grandfather to live here, but he didn’t agree."
I asked suspiciously, "What?"
Ye Xiang traveled a long way. "Maybe you still have a military compound with grandpa. Although it is distributed to the uncle, after all, grandpa lived here … Qinyuan, where grandpa is even more reluctant to go for more than ten years without setting foot … But I guess grandpa didn’t want to give me any trouble. Chu family was framed in those days and has not been rehabilitated until now. It’s not easy for people to live here …"
I instantly understood that it was a high treason for Chu to be framed. Although few people remember it in the past 20 years, all the military bosses live here, and they will be exposed if they are not careful.
Grandpa is really single-minded. Ye Xiangyuan is good, otherwise he wouldn’t be living in the club …
I can’t help but say, "Grandpa is so good that it is even more necessary to pick him up at home. Before living, it was because you didn’t. My sister-in-law and I didn’t care about it. Now that you are back home, it must be better than people’s safety, or take Grandpa back as soon as possible …"
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a deep look and didn’t answer the words immediately.
I think his eyes are a little strange.
Just listen to him and say, "Baby, do you think it’s safe to have my home?"
I nodded without thinking. "Of course you feel safe."
This is the answer without thinking. Now there is an adult man in this family, and he is naturally our dependence.
But after that, I have some regrets.
This family is Ye Xiangyuan, eldest sister-in-law and Xiao Jin. What kind of family am I …
I bit my lip tightly.
I didn’t know that he suddenly leaned in and kissed my lips.
I was shocked and quickly stepped back.
He looked at me with a smile and flicked his fingers on my forehead.
I was utterly confused. I was going to alienate him, but I still got involved with him.
Maybe he had seen enough of my embarrassment before he looked back and said, "I’ll persuade grandpa again."
I sighed and nodded.
He paused in judo. "Actually, I have something to discuss with you."
I said, "You said."
He said slowly, "Grandpa is in poor health. I want him to have a good rest. I can’t take care of things in the company. There are lawsuits to be fought in the shipping company. I need someone to come forward. Just because my sister-in-law and I have something to do, you are left at home …"
I thought, "You can give it to Xiao Wen or someone else."
He has so many capable hands, I can’t believe he can’t find a business. Even Ye Wen is busy, so please come on. Gu Changning Gu Changning is famous for his business.
And what I promised him to see grandpa at that time was just to save my own life. I knew I couldn’t handle such a big lawsuit at all …
He touched my face and said with a wry smile, "Xiao Wen’s identity is not enough or it is best for him to take over … You are my wife enough to deter those who don’t listen …"
I see


Zach’s bouncing goal is obviously to flash away from the mouse.
Seeing this situation, Lu Zhan couldn’t wait to drop the mouse, but when it comes to it, they have to go again and again.
People set up their positions just to sneak up on them. The mice in their array need the front output most, and the environment is not suitable for passive fighting while retreating.
According to Lu Zhan’s idea, the dragon lady should be rushed to sell a wave first, so that the other few people must face the dragon lady first in any case.
Dragon girl is very fleshy, so it’s not so easy to kill mice, shoot mantis behind them and harvest them. This is the perfect way for them to fight.
And it is this row of eyes that has an effect as soon as they stay in ambush.
The European team is the best at team fighting, and today is no exception.
Like the first time Xiaolong was caught, Mo Li was caught in the fire and got half blood.
Mo Li is also frightened and inexplicable. His hand speed is not slow. The other side continuously controls the gap and hands over the big move, but the blood volume can no longer support it.
"Fight or withdraw!"
See mo from death sky blue has not made eye contact with Lu Zhan directly asked.
"fight!" Lu Zhan definitely answered.
"why?" Sky blue is startled.
Tianlan seems to be facing the same situation as the second time. Lu Zhan should let people go
But this time, Lu Zhan chose a different idea.
喝茶约茶"I said fight!" Lu Zhan didn’t have time to explain that he had begun to wander around looking for opportunities.
Two people talk Xiao Chengjiang with dragon lady.
He has been cooperating with Lu Zhan for more than half a year. When Lu Zhan’s words are spoken, he will not hesitate.
"Demassia’s martial arts will be obvious!"
The dragon lady turned into a soaring dragon and rushed at the other five people.
This time, he is blue skin, and the flame is also blue burning, and the other five people leave a long track.
Four dozen five seems to have fallen into a passive position, but Xiao Chengjiang rushed away without hesitation.
Because of Lu Zhan’s word "hit"
"Spiders intercept Zach mouse fire!" Lu Zhan did not consider Tian Lan’s habitual command.
The sky blue nodded spider hung up and bit Zach, while the burning night took this opportunity to open a big move. It was the best time for him to output before the dragon lady blocked it.
The mouse made a big move and fired for seven seconds. Seven seconds, while the spider entangled Zach, he smashed all the firepower into the other crowd.
The China team assisted in the killing situation and fought with each other four dozen five times.
Chapter 63 Cut the back row
At this time, the China team’s non-stop wandering in the land exhibition has established an advantage, and the dragon girl doesn’t need to send it. It seems that they can win the four-to-five-land exhibition.
The only contribution Jiela made before her death was to attract a lot of firepower. This time, the other side didn’t pay much big moves, but put a few skills. Just a few skills are also good for the dragon lady to resist damage
The economic leader Lu Zhan chose to let his teammates fight back.
There is no doubt that apart from Xiao Chengqiang, Sky Blue and Burning Night have successively entered the battle.
However, when the dragon lady rushed, Lu Zhan watched by mantis.
He still watched after the mouse fired.
Lu Zhan et al.
Mantis is not like robbing a wave of skills, which can stably drop an enemy’s crispy skin for a second and maybe even come back.
Mantis can’t. When he broke into the enemy line, he had to wait until he could kill someone with a wave of damage because his E skill D was too long and not so flexible, so he had to refresh Ed.
However, this time Lu Zhan is not waiting for someone to be bloody, but waiting for the other party to control it.
He is thinking about the other person’s skills a little bit. Zach E has lost R and the hammer stone. Just now, Jiela has lost E, but the big move is still blind, and the big move kicked the dragon girl back. His hero is not hard to control.
Although the hammer stone move slowed down by 99%, after all, it can’t stop him from putting down his skills. He is not afraid of this.
So he has to wait for one of the other ap or ad to leave the crowd.
The mouse fire was really fierce, and a wave of skills hit each other, and several people lost half their blood, but he was finally pushed back by Zach and couldn’t hit anyone.
At this time, the blind monk also stuck to the spider and prepared to beat the mouse.
Peke saw that the time was right and took Cassadine to harvest mice.
"Here comes the opportunity!" Lu Zhan gave up the mouse behind him and started the big move directly.
One second stealth, he has cut to the other side of the camp and walked towards Obama.
The other side has a very rich view around here, and has already seen the disappearance of the land exhibition. Obama left the land exhibition at the far end of the land exhibition for the first time.
At this time, Lu Zhan mantis just wanted to take off and didn’t press the skill.
Seeing that Obama responded quickly, Lu Zhanma switched the target to kill. He wanted to kill Obama first, and now he has changed to kill the hammer stone first.
It is best to kill the hammer stone with the least blood volume in the opponent’s array.
There is another reason for choosing the hammer stone, that is, the hammer stone lantern has lanterns, and the hammer stone can pull people away, which is obviously a threat to mantis’s judgment of blood volume
The mantis wings vibrated and finally flew, aiming at the hammer stone.
Mantis jumped to the hammer stone and then a Q hit it out.
He has evolved Q skills, and this claw has knocked out most of the blood of the hammer stone. Plus, just stealth triggered a passive attack and the hammer stone instantaneous blood.
One Q and one general attack actually hit the hammer stone, which is close to half of the blood!
If you hadn’t thrown lanterns to protect yourself when hammering stones, you might have died directly.
Hammer stone waiting for death has created opportunities for his teammates.