After the game, although Hoffenheim vs Glasgow Rangers was not the focus of the battle, another Inter Milan draw against Barcelona’s background, Hoffenheim’s 3-0 victory and Lu Wenbin’s 2-0 goal, was still very interesting.

European media all praised Lu Wenbin’s performance.
European Golden Boots The firepower of the European war in the new season is not reduced. China Lu scored twice in the first game of the Champions League and had an assist.
Hoffenheim beat Glasgow Wanderers Lou 3-0 with two shots and one sparkle.
Needless to say, the media in China.
Not only the sports media, but also the comprehensive media have made a long and heavy report on Lu Wenbin’s dazzling performance in the first game of the Champions League in the new season.
No matter how disappointing the national football team is, football is always the first sport in the world, and the foundation of China fans is still very large.
Lu Wenbin’s performance in Europe as a world superstar naturally deserves a lot of coverage by the Chinese media, and fans also love to watch and discuss.
Of course, with Lu Wenbin’s performance getting better and better, the media and fans call for Lu Wenbin to join the national team.
However, no one from the Football Association has come out to give a statement on whether to recruit Lu Wenbin to join the national team.
Rumor has it that the Ministry of Public Security’s anti-gambling and anti-vice campaign has begun to involve the Football Association and the top football association officials of major clubs, and they have no energy to manage the national team.
Lu Wenbin himself can’t decide this matter. He can continue to play all his energy in the club.
However, although Lu Wenbin scored twice well, Lu Wenbin did not occupy the first place in the Champions League scorer list after the first round of the Champions League.
Wolfsburg was the runner-up in the Bundesliga last season and the strongest team in the fourth grade. They beat CSKA Moscow 31 away from home.
品茶论坛And Wolfsburg scored three goals from Grafite. He scored a hat trick.
Therefore, after the first round of the group stage, the first place in the Champions League scorer list was Grafite Lu Wenbin, Thomas Muller, Inzaghi, Luo and others tied for second place with two goals.
Of course, a game can’t say anything.
Whether you can win the Champions League Golden Boot depends on the performance of the Champions League throughout the season.
After three days’ rest, on September 19th, the sixth round of Bundesliga, Hoffenheim away against M? nchengladbach.
Because a game is a decisive German Cup match, Ralph has a certain degree of rotation in this league.
However, Lu Wenbin, who is worried about physical fitness, still can’t move the starting force and continues to perform well.
Lu Wenbin scored a goal in the 35th and 69th minutes of the half-time and scored twice again.
In addition, Ibisevic scored a header and Salihovic scored a long-range shot outside the forbidden area.
Hoffenheim finally defeated M? nchengladbach 42 away, scored three points and rose to the third place in the standings with six rounds of four wins, one draw, one loss and 13 points.
Four wins, two draws and 14 points tied for the first place in Hamburg and Bayer Leverkusen, while Bayern Munich chased the fourth place with 11 points in a wave of three-game winning streak, just behind Hoffenheim.
Four days after the end of the league, Hoffenheim once again went away to challenge Nuremberg.
On September 23, the second round of the German Football Association Cup in 1921 challenged Nuremberg away.
Although it is the same as the Bundesliga team, Nuremberg is the newly promoted third in the Bundesliga season and barely advanced to the Bundesliga by upgrading the play-offs.
After six rounds of the season, Nuremberg unexpectedly counted down.
Therefore, the German Cup is not considered in Nuremberg.
In the face of the powerful Hoffenheim, Nuremberg sent a semi-main force and a semi-substitute array, and his mind couldn’t take root in this game.
There is a huge difference in strength, and it is a surprise that Hoffenheim won 4 victories away from home and easily advanced to the first round.
However, Lu Wenbin didn’t play well in every game.
Two away games in a row and starting in a row, although the physical fitness is fine, but the spirit is still a little tired, so that Lu Wenbin’s poor state of the game scored a goal and was replaced by Ralph Obasi in the 65 th minute of the halftime.
Of course, the poor performance is for Lu Wenbin.