"Miss, do you need any help?" The security guard politely recommended himself, "I can help you park your car!" "

"Thank you!" Lizhenyu gave a sign for him to go away.
The security guard looked at Li Zhenyu carefully and couldn’t help feeling his nose and retreating to one side. Some people couldn’t understand how this man could have the patience to watch this stupid woman reverse her car over and over again but refused to help her drive into the parking space.
Xia Xue is a little out of skills! She pouted and looked at Li Zhenyu next to her. He really sat still, but refused to take the initiative to help. "Hey," she said aggrieved, "I’m a little hungry!"
"Oh" Li Zhenyu seems to have just found out that she is still driving into the parking space and woke up. "You can drive automatically! Press this button … "
Xia Xue Li Zhenyu instructed the automatic parking function of human driving. Sure enough, the automatic scanning and measurement of the car soon entered the parking space and the automatic braking and flameout for a moment. Xia Xue was almost stunned. This function is beyond imagination, powerful and very reliable!
"Your driving skills need to be honed. If you really can’t figure it out, don’t just ask men for help and give them excuses and opportunities!" Someone is very narrow-minded to wake up
Xia Xue shook his head. This man is getting better and better to her, but he is getting more and more cautious!
"Beauty and luxury cars are easy to attract wolves, tigers and leopards. Men are wolf animals. Only by not giving them a chance to get close can they prevent problems before they happen! ok!” Li Zhenyu finished his sermon and said, "Take the car!"
The luxurious restaurant is tastefully decorated and unique, and the couple’s box is rich, delicious and romantic, and everything is so beautiful and stylish.
Xia Xue admits that money can really buy a romantic atmosphere at the right time, just as it is more intoxicating to be coated with a dreamy color.
The candlelight on the dining table flickered "Bang!" The grapes are aged and opened, and the cold and fragrant red wine is poured into the crystal glass to smell the fragrance and refresh the heart. The three-storey birthday cake is covered with flowers, and the car is pushed over to light the birthday candle and let Xia Xue make a wish.
In order to highlight the candlelight box, the headlights are all off, the ceiling is inlaid with stars, and the light is dim in the cold and cold room. Xia Xue looks at Li Zhenyu through the flickering candlelight, and his handsome face is more delicate and charming in the warm candlelight. His black eyes, which are more quiet than night, gently wind her with a thick spoil and a shallow smile
Xia Xue was really touched by the warm heart! He is so good to her! She doesn’t know the newspaper! At this moment, she wants to say a word to him.
"Jin Woo" Xia Xue said to him with deep affection instead of blowing out birthday candles in a hurry. "I finally understand that all the setbacks I suffered in the first half of my life were to pave the way for meeting you! If the last thing I met was that you were a little bitter in the past, you really didn’t! "
She is not a woman who is good at love words, but at this time, she is eloquent and poetic, and her eyes have quietly filled with tears, and a little tears are flashing in the candlelight.
Li Zhenyu’s black eyes flashed and his mouth was shallow, which reminded him jokingly, "Is this a mess?"
"…" Xia Xue gas knot this man want to be so hateful! She was so involved that he was in no state, and his mood was ruined by him. He just glared at him bitterly.
"Oh," Li Zhenyu likes to Doby from time to time. She deliberately said, "Tonight!"
"yuck!" Xia Xue’s face is red. Please, the waiter next to her can’t help secretly laughing. This guy’s language is not amazing. He keeps making her feel embarrassed. "Nonsense … I won’t talk to you!"
It seems that she has this thing, but Li Zhenyu just eats her set and asks her to surrender immediately. "Just kidding! Come and blow out the candles! "
Sure enough, Xia Xue was immediately diverted to look at the three-layer birthday cake with candles on it.
"Make a wish!" Lizhenyu light wake way
So Xia Xue once again made a wish at noon and made it again piously. May my father live a long life and Jin Woo and I love each other for a hundred years!
This time Li Zhenyu blew out the candle with her!
He personally cut the biggest cake and put it on a dish for the waiter to bring it to her. He also cut a piece of dish and gave it to the waiters in the restaurant to share the birthday sweetness.
"Thank you, Mr. Li. Thank you, Miss Xia! On behalf of all the staff in the restaurant, I thank you for your gift of Happy Birthday! Have a nice meal! " The waiter pushed the cake cart out and tenderly covered the balcony door.
The two of them were left in the box. Xia Xue stared at Li Zhenyu affectionately and was moved and satisfied.
A man is not only willing to spend money, but also willing to spend time. When he is willing to spend money, he should say more to her. Xia Xue knows very well that he really cares about her, cherishes her and dotes on her!
"Eat! Why have you been looking at me? " Li Zhenyu raised his mouth viciously. "Feed your stomach first and then your body later!"
"…" Xia Xue hurriedly bowed their heads and ate at this sperm brain man. Don’t expect anything higher in his mind than that!
After dinner, Xia Xue’s birthday was celebrated. I didn’t expect Li Zhenyu to be interested in going to the beach to see the night scene.
Xia Xue was a little tired, but seeing that he was so interested, he couldn’t bear to spoil his fun, so he drove him to the seaside.
There is no denying that after driving Xia Xue for one night, she has become much more skilled. Although she is a novice, as Li Zhenyu said, she has one of the biggest advantages of being a novice, but driving slowly and steadily is the safest!
When I got to the seaside, Xia Xue didn’t use the automatic parking function again, because Li Zhenyu commanded her to go forward and backward first, turn right and turn left, and he commanded her to finally park in a normal parking space successfully.
"hey!" The man applauded and encouraged "Great! Better and better! "
"…" How did she feel that it was like praising pupils in her class!
Both of them were lying on their backs in the beach chair, next to them was the vast sea, scattered stars scattered in the night dome, and the night wind blew gently, feeling that the whole world belonged to them.