Sister-in-law came over and shouted to Xiao Jin, "Uncle Yuan is here. You should practice boxing."

Xiaojin immediately got up and leaned in to give me a kiss before he left, and then he walked away.
I smiled and watched his little figure disappear from the door, then looked up at my sister-in-law and became nervous again.
She must have something to say to me if she keeps Xiao Jin away.
I can’t help but sit upright.
Sister-in-law sat opposite me and smiled. "Do you want to hear the story of your brother and me?"
I couldn’t help looking up at her in amazement.
Sister-in-law smiled and said to herself, "Your eldest brother and I were childhood friends, but we almost separated."
After listening to a story that is neither too long nor too short.
The eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law grew up, and the eldest sister-in-law didn’t agree with her to marry the eldest brother, because Ye Dad was calculated and sacrificed at that time and Ye Li was alienated from the eldest brother, but the eldest sister-in-law insisted on being with the eldest brother, and later they got married and gave birth, and the eldest sister-in-law’s family had long since declined, and the eldest brother had helped the eldest sister-in-law’s family a lot.
This is really a love story.
Sister-in-law said, "You’re right. If you like someone, you should leave them around so that you can be happy. If your eldest brother and I hadn’t insisted at that time, we wouldn’t have been together, and there would have been no Xiaojin."
I was surprised at her sight.
She’s implying that she already knows that I’ve spied on Ye Xiangyuan and Gu Changyu. Is she on my side?
Sister-in-law patted my hand with a smile and said, "You are a good girl at the right time. Of course, I want you to be happy. I believe you have fate … so I also hope you can think again before making a decision."
夜网论坛I remembered for a long time that she said that I had fate with Ye Jia … I couldn’t tell what it was like for a while. After a long time, I solemnly said "I will"
Sister-in-law patted my hand again and said nothing.
After all, her position is awkward. She is Ye Jia’s daughter-in-law and Ye Xiangyuan’s eldest sister-in-law, and she really doesn’t say much.
I still appreciate her from the bottom of my heart. At least she didn’t blindly go to the other side.
Ye Xiangyuan came back in the evening.
Xiaojin just came in after practicing boxing and sweated. His face was red and he looked very healthy and lovely.
Ye Xiangyuan also don’t abandon directly picked him up.
Xiaojin kissed him and turned to me and held out his hand at me. "Aunt, I want to kiss you ~"
I’m one leng unexpectedly to leaf to the distant line of sight.
He looked at me with deep eyes and a little smile.
I, wait for a while, completely forgot the reaction.
He smiled and hugged Xiao Jin, approached Xiao Jin and took the opportunity to kiss me.
I smell his faint scent of gardenia.
He whispered, "I’ll take Xiaojin to take a bath."
I looked at him stupefied, and there was a storm in my heart.
So he still went to the hospital?
After that, I deliberately avoided Ye Xiangyuan, and even I sat far away at dinner.
Ye Xiangyuan seems to have noticed that I looked at me several times during my emotional period.
I just hung my head and didn’t go to see him.
Unfortunately, he didn’t avoid him after all. When he was going to sleep at night, he pushed open the door and came in.
I consciously sat up and watched him approach.
He sat on the edge of the bed and said, "Grandpa is not in good health and had an accident today …"
When I heard that, I immediately asked, "Is it an attack?" Is grandpa hurt? Where is he now? "
Although I have seen him once, my grandfather is very kind, and my heart can’t help but get up when I think of his poor health
Chapter 21 Chu Feifei Peng and Chu Feifei
Ye Xiangyuan looked at me and said, "Nothing has been solved. Good Ayi was there at that time. I wanted him to give grandpa a physical examination, which is lucky, otherwise grandpa would be in danger."
I am relieved.
He went on to say, "Actually, I was going to take my grandfather to live here, but he didn’t agree."
I asked suspiciously, "What?"
Ye Xiang traveled a long way. "Maybe you still have a military compound with grandpa. Although it is distributed to the uncle, after all, grandpa lived here … Qinyuan, where grandpa is even more reluctant to go for more than ten years without setting foot … But I guess grandpa didn’t want to give me any trouble. Chu family was framed in those days and has not been rehabilitated until now. It’s not easy for people to live here …"
I instantly understood that it was a high treason for Chu to be framed. Although few people remember it in the past 20 years, all the military bosses live here, and they will be exposed if they are not careful.
Grandpa is really single-minded. Ye Xiangyuan is good, otherwise he wouldn’t be living in the club …
I can’t help but say, "Grandpa is so good that it is even more necessary to pick him up at home. Before living, it was because you didn’t. My sister-in-law and I didn’t care about it. Now that you are back home, it must be better than people’s safety, or take Grandpa back as soon as possible …"
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a deep look and didn’t answer the words immediately.
I think his eyes are a little strange.
Just listen to him and say, "Baby, do you think it’s safe to have my home?"
I nodded without thinking. "Of course you feel safe."
This is the answer without thinking. Now there is an adult man in this family, and he is naturally our dependence.
But after that, I have some regrets.
This family is Ye Xiangyuan, eldest sister-in-law and Xiao Jin. What kind of family am I …
I bit my lip tightly.
I didn’t know that he suddenly leaned in and kissed my lips.
I was shocked and quickly stepped back.
He looked at me with a smile and flicked his fingers on my forehead.
I was utterly confused. I was going to alienate him, but I still got involved with him.
Maybe he had seen enough of my embarrassment before he looked back and said, "I’ll persuade grandpa again."
I sighed and nodded.
He paused in judo. "Actually, I have something to discuss with you."
I said, "You said."
He said slowly, "Grandpa is in poor health. I want him to have a good rest. I can’t take care of things in the company. There are lawsuits to be fought in the shipping company. I need someone to come forward. Just because my sister-in-law and I have something to do, you are left at home …"
I thought, "You can give it to Xiao Wen or someone else."
He has so many capable hands, I can’t believe he can’t find a business. Even Ye Wen is busy, so please come on. Gu Changning Gu Changning is famous for his business.
And what I promised him to see grandpa at that time was just to save my own life. I knew I couldn’t handle such a big lawsuit at all …
He touched my face and said with a wry smile, "Xiao Wen’s identity is not enough or it is best for him to take over … You are my wife enough to deter those who don’t listen …"
I see