The man walked along the shadow and came to see a young man being strangled by a tree and a cane. At this time, he was struggling desperately.

But the other hand has no AIDS and the whole person is more than two meters high from the ground. If there is no point to repair trees, he won’t go, but this person doesn’t look like a ghost around him. He doesn’t want to know that it is naturally a ghost. Thought of this, the man is not in a hurry to save people with a chuckle. "It seems that this ghost has some ways."
He said that although his voice was low, it was not too deliberately lowered, so the tree hanging naturally heard it.
Seeing that the young man’s painful expression quickly disappeared and his body no longer struggled, he became very self-like. "Who are you to do?"
"God sent me to accept you," the man said calmly.
"I’m afraid that the old man will not be born at the end of this day." Then the young man burst out laughing, and at the same time a shadow emerged from his body. The expression of this shadow is exactly the same as that of people.
The man said, "Look at your skillful technique, it should have killed many people."
"So what? Can’t you stop me?" At this time, the man’s eyes began to become more and more red, obviously killing his heart and gradually surrounded by purple gas, but his voice did not change at all
The man snorted, "I’m afraid it’s okay to deal with those Jianghu Diablo iii and those Taoist priests who are in the right position with your little trick." He tiptoed up two stone fingers from the ground and smashed them into small pieces and shot them at the young man who was hanged.
"What on earth do you want to do?" The figure of the young man became clearer and clearer, and the ghost appearance was revealed. It turned out to be a female ghost.
"I told you, I’ll accept you." The speaker shot a few stones to block the female ghost and self-harm.
After a while, the young man fell down, but I didn’t know that the female ghost still had a face.
Seeing that the man is about to fall, the man immediately stretched out his hand and grabbed his legs and jumped back. The strength of the fall was immediately buffered, although it was a heavy fall, but it was much better than falling directly, at least not seriously injured.
"You, who are you?" The female ghost began to tremble when she was arrested.
"I’ve already said I’ll repeat it for the second time," Man gently coughs "to intentionally let you reincarnate, but your body is covered with many people’s blood, and it’s hard to let you go."
"No, you can’t kill me. I want to see him die in front of me."
"It’s just that you two died at the same time, but one of you died, and that’s why you’re unwilling, right?" The man said his or her heart
"Yes, that’s right, but even if you say it, it’s not. If I don’t see him and die in front of me, I will never let it go." The last four words, she said, were so exhausted and her eyes were full of tears, so she could see how hard it was for this female ghost to hold a grudge against this matter, and the degree was very deep.
Now that we’ve talked about this, I’m afraid it’s unnecessary to persuade again, so the man shook his head and clenched his fist gently with his right hand, yelling at the female ghost to instantly fly ash
Naturally, the man has been saved when the ghost disappears, but because he has been bent over for a long time, hanging and falling, he has now entered a coma, and the man picked up the man and ran back quickly.
Going back to the village, there are a lot of men who are full of yin and qi, and it seems that there are still some unfinished things. Many people in the village put their heads out to see the man carrying his back, but no one dared to come out and didn’t know him carrying this young man.
You are crazy about this picture, but you see that the man will carry the young man back to the door of the old woman’s house and say hello to the old woman. Seeing that the latter seems to be very fearful and reluctant, he also asks for a bowl of water to feed the young man, but he didn’t return it, because the old woman is obviously not going to want it.
He carried the young man all the way out of the village and put it at the foot of the mountain. Then the bowl next to the stream scooped up a bowl of water and splashed it on the young man’s face. When he saw the man coughing up, a lot of purple men came out of his mouth. Satisfactory, they took out the male soul with a backhand, and behind the man was a female spectre who had previously "vanished"
"Since you are" xianggong "and I am returning you," the man chuckled and left the female ghost to turn and walk.
The female ghost didn’t thank her but pointed in one direction. The man went to the hill and saw a hole in a coffin, but he had a round Yu Pei.
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-three Key origin
You are crazy to look at the Yu Pei noodles carefully, and the two fish are emitting a little unusual breath. Obviously, the ordinary mountain absorbs the essence of the sun, the moon and the heavens and the earth, which makes such a treasure jade. The face of the treasure jade is full of spots and purple, which seems to be caused by the invasion of yin.
Baoyu started with a man who didn’t leave it for himself, but presented it to a woman’s hand. This Yu Pei was refined into what it is now called "Twin Fish Pei"
A closer look at the twin fisherman Pei shows that two fish are swimming, but if you add research, it seems that you can’t see any fish swimming, and Yu Pei changed hands several times before you saw the remains of God Burn. It seems that it was in the hands of a gatekeeper family, and several gatekeeper families negotiated that Yu Pei could be disassembled, and each part echoed from afar, so you can name the direction. At first, I wanted to go out and spy on the gatekeeper family, but I was reinvented because of the spirit seal.
When it became the key to open the king’s tomb is unknown.
The origin of this pair of twin fish accessories is clear. Yu Pei started with cool and wanted to absorb a lot of Yin qi, but the color of the jade body was dull. It seems that there are still some lavender veins, and even after refining, it failed to remove the Yin qi.
The origin of the key has little to do with them. There is a picture of a group of people paying homage to something and seeing an entrance to the catacombs. This group of twin fishermen locks the big door.
It seems that this is the main entrance of the king’s tomb.
When the fog dispersed, the glass room recovered, and Jun turned around and saw four figures practicing among the flowers, and he didn’t bother.
Reading in sections 433
Is coloured glaze room looked found nothing immediately hand touched the tentacles a cold.
However, he touched the original colorful glass with faint blue, and the color of the whole glass room changed. These blue colors enveloped and soon the cloth wrapped the key gathered.
The color of the cloth changed, gradually began to shrink and finally burned.
It’s a pity that Jun sighed wildly. If he had put the cloth away earlier, I’m afraid he could have saved it.
This cloth material has a special feel, which makes him curious. If someone touches the glass room cloth, it will burn the exposed key. Because he found the key step first, he changed it.
It’s a pity. It would be nice if that cloth could be taken back for good research.
品茶论坛You are crazy to put the recovered twin fishwear sleeve bag in place and turn your head. You will find that it is not only the cloth that was burned down, but the cloth that was previously placed is actually a box. There is a dark metal sheet in it, which is very glossy surface but has countless runes.
The rune is very small. If you don’t have enough eyesight, you can’t find FuWenjun. You don’t even want to try to input Xuanli into the middle. The ground is turbulent
"What’s going on?"
Four people outside hurriedly got up to find the crazy figure of Jun and found the colored glazed room.
"Hey, you didn’t meet any machine again, did you?" Jun Qian grumpily stared at the past.
"The color of the glazed room has changed much more pleasing to the eye than before." Qin Xiao always felt that the colorful color was a little dazzling
Huo Jiujian was busy thinking, but Xiao Ji was very clever and didn’t do it. Soon the ground vibration stopped. Jun was a little surprised, but he saw that the metal had formed a ball garden and the pattern changed.
"This won’t be the core of the abode of fairies and immortals, will it?" Huo Jiujian raised his eyebrows and looked at Jun crazily. "It’s better to try refining."
"It’s all right". The refining process is so simple that he can’t believe it, but it also makes him more sure that this must not be a portable abode of fairies and immortals.
See you crazy stopped xuanli transport huo jiujian asked "done".
"This is a token for me to come and go here conveniently." Jun Kuang presented the small ball of his hand to everyone.
The ball is too small to see the runes, which are metal, but they have a penetrating feeling, and those runes seem to form a law refining. At that time, the madman knew that this thing was purely convenient for communication.
"It seems that this practice will be very convenient later." Qin Xiao is a little excited. After all, the environment is good, the aura of heaven and earth is abundant and easy to absorb. It is an ideal practice environment that can be met but not sought.
Wen Yan Jun sighed with regret, "But this thing can go back and forth alone."
"You can get all the benefits." Jun Qian looked at him crossly and thought if I had known, I wouldn’t be greedy for this aura of heaven and earth.
Huo Jiujian gave him a funny look. "It’s really no wonder that he" paused. He added, "It’s nothing wrong for him to be the owner of this god’s burning ruins. There is nothing wrong with the owner going back and forth to the burning temple to get a token."
"You are right" Jun Qian’s cold hum shows that he is very angry.
"This is where we put this place in advance, and we don’t want to come." Jun Kuang’s eyes swept lightly from Jun Qian’s face. "Before we go out from here, we will look for the main entrance of the king’s tomb." He believes that although the king’s tomb is surrounded by many tombs, it is impossible not to have a formal entrance.
Huo Jiujian nodded slightly. "Then do as you say."
The way out is much simpler than coming in. They almost stepped out of the garden and left the restricted area at the same time. I really don’t know how this place was designed to be so mysterious.
"Let’s go out and contact the manager first," Jun said crazily. "After you go out, you can hide in your abode of fairies and immortals. You don’t have to follow me until I call you."
"What about me?" Huo Jiujian asked.
"You and Xiao Ji should do whatever they want," he laughed. "You just do your supervisory duties. If you can’t finish them properly, I’m afraid you’ll be ill. I’ll inform you to enter together when I have news."