And I heard the gangster’s footsteps getting closer

Just then someone covered my mouth from behind and dragged me to the steps and into the house, and then the door opened
Section 2
Is it a gangster partner? !
I got such a fright that my heart was in my throat.
"Don’t be afraid, I’m Chinese, too." The other person spoke a deep man.
I suddenly relaxed a lot.
It’s not easy to meet people of the same nationality in a foreign country, just like a fellow villager in the same province in college.
I haven’t seen Chinese people in a small town for half a month here. At this moment, hearing familiar languages in such an environment really feels like meeting my relatives.
My chest is still beating violently, and I feel a little weak all over, but I can finally catch my breath.
I nodded at him to show that I was calm.
He let me go
I turned around and saw a tall man in front of me.
He looks serious, a bit like Lu Xun, which gives me a feeling.
The other party looked at my arms and said, "I came here to meet my friend at noon. I didn’t expect to meet a shooting incident as soon as I came … I broke up with my friend … This house is my friend … I just heard you talking to the child before I was sure you were Chinese, otherwise I wouldn’t help."
I recalled that when I talked to Xiao Jin just now, I was really a Chinese language.
I believed most of his story, but I couldn’t help thanking him for saving us when I was good to you. Thank you … but outside … "
The gangster may have found out where we are, and I don’t know if it’s safe to hide here
He mused, "You can’t go out yet. I saw that both of your bodyguards were shot … We changed places."
My heart tightened when I heard that the bodyguard had an accident.
But what is more important now is Xiao Jin’s safety. I am busy asking "Where to change?" Gangsters may be waiting for us to trap ourselves. We can’t just run out … "
He said, "I have an idea."
I hesitated. "That will trouble you."
Maybe I didn’t expect me to make a decision so soon. He gave me a few more glances and reached out to pick up Xiaojin in my arms.
喝茶约茶Chapter 1 Am I dreaming?
Of course, I can’t give Xiao Jin to him. "He is very sticky to me …"
Actually, it’s because I don’t believe him
I was really excited when I heard that he was Chinese just now, and I felt like crying with joy.
But when I calmed down, I found that his timing was too coincidental.
I can judge whether he is a good man or not.
Even if he saved me and Xiao Jin, he is still a stranger to me, and I can’t give Xiao Jin to him.
He walked towards the back door of the house without turning around.
I looked at his back, gritting his teeth and holding Xiao Jin to go.
He is somewhat similar to Lu Xun. Lu Xun is an upright man. In the end, I chose to trust him.
If it turns out that he is a gangster’s accomplice, it will be my luck.
I can gamble now.
Going out the back door and turning a few blocks, we actually arrived in the middle of the town, very close to home.
My heart thumped-does this person know our home address?
Doesn’t that mean that he has been paying attention to our movements?
I was muttering to the man that a house covered with green vines stopped.
He turned to me and said, "This is my friend’s house, too. Let’s hide for a while."
I am relieved.
Fortunately, it is a coincidence.
I thanked him in a low voice and didn’t reveal that my home was near.
His friend has come back. He is a blonde and blue-eyed white man. His accent should be correct. His French tells something, and he looks excited with dancing.