The soldier came to me with the help of Wu Bing, patting me on the shoulder and saying, "It’s my strongest trick to be elegant now, but now I can’t control him, and the disease method also told me what happened. I didn’t expect us to be busy in vain."

Qingyu was unwilling to say, "This is not necessarily elegant. You still have a unique skill, right?"
Where do I have it? If I had it, I would have been beaten to become a golden dragon with five claws. What else can I do now? Wait, the dragon with five claws? I suddenly thought of a way.
"Listen carefully, I think of a way, which may be the only way."
Everyone wondered that I had said my method, and everyone brightened up!
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Chapter 15 Making God (6)
Mu Haoer was thinking that when the monster was in front of him, we were blocked by the monster. We were in full swing, and hundreds of players left began to sing a spell. One person in front of this group of people was sunny and rainy with colorful colors, but the soldiers around him were like inflatable balls. The colorful colors kept pouring into the body of Wu Bing, which seemed to suppress the expansion of unknown things in Wu Bing’s body.
And the enemy’s mind sits and meditates on the Qin Yong beside the enemy, and the evening god guards the other side, Ye and Jia Sili’s disease protection method, and the disease method around him has played the strongest magic [seven-color magic arrow]. This time, the rocket-led magic arrow has gathered together and the disease method has been accumulating strength, and I turned into a five-claw golden dragon. Of course, it will be found by Mu Haoer.
Mu Haoer thought for a long time and finally figured out a way. It can’t hurt too much, but it can’t make this monster not be afraid of thinking. Counting blue balls together, one, ten, a hundred, a thousand blue balls the size of a fist around Mu Haoer. Mu Haoer sneered, "I don’t want to go this time!"
The seven serpents tried to struggle, but the little pain accumulated when the blue ball hit them was too painful to resist. The blue ball surrounded all the paths of the seven serpents.
At this moment, I said to Wu Bing, "Come on!"
Wu Bing slammed his strength and poured all the seven colors of light into his body at one time. Wu Bing’s unique skill [Asura Ba Huang Boxing] swung at the seven-headed serpent, but Wu Bing’s unique skill was different from the general one. Because attacking out was no longer a huge fist, it was a bath of fire and a phoenix with * * *. The giant fire hit the seven serpents. The belly serpent was beaten sideways by this sudden attack. At this time, I found that there were so many people furious and ready to start work. But when she saw tens of thousands of attack methods, she killed magic, skills, bows and arrows, and hidden weapons. Almost all the weapons that could be attacked were killed, and with thousands of angels, Lord Lord Knight’s weapon was not a sword in his hand, but a toucan who regarded life as a weapon. Throwing great power from the side of Mu Haoer, I wanted to teleport away, and found that it was impossible to launch a blue light shield in an emergency.
At the same time, the disease method [the seven-color magic arrow] also launched a huge magic arrow dominated by the fire element to shoot at the seven-headed serpent. At this time, the soldiers put all their thoughts on the seven-headed serpent. Suddenly, there was a force in his head that stopped his action-that is, the seven-headed serpent was hit by the [the seven-colored magic arrow] and opened a huge wound in his side abdomen. I became a golden dragon with five claws and quickly shrank my body and rushed into the seven-headed serpent from the wound.
It all happened so fast that Muhaoer just resisted the attack of several players, and several weapons and magic blocked Muhaoer’s sight, so she didn’t see this scene.
It seems unwilling and unwilling for the Seven Serpents to cry at the sky, but it’s not his turn to decide all this. My heart began to turn into a series of invisible objects according to Lan Xun’s [fusion] skills, and the invisible objects flowed through every inch of the muscles of the Seven Serpents, and the rain and rain poured into the arms and soldiers, and immediately began to sing the life force [God guides the sky], and the goal was that the seven Serpents counted the light and remitted the power to the seven Serpents, which was full of powerful restoring force outside their bodies. A handful of seven Serpents had just been injured, but their bodies were completely repaired,
Mu Haoer was so angry that his face was red with anger. "You losers dare to attack me? I want you to die ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "
The blue light in the center of Muhaoer spreads to the whole real battlefield at an invisible speed. Many players have disappeared into white light before they can react, including I took hundreds of thousands of people, Blue Cloud and Locke’s Disease, the soldiers, the rain, the soldiers, the dark fire, Jasmine, the blood-repelling, the ice fox, the sunset and the leaves … Everyone I know has disappeared. I am frightened, angry and desperate. What else can I give up? Everything is over without me. Let my life be the end of this world!
"Ah ~ ~ ~" From the mouth of the seven serpents came a loud roar of human sorrow, which instantly defeated the seven serpents with a blue light. The original huge body kept rising, and the original huge body began to shrink and shrink. Finally, a human body appeared, with half white hair and half black hair. The face with a cold expression, a pair of golden dragon horns and seven snake heads dancing with the wind kept spitting their tongues, and the whole person was wearing an armor made of bones, and his eyes kept looking to the sky.
Mu Haoer was startled by the roar just now. When she finally disappeared, the person in front of her suddenly appeared, but Mu Haoer felt uneasy.
桑拿会所"Who are you?"
I don’t know if I’m a man or not now. I feel her. She feels me because we have merged. My heart is dead. My enemy is right in front of me.
"I am the Avenger!" A cold eye turned back a few steps in the eyes of Mu Haoer, and my heart was horrified. What power is this? How come…
"Mu Haoer, I want your life!" It seems to come from all directions and it’s as cold as nine deep and remote hell.
I spread out the seven snakeheads behind me and counted fireballs. Similarly, Muhaoer also moved a few blue balls of light and fireballs to hit each other. In the explosion, several fireballs collided with each other, but more fireballs surged toward each other like sea water.
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Chapter 16 Making God (7)
"Dragon Ball!"
A divine white pearl bigger than the five-claw golden dragon broke a virtual straight line and hit Mu Haoer in the past. Mu Haoer was so frightened that he waved layers of blue flat screen before the dragon ball, and it was broken layer by layer. Mu Haoer kept retreating. Although the layers of screen were broken, the dragon ball would be weaker every time it was broken, and it would retreat to the real battlefield boundary. The dragon ball became a dim ordinary pearl.
As soon as I waved the Dragon Ball back to me, I swallowed it in one gulp, and a layer of golden light floated out of my body. I opened my mouth with a [dragon’s breath] and swept away the fireballs and balls left in the sky once and for all. My eyes were fixed on Mu Haoer’s body, breathing and accumulating strength to prepare for a blow and killing.
Mu Haoer was shocked, and his hands gathered on his chest like a heart beating all over the real battlefield. The object composed of two palms and a light gradually formed, and the longer it became, the bigger it became. At first glance, this is a person, a woman exactly like Mu Haoer, and the woman gradually grew into the size of Mu Haoer. "Go naked and fight!"
Mu Haoer’s singing was composed of light, and Mu Haoer swooped down at me at a rapid speed. I drank a lot of bone armor and instantly doubled. My hands picked up my head and two dragon horns and immediately turned into a pair of gray-black dragon swords.
"Come on, let’s end this war!"
Dragging up the gale, I got up and the ground sank into a huge pit. I rushed to the light body as fast as I could. Muhaoer katar crossed and the shock wave spread in all directions. The only mountain in the real battlefield collapsed and the sea evaporated instantly. All the objects in the real battlefield melted into particles and disappeared, leaving a square.
Mu Haoer and I couldn’t help but be stunned. I didn’t expect that the first blow would make all the virtual substances disappear, but it was also when we were stunned. Every time we hit each other, there would be a crack in the real battlefield. Gradually, the crack began to fracture and finally the whole collapsed.
In the face of this scene, we can’t continue to fight, and the same idea comes to the real world in an instant. This is a city, and many people suddenly look up at it, but no one would think that looking up like this is the last sight they will see in the world.
One blow was that the shock wave turned a city into ruins. In just a few seconds, Mu Haoer and I hit each other for 37 times, and the city was under great pressure almost instantly. The whole city, together with the surrounding 100 kilometers of ground, sank ten meters to the surface.
But in the battle, Mu Haoer and I will not care about these, because we don’t destroy the people in front of us, so wait until we have ourselves destroyed.
"Deadly!" I have this idea in my mind. I can’t stop and think of my brothers and friends, my women Chris and Zhang Xian. They have been forever …
I’m not content. When I took control of my own destiny, when I was able to fool the heaven and man around with my own strategy, I realized that I was so fragile that I couldn’t protect my closest relatives. If it weren’t for my poor and pathetic plan, they wouldn’t have died. If I didn’t naturally recognize our five brothers to gain that power, they wouldn’t have been so bold to join me in this seemingly great but naive trip.
The more I fight, the more angry I am. The overwhelming feeling in my heart has reached a critical point. I am hard hit by the light body, and my body is moving faster than the absolute speed. Two dragon-shaped swords are inserted around the entity, and the sword is inserted into the heart of the son. The sword is inserted from the back of the head of the son to the forehead.
Mu Haoer’s surprised eyes don’t seem to believe all this. When I laugh wildly, Mu Haoer’s body falls like garbage on the uneven ground, but for a moment I can’t laugh. Mu Haoer’s light fist has passed through my heart and a living heart has been shaken by her.