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But if everyone knew what Chang Sheng said, I’m afraid they wouldn’t think so

It is estimated that talking in Guardiola’s ear will make many Barcelona fans angry.
I’m sorry, Pepper. I won again!
In the face of such a boss Guardiola can also smile again and again.
Let go of Guardiola’s winning stride. He first found Handanovic and gave him a big hug. He wanted to hug the tall Handanovic!
Handanovic laughed and said, Don’t lift the boss! I will crush you!
His teammates also poured in.
Everyone knows who the real hero of this game is.
Even cavani was not jealous of Handanovic. Without Handanovic’s two key saves, there would be no subsequent goal.
Everyone flocked to congratulate and thank Handanovic sincerely.
He definitely deserves this treatment for his performance in the last game!
Handanovic also looked very happy.
A veteran still has a chance to play for the team at the end of his career and help the team so much.
Although they are old, they still have such performance. For the old, this may be their dream in the future.
Nobody wants to be old, because being old means being gone.
If I still have it, am I not old?
Every time I see those young people alive and kicking on the stadium, I hope to return to my youth, even if I can go back for a while …
Handanovic went back for a whole game.
Chapter one hundred and one Seven hundred million
夜网论坛After the game, the press conference always ridiculed the reporters, I’m waiting. Don’t you have any questions about Handanovic’s unstable state?
What can a group of reporters do in the face of such a constant victory except roll their eyes to show their resistance?
Handanovic did really well in this game, and their focus should also be on Handanovic.
However, what Chang Sheng said made the reporters feel a little uncomfortable.
If they had their own choice, they would choose not to report Handanovic.
Can they?
They can’t.
Handanovic’s performance in every game is worldclass, and no one can ignore his brilliance.
The fans will be very interested in Handanovic.
If they open the newspaper the next day and find that there is no news about Handanovich, they may tear up all the newspapers …
Even with constant ridicule, they still have to do a good job of reporting …
This is the most painful place for them
It was their day of suffering.
In the news after the game, Lazio goalkeeper samir handanovic really became the top star of the game, and all the reports covered him and made a lot of space.
Handanovic deserves a strange title for his performance in this game.
Lazio was in the most dangerous time when he saved two penalties twice in a row.
If it’s a penalty save, it may not be anything.
The problem is that he saved the second penalty and launched a successful counterattack.
He threw the football to Messi, took the ball and then gave it to cavani, and finally let cavani score.
It can be said that Handanovic is the initiator and planner of this goal.
He dominated the game with one hand, and he was able to attack and defend well, and a talented goalkeeper was born!
Handanovic has rarely had such a good time since he stopped being Lazio’s main goalkeeper.
The team Nou Camp eliminated Barcelona, and all the players were happy.
By this time, they have forgotten such things as share change.
But you can’t forget the constant victory.
The first thing he did when he returned to Rome was to call Kate Gracie.
Ask him about his fight with the Russians.
We are asking Lazio Moloto for 100 million, and we hope to get 650 million …
Changsheng smiled, This old profiteer!
When we decided to buy Lazio, Changsheng had asked professionals to evaluate Lazio.
Because Lazio’s own stadium is more valuable.
Generally speaking, 60% of the shares and 560 million yuan are normal quotations, but the acquisition is at a premium. If it is calculated at the market price, no one is willing to sell it.
Lotito wants to sell as high a price as possible, even though the situation is not so good.
If there is no constant victory involved in his idea, it will be realized by law because there is a Russian buyer
Now that the two companies are competing, he has raised the Russian offer to 100 million as soon as he opens his mouth!
Where are we now?
750 million
Stop grinding and tell Lotito that if he accepts our Kyle contract for the last time, what if he doesn’t accept it? We will announce our withdrawal from the competition and let him earn 400 million euros for himself.

Her lips gradually smiled, and the man was so affectionate.

He Lianyin looked at his watch and it was already two o’clock in the afternoon. He picked out an apple from the plate and picked up a fruit knife to help her peel the apple carefully.
"I asked Song Jie to cut the fruit for you this morning. If you didn’t eat it, I’ll help you cut it and eat an apple every day. Your metabolism is good. Now you are a patient. You should supplement more nutrition and make up for the missing meat as soon as possible."
Looking at the apple peel to Yin, he turned round and round in his hand. "Am I thin now? Actually said I was a patient. "
"You’ve lost more than a little weight. I think you have to make up ten pounds less to get rosy."
To Yin slightly open mouth "ten catties? Is this too exaggerated? "
"It’s no exaggeration. I recently had a lot of fresh ingredients shipped. After that, you have to eat five meals a day to mend your body." So I didn’t say anything about mending Helian Yin.
"But I don’t eat that much."
"Then take gaining weight as a goal and gain it slowly. I’m not in a hurry."
Xiang Yin couldn’t help laughing. "Of course you’re not in a hurry. It’s not your increase."
She joked with him.
He Lianyin was delighted and raised his head to catch her eye. "You are a little fatter and look good now, and your bones are too thin and diaphragmatic."
What did he say to Yin Bai? His face turned red
He said what happened that night.
After a while, He Lianyin peeled the apple. He frowned slightly, put the apple that was almost peeled back in the box and picked up an apple peel again.
The move was looked at by Yin, who puzzled and asked, "Why did you put it in that box?"
约茶Didn’t you say you were going to give it to her?
"That can’t eat" HeLianYin face some unnatural.
Xiang Yin found that he was white and his ears were red.
"Before a game, if you peel an apple for your lover, it will mean that the marriage will end in failure." God knows how long he has practiced peeling this apple.
Xiang Yin smiled and gently covered his lips and eyes. "I didn’t expect you to know this."
When we first met, I felt to Yin that he was cold and indifferent. I didn’t expect him to be so simple and immature about love.
It’s really cute
"I just want to see if I can peel a whole apple in front of you," he said softly.
Smile more joyfully at Yin.
"What are you laughing at?"
"That’s not an apple in your hand, it’s a snake fruit." She couldn’t help telling him the truth. Her eyes are sparkling and beautiful.
Xiang Yin almost laughed.
HeLianYin holding hands red eyebrow slightly pick "this is not an apple? Then why did Sister Song tell me that this is an apple? "
Xiang Yin endured a smile. "Maybe it’s because snake fruit is very similar to apple, and its taste is just a little sweeter. Song Jie can’t tell it herself. Just like litchi and Mao Dan, two kinds of fruits are almost a kind of long hair, and the older generation has no hair. The name is imported apple and imported litchi. It’s normal that Song Jie is not white."
He Lianyin "…"
before long
Tong Tong came back, and his lines changed again.
"Zheng came back and you still don’t welcome Zheng?" Holding a small sand shovel in his hand, he shouted "unbridled!"
To Yin dazed zheng.
"Didn’t you just minister? How did it become Zheng now? " He Lianyin endured the smile and asked him.
Tong Tong thought of a card waist handsome face tender and white "just now is now now"
"Well, who am I?" He Lianyin pointed to his canthus smile narrow.

Then Wu sent a message to the prodigal family, How is the equipment collected?

Godclass prodigal family has received a small part of it, and the purchase will be completed in half an hour at most.
Wu replied, It is worthy of being a godclass prodigal, that is, high efficiency is high efficiency!
Godclass prodigal family see you in the restaurant half an hour later if you kiss up less
Wu still put on his brain and looked around. He looked at the goatee in front of him and glanced at the crowd as if no one cared.
Combined with what I just said, it’s a group joke
I seem to see a lot of cows flying in the sky. It turned out to be you. Do you see it? Ha, ha, ha, dare to be shameless again? Maybe you are more awesome than the Assassin’s League and Bann Kwan Khiang Dao? I’m afraid they didn’t dare to say so even when they first established the guild. Really think of yourself as an onion. The goatee exaggerated and laughed.
Where is the buffoon? I don’t know where I am. I spent 1 gold coin to build a garbage guild, so I don’t know my last name. Everyone also vomited and booed.
Quiet! In the chaos, Wu still seems to feel that his emotions are not in place, yelling at him in a group of ridiculous patterns and making an angry expression. He shouted, What do you know? You don’t know anything at all. The Assassin’s League and Bann Kwan Khiang Dao’s guild are just like that in my eyes. My posture can overshadow them in minutes.
品茶论坛  title=As soon as the voice falls, everyone is all kinds of spit
You can say that this person is either crazy or his head is burnt out!
It’s not the League of Assassins and Bann Kwan Khiang Dao. They are all the best guilds in China. No one can say such a thing.
This man didn’t take medicine today? Brother medicine can’t stop.
At this time, Wu finally saw a sly guy coming in at the entrance of the guild hall. This man is a miser.
After the miser came in, he immediately found the crowd around Wu Tucao, and hurriedly leaned in. When he inquired a little, he knew that the matter was over and he threw a puzzled look at Wu.
In his mind, Wu is almost like a god. He made a fortune in Juxian Building not only before, but now he has just barely robbed the guild residence order from so many guilds and Defense of the Ancients’s first murder. How can such a wise man capsize in this gutter? Also, the message just now said that acting is not to let yourself play the fool with him, right?
Seeing the miser’s eyes, Wu knew that he had learned about it, and then he blinked at him and set his eyes on the goatee again.
At the moment, the goatee is quite proud to see the masses on his side, like watching a psychopath and looking at Wu Laughter. Don’t hold on, brother. Just admit that you are funny. This even exposes IQ defects.
You, you, you! Wu pretended to be short of breath and pointed his finger at the goat’s beard for a long time and couldn’t say a word. Finally, he sighed and shook his head. Hey, everyone laughs at me for being crazy. I laugh at others who can’t see the coffin and don’t cry. Dare to bet with me?
Yoho, I can’t see that you can still recite poems? Goat beard is strange laugh all Michael Qi.
Ask you dare? I have a lot of money. Wu seems to be really forced to be nasty. Suddenly she gnashed her teeth with a handful of gold coins from her pocket.
When you see gold coins, everyone’s eyes are bright. When you meet someone who is stupid and rich these days, it is equivalent to finding a wallet.
Goat beard, of course, is also very clear about this. The smile is slightly convergent, but it is a golden eye and asks, Afraid of you? How do you want to gamble?
Hum, I have the courage to say that the name of my posture league will ring the whole game in three hours, so I bet on this! Wu snorted and sneered. But before that, how much money do you have? I’m afraid I won’t be so interested if I have too little money.
This ….. The goatee hesitated for an ordinary player. In fact, there were only a dozen gold coins in his body. This was the first time that the brothers came together to prepare for the establishment of a guild. If the money was gone, the guild would be gone.
So he hurriedly privately exchanged an opinion with several brothers.
Big Brother gambled with him. It’s a joke and an idiot to win.
Yes, eldest brother will never lose him. Who wants to build a new guild and want to resound through the whole game in three hours?
The goatee brothers said that they are not to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and thirtyfive Gambling game 2
Hearing the brothers’ support and combining Wu Qian’s silly and stupefied performance, the goatee made up his mind on the spot, clapped his hands and said, I now have a total of 13 gold coins and 46 silver coins to bet with you!
Everyone is jealous. If you gamble in it, you can easily earn twice as much as it takes three hours. What could be more enjoyable? This is simply picking up money. Why can’t we meet such a good thing …
As a result, Wu sneered at the goat’s nonsense on the spot. Only a dozen gold coins have been cut and even the silver coins have been taken out. It’s too low for me to be interested. It’s too disappointing.
You, you are rich? How much do you want to bet? A goatee’s face turned red and white.
Wu ha ha smiled and squinted. Come on, don’t try to be brave. You and I are not on the same level. Without hundreds of gold coins, my heart will not beat faster. It’s not interesting at all.
This should be despised, right? Are you despised by others for direct money? Goat beard crustily skin of head and said, What are you bragging about? Who won’t say it? Take it out.
Hearing goat talk, people are also suspicious. Hundreds of gold coins are not a small amount. It is really not for ordinary people to take them out. At the very least, they must be rich second generation.
Well, if you want to get hit in the face, I’ll come with me to the warehouse as you wish.
Wu continued to keep this stupid man’s attitude of how high money is, and left without paying attention to the old saying that money should not be leaked.
The goatee naturally has to follow him. He is another protagonist of this farce. So many people are watching.
And people are driven by curiosity, but also attracted by gambling, and they also hurriedly follow the road. Everyone is not curious about Wu’s identity
Who the hell is this man? Someone asked doubtfully.
I don’t know if the grade should be quite high and I can’t identify it, someone said after the identification.
No matter who it is, it is impossible for a newly established guild without even one person to resound through the whole game in three hours. This kind of thing cannot be done just by having money. Someone concluded.

How can I not worry? After all, he has been my friend for many years, and he has protected me from injury.

Pan Dongdao: "Those people are mercenaries with professional skills. He is dirty and bleeding. Don’t move him."
It is no wonder that although you can’t see the wound, Ji Shu’s face is particularly bad and he vomited blood.
I’m terribly anxious.
Ji Shu gently comforted me, "I’m a doctor. I know my own situation."
I naturally don’t believe him. He is thinking about whether to call an ambulance.
But the situation in the house is not allowed for outsiders.
Pan Dongdao is hesitating. "I have already contacted the head of the team. If someone comes, the doctor will come."
I was relieved to feed Jishu some water.
In the back room, it was quiet until Xiaoyan gasped. It was probably too painful. She kept humming.
I didn’t even want to stop the bleeding and let her scream there.
桑拿按摩Pan Dong sat on the sofa and cut his sleeves to give himself medicine.
I tried to help, but he still refused.
Xiaoyan is about slow lead spirit and started banging again. This time it is blunt Pan Dong roar "Give me a good time quickly! Don’t be such a bitch! "
Pandong didn’t even lift his eyelids.
"Ah, it’s no wonder Ye Xiangyuan keeps a dog." She sneered. "But you’re wrong. Don’t arrest me and I can save those two old guys!"
I clenched my fist involuntarily.
She suddenly turned to me and grinned at me. "Just wait for the body!"
I hated her so much that I was worried about my parents. I couldn’t help but go over and kick her in the chest. "Shut up!"
Xiaoyan stand to look more sinister that smile is so horrible "I just want you to die! I will watch your department go to hell! "
I was so angry that I wanted to hit her.
Pan Dong said lightly, "Let her make trouble and let her slowly bleed dry."
Listening to him so indifferently, I can’t help shivering when I imagine Xiao Yan becoming a mummy.
Not the kui is Ye Xiangyuan hand against the enemy means are so cruel.
Fortunately, I am not hostile to them.
I thought about it and asked, "Aren’t you going to interrogate her?"
Since she is obeying Ye Sanye’s orders, she should know something.
"Well" Pan Dong also didn’t lift his head.
It seems that he knows well, so I didn’t ask more questions.
Xiaoyan kept cursing in her mouth, apparently she had lost her mind.
Pan Dong thought she was noisy and simply knocked her out.
The room was completely quiet.
After waiting for a while, there were bursts of footsteps outside.
I went to see Pan Dong nervously.
Pan Dong’s face was revealed with a smile.
He had got up and opened the door when I was in a daze
Ye Xiangyuan came in.
His uniform is tall and dignified, a little more solemn than usual, more collected and more calm, but also more dazzling.
It was the first time I saw him wearing a military uniform, and I couldn’t help but look stunned.

Lead, equalize, reverse, tie in stoppage time, direct intention in overtime, own goal clearance and so on.

The final was less famous, but today’s final was considered to be one-sided, but there were several plots that fans liked.
Except Bayern fans, everyone else is satisfied with the current game progress of 10 thousand.
It was crazy to celebrate for almost a minute before Bayern players protested and woke up. Hoffenheim ended the celebration and returned to his own half to let Bayern kick off again.
The game continues.
Chapter 15 We are champions
After the restart of the game, the score fell behind Bayern Munich, and it was natural to attack aggressively to equalize the score and drag it into the penalty shoot-out.
And Hitzfeld didn’t change people for fear of delaying the final attack.
However, he didn’t change people, but Ralph began to change people.
Before that, he didn’t change anyone, but after he scored the goal, he began to change people to delay.
And instead of changing three together, change them one by one.
Bayern has won the sideline ball, and Ralph wants to change people; Bayern has won the corner kick, and Ralph wants to change people; Bayern has won the Italian ball, and Ralph wants to change people again.
spa会所Hitzfeld stared at Ralph with anger on his face, but he could stare at him.
It was already 115 minutes when Lu Wenbin made a free throw. After the goal, he celebrated for a while. The substitution strategy of Ralph repeatedly interrupted Bayern’s attack.
Even if the referee gave 1 minute extra time, it was only a few minutes before Bayern Munich played any decent attack and Ralph dragged it to the end of the game.
With the final whistle of the referee, the final of the 272 season German Football Association Cup came to an end.
The Bundesliga team Hoffenheim won the first heavyweight championship in the club’s history with a score of 12 minutes and 32 points.
The commentators shouted in succession
"The game is over. The game is over. The Bundesliga team Hoffenheim beat Bayern Munich 32 and really played Tu Longqi to win the German Cup this season."
"It is a miracle that it was only a season before it was promoted to the Bundesliga country club. In the German Cup final, it defeated Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga overlord with many superstars, and won the German Cup. This is definitely a miracle. The name of Hoffenheim will be all over the world."
"Magic China Lu He can not only score goals in the Bundesliga, but also lead Hoffenheim to beat Bayern with two goals and one assist in the German Cup final. Lu is a football genius from the East."
The commentator of the China webcast room also shouted, "Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win,
After the stadium heard the final whistle, Lu Wenbin immediately gave vent to his excitement with a roar loud.
Although there is a lot of luck in winning this game, winning is winning. Luck is an important part of the football game. Lu Wenbin was even better after he was surprised.
He won his first championship since he came to Germany, not only completing the German Cup system, but also giving his star Lu another heavyweight honor.
Lu Wenbin shouted excitedly to celebrate the sidelines, and the coaches and substitutes rushed into the stadium. The main players either embraced, dived or shouted to celebrate.
Many stars in Bayern Munich are depressed, and some people are full of disappointment.
Bayern is a giant, but it won’t be too many champions. Otherwise, they won’t fight for the Bundesliga championship, the German Cup and the Champions League every season.
You can imagine the disappointment of these famous stars who lost to a Bundesliga team
Already on the sidelines, reporters have rushed into the field to find the star they want to interview most to shoot and interview.
Of course, Lu Wenbin scored two goals and one assist in the final, which naturally became the target of most reporters’ shooting and interviewing.
"Lu Congratulations on winning the German Cup"
"How does it feel to lead the team to beat Bayern Munich with one or two shots in the final?"
Lu Wenbin laughed. "What feeling is of course exciting?"
Then Lu Wenbin shouted "We are champions" and turned to celebrate with his teammates. The reporter didn’t dare to stop him, but he was filming Lu Wenbin’s celebration behind him.
All the audience in the stands also stood up and gave their hands to Hoffenheim.
Even those Bayern fans expressed their gentlemanly demeanor at this moment, and the champion applauded.
Hoffenheim fans even celebrated by singing and dancing in the stands.
Some older Huocun fans even shed tears of excitement.
Founded in 1999, Hoffenheim Club finally won the first German Cup, which is definitely the most memorable day in the club’s history.
In the VIP box, dietmar Hope also enjoyed congratulations from many celebrities around him.
Hope is very happy and gratified by the personal performance of Hoffenheim team or Lu Wenbin.
After the football players and coaches in Hoffenheim celebrated crazily for a while, Ralph and Salihovic greeted everyone to the stands in Hoffenheim to thank the fans, which made them more excited.
After thanking the fans for a while, Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich players returned to the locker room to change their new trophy jerseys and came out to receive the prize. The jerseys were printed with the champion Hoffenheim.
Although I don’t know whether I will win the championship before the game, it is definitely necessary for the club to prepare for this.
It’s not that Hoffenheim really beat Bayern Munich to win the championship, so everyone can wear this commemorative jersey to receive the prize.
The awarding guest is beckenbauer, the German football emperor.

"Miss, do you need any help?" The security guard politely recommended himself, "I can help you park your car!" "

"Thank you!" Lizhenyu gave a sign for him to go away.
The security guard looked at Li Zhenyu carefully and couldn’t help feeling his nose and retreating to one side. Some people couldn’t understand how this man could have the patience to watch this stupid woman reverse her car over and over again but refused to help her drive into the parking space.
Xia Xue is a little out of skills! She pouted and looked at Li Zhenyu next to her. He really sat still, but refused to take the initiative to help. "Hey," she said aggrieved, "I’m a little hungry!"
"Oh" Li Zhenyu seems to have just found out that she is still driving into the parking space and woke up. "You can drive automatically! Press this button … "
Xia Xue Li Zhenyu instructed the automatic parking function of human driving. Sure enough, the automatic scanning and measurement of the car soon entered the parking space and the automatic braking and flameout for a moment. Xia Xue was almost stunned. This function is beyond imagination, powerful and very reliable!
"Your driving skills need to be honed. If you really can’t figure it out, don’t just ask men for help and give them excuses and opportunities!" Someone is very narrow-minded to wake up
Xia Xue shook his head. This man is getting better and better to her, but he is getting more and more cautious!
"Beauty and luxury cars are easy to attract wolves, tigers and leopards. Men are wolf animals. Only by not giving them a chance to get close can they prevent problems before they happen! ok!” Li Zhenyu finished his sermon and said, "Take the car!"
The luxurious restaurant is tastefully decorated and unique, and the couple’s box is rich, delicious and romantic, and everything is so beautiful and stylish.
Xia Xue admits that money can really buy a romantic atmosphere at the right time, just as it is more intoxicating to be coated with a dreamy color.
The candlelight on the dining table flickered "Bang!" The grapes are aged and opened, and the cold and fragrant red wine is poured into the crystal glass to smell the fragrance and refresh the heart. The three-storey birthday cake is covered with flowers, and the car is pushed over to light the birthday candle and let Xia Xue make a wish.
In order to highlight the candlelight box, the headlights are all off, the ceiling is inlaid with stars, and the light is dim in the cold and cold room. Xia Xue looks at Li Zhenyu through the flickering candlelight, and his handsome face is more delicate and charming in the warm candlelight. His black eyes, which are more quiet than night, gently wind her with a thick spoil and a shallow smile
Xia Xue was really touched by the warm heart! He is so good to her! She doesn’t know the newspaper! At this moment, she wants to say a word to him.
"Jin Woo" Xia Xue said to him with deep affection instead of blowing out birthday candles in a hurry. "I finally understand that all the setbacks I suffered in the first half of my life were to pave the way for meeting you! If the last thing I met was that you were a little bitter in the past, you really didn’t! "
She is not a woman who is good at love words, but at this time, she is eloquent and poetic, and her eyes have quietly filled with tears, and a little tears are flashing in the candlelight.
Li Zhenyu’s black eyes flashed and his mouth was shallow, which reminded him jokingly, "Is this a mess?"
"…" Xia Xue gas knot this man want to be so hateful! She was so involved that he was in no state, and his mood was ruined by him. He just glared at him bitterly.
"Oh," Li Zhenyu likes to Doby from time to time. She deliberately said, "Tonight!"
"yuck!" Xia Xue’s face is red. Please, the waiter next to her can’t help secretly laughing. This guy’s language is not amazing. He keeps making her feel embarrassed. "Nonsense … I won’t talk to you!"
It seems that she has this thing, but Li Zhenyu just eats her set and asks her to surrender immediately. "Just kidding! Come and blow out the candles! "
Sure enough, Xia Xue was immediately diverted to look at the three-layer birthday cake with candles on it.
"Make a wish!" Lizhenyu light wake way
So Xia Xue once again made a wish at noon and made it again piously. May my father live a long life and Jin Woo and I love each other for a hundred years!
This time Li Zhenyu blew out the candle with her!
He personally cut the biggest cake and put it on a dish for the waiter to bring it to her. He also cut a piece of dish and gave it to the waiters in the restaurant to share the birthday sweetness.
"Thank you, Mr. Li. Thank you, Miss Xia! On behalf of all the staff in the restaurant, I thank you for your gift of Happy Birthday! Have a nice meal! " The waiter pushed the cake cart out and tenderly covered the balcony door.
The two of them were left in the box. Xia Xue stared at Li Zhenyu affectionately and was moved and satisfied.
A man is not only willing to spend money, but also willing to spend time. When he is willing to spend money, he should say more to her. Xia Xue knows very well that he really cares about her, cherishes her and dotes on her!
"Eat! Why have you been looking at me? " Li Zhenyu raised his mouth viciously. "Feed your stomach first and then your body later!"
"…" Xia Xue hurriedly bowed their heads and ate at this sperm brain man. Don’t expect anything higher in his mind than that!
After dinner, Xia Xue’s birthday was celebrated. I didn’t expect Li Zhenyu to be interested in going to the beach to see the night scene.
Xia Xue was a little tired, but seeing that he was so interested, he couldn’t bear to spoil his fun, so he drove him to the seaside.
There is no denying that after driving Xia Xue for one night, she has become much more skilled. Although she is a novice, as Li Zhenyu said, she has one of the biggest advantages of being a novice, but driving slowly and steadily is the safest!
When I got to the seaside, Xia Xue didn’t use the automatic parking function again, because Li Zhenyu commanded her to go forward and backward first, turn right and turn left, and he commanded her to finally park in a normal parking space successfully.
"hey!" The man applauded and encouraged "Great! Better and better! "
"…" How did she feel that it was like praising pupils in her class!
Both of them were lying on their backs in the beach chair, next to them was the vast sea, scattered stars scattered in the night dome, and the night wind blew gently, feeling that the whole world belonged to them.


Zach’s bouncing goal is obviously to flash away from the mouse.
Seeing this situation, Lu Zhan couldn’t wait to drop the mouse, but when it comes to it, they have to go again and again.
People set up their positions just to sneak up on them. The mice in their array need the front output most, and the environment is not suitable for passive fighting while retreating.
According to Lu Zhan’s idea, the dragon lady should be rushed to sell a wave first, so that the other few people must face the dragon lady first in any case.
Dragon girl is very fleshy, so it’s not so easy to kill mice, shoot mantis behind them and harvest them. This is the perfect way for them to fight.
And it is this row of eyes that has an effect as soon as they stay in ambush.
The European team is the best at team fighting, and today is no exception.
Like the first time Xiaolong was caught, Mo Li was caught in the fire and got half blood.
Mo Li is also frightened and inexplicable. His hand speed is not slow. The other side continuously controls the gap and hands over the big move, but the blood volume can no longer support it.
"Fight or withdraw!"
See mo from death sky blue has not made eye contact with Lu Zhan directly asked.
"fight!" Lu Zhan definitely answered.
"why?" Sky blue is startled.
Tianlan seems to be facing the same situation as the second time. Lu Zhan should let people go
But this time, Lu Zhan chose a different idea.
喝茶约茶"I said fight!" Lu Zhan didn’t have time to explain that he had begun to wander around looking for opportunities.
Two people talk Xiao Chengjiang with dragon lady.
He has been cooperating with Lu Zhan for more than half a year. When Lu Zhan’s words are spoken, he will not hesitate.
"Demassia’s martial arts will be obvious!"
The dragon lady turned into a soaring dragon and rushed at the other five people.
This time, he is blue skin, and the flame is also blue burning, and the other five people leave a long track.
Four dozen five seems to have fallen into a passive position, but Xiao Chengjiang rushed away without hesitation.
Because of Lu Zhan’s word "hit"
"Spiders intercept Zach mouse fire!" Lu Zhan did not consider Tian Lan’s habitual command.
The sky blue nodded spider hung up and bit Zach, while the burning night took this opportunity to open a big move. It was the best time for him to output before the dragon lady blocked it.
The mouse made a big move and fired for seven seconds. Seven seconds, while the spider entangled Zach, he smashed all the firepower into the other crowd.
The China team assisted in the killing situation and fought with each other four dozen five times.
Chapter 63 Cut the back row
At this time, the China team’s non-stop wandering in the land exhibition has established an advantage, and the dragon girl doesn’t need to send it. It seems that they can win the four-to-five-land exhibition.
The only contribution Jiela made before her death was to attract a lot of firepower. This time, the other side didn’t pay much big moves, but put a few skills. Just a few skills are also good for the dragon lady to resist damage
The economic leader Lu Zhan chose to let his teammates fight back.
There is no doubt that apart from Xiao Chengqiang, Sky Blue and Burning Night have successively entered the battle.
However, when the dragon lady rushed, Lu Zhan watched by mantis.
He still watched after the mouse fired.
Lu Zhan et al.
Mantis is not like robbing a wave of skills, which can stably drop an enemy’s crispy skin for a second and maybe even come back.
Mantis can’t. When he broke into the enemy line, he had to wait until he could kill someone with a wave of damage because his E skill D was too long and not so flexible, so he had to refresh Ed.
However, this time Lu Zhan is not waiting for someone to be bloody, but waiting for the other party to control it.
He is thinking about the other person’s skills a little bit. Zach E has lost R and the hammer stone. Just now, Jiela has lost E, but the big move is still blind, and the big move kicked the dragon girl back. His hero is not hard to control.
Although the hammer stone move slowed down by 99%, after all, it can’t stop him from putting down his skills. He is not afraid of this.
So he has to wait for one of the other ap or ad to leave the crowd.
The mouse fire was really fierce, and a wave of skills hit each other, and several people lost half their blood, but he was finally pushed back by Zach and couldn’t hit anyone.
At this time, the blind monk also stuck to the spider and prepared to beat the mouse.
Peke saw that the time was right and took Cassadine to harvest mice.
"Here comes the opportunity!" Lu Zhan gave up the mouse behind him and started the big move directly.
One second stealth, he has cut to the other side of the camp and walked towards Obama.
The other side has a very rich view around here, and has already seen the disappearance of the land exhibition. Obama left the land exhibition at the far end of the land exhibition for the first time.
At this time, Lu Zhan mantis just wanted to take off and didn’t press the skill.
Seeing that Obama responded quickly, Lu Zhanma switched the target to kill. He wanted to kill Obama first, and now he has changed to kill the hammer stone first.
It is best to kill the hammer stone with the least blood volume in the opponent’s array.
There is another reason for choosing the hammer stone, that is, the hammer stone lantern has lanterns, and the hammer stone can pull people away, which is obviously a threat to mantis’s judgment of blood volume
The mantis wings vibrated and finally flew, aiming at the hammer stone.
Mantis jumped to the hammer stone and then a Q hit it out.
He has evolved Q skills, and this claw has knocked out most of the blood of the hammer stone. Plus, just stealth triggered a passive attack and the hammer stone instantaneous blood.
One Q and one general attack actually hit the hammer stone, which is close to half of the blood!
If you hadn’t thrown lanterns to protect yourself when hammering stones, you might have died directly.
Hammer stone waiting for death has created opportunities for his teammates.