Huo Qianqian is silent. If mom and dad see her like this, they will be very distressed.

Thank you. Huo Qianqian smiled gratefully at Yang Mi and walked towards her red BMW. She said that she couldn’t be so stupid and bask in the sun.
Yang Mi gently spit out a sigh of relief and finally persuaded her to go.
Yang Mi corners of the mouth hook goes to the oh building.
Huo Qianqian got into the car, dug out her cosmetic bag from her bag and quickly made up her makeup. She heard someone knocking on the window and twisted it.
Xiao Li respectfully in front of the car HuoQianQian nodded slightly.
Huo Qianqian rolled her eyes. She hasn’t answered the phone at home these days because she was afraid that they would know that she was doing something to stop her. Unexpectedly, her father and driver found her.
Pushing open the car door, Huo Qianqian stood on tencentimeterhigh heels and asked, What can I do for you?
Xiao Li hung his head slightly. The novel Miss Huo is in the hospital. Madam asked me to take you to the hospital.
When did my dad go to the hospital? Huo Qianqian asked anxiously when he heard that Huoshan was in the hospital.
Xiao Li looked up at Wu’s building and said nothing, but made a gesture of please.
HuoQianQian looked at home in front of the car pie pie goes to the car.
Xiao Li waved his hand and immediately a middleaged man came over and drove Huo Qianqian’s car away.
Xiao Li sat in the driver’s seat and looked at the rearview mirror and said to Huo Qianqian in the back seat, Miss Huo, please sit still and I’ll drive.
Know that you drive quickly. Huo Qianqian said impatiently. Every time she drives by Xiao Li, she should be seated. She is not a threeyearold child and needs to be awake next to an adult.
Jiang Ta knocked on the door in Wu Muchen’s office and pushed the door in after getting permission.
What’s the matter? Wu Muchen was looking at the file without looking up.
Miss Wu Zong Huo has already left.
True Wu Muchen looked up at Jiang Tuo in surprise. He knew HuoQianQian well and she wouldn’t give up until he came out.
Is Yang Jingli will persuade her to go Jiang Ta truthfully report.
Yang Mi, she did a good thing. Wu Muchen hooked a smile on her mouth. I didn’t expect him to help this old classmate. If Huo Qianqian can’t go out for two days like this, there will definitely be media interviews.
Mr. Wu has one more thing I don’t know what to say or not. Jiang Ta glanced at Wu Muchen’s eyes flashing.
What is it? Wu Muchen looked at Jiang Ta and others.
Recently, some shares of Khodorkovsky were acquired by a company called Siqin. I checked that this company is a leather bag company. Although Mr. Wu now owns shares of Khodorkovsky 5, he does not participate in the management of Khodorkovsky. Jiang Tuo has been having a hard time saying it or not.
品茶Wu Muchen just a meditation waved I know
Huo si Peng si Qin company
If he didn’t guess wrong, it was Huo Sipeng who did it, but it always made him wonder that Huoshan didn’t have a son and Huo Sipeng was his only nephew. What company didn’t leave it to him to take care of? At the beginning, it was so simple to let him marry Huo Qianqian as soon as possible and give him 5 shares.
Huo Qianqian was taken to the hospital by Xiao Li. When Huo Qianqian opened the ward door and saw her father lying in a hospital bed, her tears came out firstclass.
She just kept saying that her father was ill as usual and wished he had been in the hospital for two days, but I didn’t expect it to be so serious.
With an oxygen mask on his nose and a needle in his hand, drops of liquid medicine were injected into his body.
Although Huoshan people wake up, they often fall asleep. The doctor said that he was seriously overdrawn. Yao Lijing knew that things in his company were running around during this period, which led to his health collapse.
Seeing Huo Qianqian coming, Yao Lijing let go of Huoshan’s hand, took her to sit on the sofa and looked at her with a circle of ink. She wondered, Where have you been these days, Qian Qian? How did it get so dark?
Huo Qianqian touched her face unnaturally and warned her that she had warned Xiao Li not to tell her parents about Wu Muchen, such as Wu Shilou.
Mom, I’m fine. Summer is difficult, Huo Qianqian explained.
Yao Lijing obviously doesn’t believe that even in summer, it will be so dark if it doesn’t disappear in a few days, as if it were deliberately sunburned.
Are mom and dad okay? Huo Qianqian was afraid that Yao Lijing would continue to ask and change the subject.
Yao Lijing glanced at the bed and Huoshan sighed. The novel The doctor said that the state is not very good. You should rest Qianqian. Don’t be as ignorant as before. Now your father is in poor health. I want to take good care of him. Will you stop worrying about your mother?
Don’t worry, Mom, I’m fine.
Huo Sipeng came in with a fruit basket and took a look at the sickbed. Huoshan gave the fruit basket to Xiao Li and said to Yao Lijing, How is aunt and uncle now?
It’s still the same. Yao Lijing looked at Huo Sipeng apologetically and said, Si Peng has worked hard for you to run at both ends of the company hospital these days.
Aunt, what are you talking about? We are a family. Huo Sipeng sat down beside Yao Lijing and put his arm around her shoulder and said kindly, My parents died early. If you have anything like my uncle, just let me do it. Don’t be so polite to me.
Yao Lijing nodded happily. Fortunately, Huo Sipeng is sensible. If Huo Qianqian is like him, Huo will be finished.
Just then Huoshan leisurely woke up and saw Huoqianqian reaching over.
Huo Qianqian held his hand and cried and said, Dad.
HuoShanLi looked up and patted her shoulder I’m fine words just say that finish put HuoQianQian shoulder hand fell down.
Yao Lijing said before she was busy, Qian Qian, don’t cry. Dad is fine now.
Turn your head and say to Huoshan, Don’t forget that the doctor told you to avoid happiness and sadness.
Got it Huoshan smiled at Yao Lijing and saw Huosipeng gently calling Sipeng at the door.
Uncle Huo Sipeng looked at him respectfully in front of Huoshan in the previous step.
It’s been very kind of you these days. Huoshan stared at this brother’s only son and the only boy in her family’s eyes, full of relief.
Uncle, this is all I should do, Huo Sipeng said modestly.
II heard from my assistant that you worked very hard these days. I know that you did a lot of things in my hospital. I heard from my assistant to report to him earlier. Huoshan was really pleased that his nephew had grown up.
Huo Sipeng looked at Huoshan with his head down and his eyes flashing, and then looked up. He sincerely said, Uncle, you should take good care of yourself. I’m not worried about the company.
Yes, Huoshan Company has Si Peng, so don’t worry about it any more. You are mainly keeping your body well now, Yao Lijing urged.
Huoshan glanced at Yao Lijing and nodded, then called Xiao Li, You can ask the assistant to come and I will arrange some things later.
My husband just said that you want to rest. What are you doing looking for an assistant? Yao Lijing disagreed and objected.
Huoshan smiled. I told the assistant that I should enjoy the post of acting president of Si Peng during my hospitalization.
Huo Sipeng’s heart thumpedthis is his dream for a long time, and his heart is secretly pleased. He is afraid that Huoshan will see the clue. He is puzzled and says, Uncle, how can I replace your position? I’d better be my manager and report to you every day. I still have many shortcomings.
Huoshan waved and interrupted him. You’re doing well. I heard the assistant say that you should do well during my illness.
Good thank you uncle HuoSiPeng body slightly bent elbow low instantaneous corners of the mouth hook up straight up has been restored.
Come on, get busy, don’t come to the hospital to see me every day. Huoshan drove Huo Sipeng to the company and hoped that he would leave work all the time.
After Huo Sipeng left, Yao Lijing wiped his hands with a hot towel and said with a smile, That’s right. Let young people do more things in the company. You just have a good rest now.
Huoshan smiled at his wife. Although his face was pale, his eyes were bright and his eyes were listless. He didn’t look like a patient.
Lijing, you go out first and I’ll talk to my daughter alone. Huoshan patted Yao Lijing on the back of his hand and looked at Huoqianqian.
Yao Lijing glanced at Huo Qianqian and winked at her. Don’t make Huoshan angry before she got up and started walking towards the door.
Qian Qian sits Huoshan kindly looks at his only daughter with pity in her eyes.
Huo Qianqian just sat where her mother took her father’s hand and choked and said, Dad. If she had known that her father was in hospital, she would not have been silly. She would not have chosen this time to wait for Wu Muchen when her father was well.
There are some things that my father hasn’t told you. Now I see that you are so obsessed with Wu Muchen, and there are some things that I think you should know. Huoshan looked at this situation, and her daughter was a little sorry. If she was as clever as her eldest daughter when she was a child, Huoshan would not worry about people inheriting it.
Dad’s morning brother to Wu Muchen Huo Qianqian also looked at his father instantly.
Huoshan sighed, and when she committed suicide, he asked Wu Muchen to give him 5 shares. Later, when the company encountered a crisis, he took advantage of the crisis to cancel the additional conditions in his contract.