Lu sorrow nodded to Xiaoli with a grateful smile "Thank you Xiaoli"

Then she walked out of the Star Media with her storage box step by step. She looked up at the magnificent building outside the Star Media Building, which is a landmark building in Baijing. There are so many myths created here that many people want to come in. Is this her first job after graduation coming to an end in just one year?
Lu You went home with his own things. Their family was not rich. They lived here in the old city or in the old community ten years ago. A family of four crowded into a two-bedroom apartment with 65 square meters. Her parents had a room. She and her sister had a room. Lu Yue University had no home, and her eldest brother had been living outside since graduation. Now he is married and bought a room to live in the new city.
"Mom, I’m back." Lu You went in to change shoes.
品茶论坛"Don’t you work today?" Mother Li Mei is picking vegetables at home.
"Oh, the overtime company gave me a few days off these days." Lu You told a little lie and didn’t want her mother to worry about herself.
"How can you eat without division of labor day and night? You should have a good rest." Li Mei distressed her daughter. "I’ll stew something delicious for you these days and make up for it."
"Thank you, Mom, you are the best." Lu You went over and leaned over to hold her mother like a child, and she also had her mother’s arms to relax for a moment.
"All adults still like this? Also not afraid of two little saw the joke "Li Meinai hand patted her hand with a smile" just in a couple of days is your dad Amanome you call two little come and have a meal "
"Mom is very busy, let’s talk about it." Lu sorrow heard that Li Meiqi and Chi Yiming had a dull pain in their hearts and changed the subject. "Mom, I’m sleepy and I’m going to lie down."
She fled back to her room with her things in her arms, and now she is afraid to tell her mother that her family has been working hard enough and she doesn’t want her to worry about herself any more.
At the moment, Lu’s anxiety is particularly uncomfortable. Chi Yiming’s cruel betrayal and the loss of Lai Shenggong made her feel as if she had been abandoned by the world. She couldn’t help but burst into tears, but she also tried her best to bite her lips to suppress this acidity. She told herself that she couldn’t cry or be weak, which would make herself look down on herself. But she couldn’t help it. In contrast, Chi Yiming was cruel to her and tender to Song Yabei. She couldn’t help crying anymore. She had to admit that she was so heartbroken and sad that was her first love and the most true feeling.
In this way, Lu You waited at home for three days, but she didn’t receive Xiaoli’s words, so she took the initiative to make a phone call. Before she finished speaking, she heard the sound from outside.
When she left the room, she saw that Li Mei had fainted, and there was a dropped microphone at her feet.
She ran to hold Li Mei and cried anxiously, "Mom, wake up."
She quickly called 12 times to send Li Mei to the hospital and then informed her father Lu Yong.
Lu Yong rushed to the hospital and Li Mei just launched the intensive care room and transferred to the ward.
The doctor told their father and daughter about Li Mei’s illness. "The patient has breast cancer. According to the current situation, I suggest cutting the infected site by surgery to stop the spread of cancer cells, but this does not guarantee that it will not recur. After the operation, she needs to be reviewed all the time. If she does not have surgery, she still has a year, at most, two years. Then let her stay physically and mentally happy and spend every day after that."
The doctor announced the cruel facts to them without the slightest emotion and calmness, but it was like a bolt from the blue that stunned them in an instant.
"Doctor wu, how did that happen? My mother is in good health and will have a routine check every year. Will you be mistaken? " She said in disbelief
"Miss Lu, please calm down and trust our inspection and diagnosis technology." Dr. Wu frowned at Lu’s doubts and continued, "Your family members discussed whether to agree to operate on the patient."
"How much does Dr. Wu need for this operation?" Lu Yong felt his voice trembling.
"This treatment is estimated to be 100,000 to 200,000 before and after a process," Dr. Wu told the truth
"two hundred thousand?" Lu Yong’s face is even more ugly, and his eyes are fighting for bitterness.
Twenty is an astronomical figure for their family to come home. How are they going to bear it? This kind of day is snow and frost, and people are unlucky. Anything bad will fall on their own heads.
Lu Yong, who is worried about Lu and holding her feet soft, still can’t accept the cruel fact outside Li Mei’s ward, but she knows that she can’t be knocked down. After she gets married, she is the pillar of this family. If she wants to be strong, things will always be solved.
When Lu You rummaged through her bag looking for tissue paper, she saw the check that Lin Mo-chen had given her in her bag. She wanted to return it to him, but in this situation, she was in urgent need of money. Maybe she could borrow it first and then try to earn money and return it to him.
Why don’t you give him a call and ask
Little worry is in trouble, lovelorn, unemployed, sick mother, little Mo Mo, your chance has come, come and comfort Yi! Little sorrow will go home with you, hehe … I beg for tickets, flowers, messages and love you every day.
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☆ I can’t refuse if you ask for a hundred million dollars.
Lu Yu thinks that Lin Mochen is a good man, and he should agree. And now she is lovelorn and lovelorn. She has no choice but to beg him even if she has the cheek.
Lu sorrow while thinking like this, he took out a tissue to wipe his father’s sweat and comforted his father. "Dad, don’t worry about money. I’ll think of some way to mom’s things. Don’t tell Xiaoyue that she’s young and afraid that she’ll bear it and disturb Mom’s eldest brother …"
Eldest brother Lu Song is good at everything, but he is too afraid of his wife Feng Jingjing, who doesn’t like their home and hates it. She won’t come back to this home.
"Little worry about this matter must tell your eldest brother that he can’t be afraid of his wife to even care about his own mother’s life or death. Even if we sell everything, we can’t get together two hundred thousand! Your brother is a senior. He must pay more money to treat your mother! Otherwise, he should be struck by lightning! " Lu Yong insisted, "I’ll tell him about your mother myself."
As soon as Lu Yong arrived here, he became angry about everything. His wife listened to his wife first and forgot that he had worked hard to raise him. His parents forgot this family in college.
"Dad, don’t be angry. Brother also has his difficulties. Brother often calls back. You give money to Mom every time you go home. It’s just that you don’t know." Lu You put his hand on Lu Yong’s shoulder. "Dad, don’t be difficult. Let’s make up enough money at home. I can borrow it from the company or friends. Don’t worry, I won’t let Mom have something."
"Little worry, what should I do without you in this family?" Lu Yong sighed deeply.
"Dad, I am your daughter. I said I would give you a happy life. I have been working hard for this day. Please believe that I will keep my word!" Lu sorrow put away those sorrows and raised a warm smile to his father. "You go in and accompany mom, I’ll pay it first."
The doctor first arranged for Li Mei to be hospitalized for a few days and then went home to consider an operation.
"Well," Lu Yong nodded seriously to Lu You, "Little Worry, I believe you."
Lu’s sad face deepened her smile, and then she went to Dr. Wu’s office to get the delivery slip. After a few steps, she met Chu Heng, and he greeted her lightly, "Hello, Miss Lu."
Chu Heng, dressed in a white medical gown, is even more clean and spotless, and his facial features are also beautiful and dazzling. He seems to be the most beautiful art in the world.
"Hello, Dr. Chu" Lu You clenched his hands and handed in the documents.
Chuheng saw that she didn’t look well, and deliberately raised the volume so that someone in his office could hear "Miss Lu, what’s the matter with you? Are you sick? "
"No, no," Lu You shook his head and denied, "I just want to get some medicine for my mother. Dr. Chu, I’ll go first."
Lu sorrow was about to say goodbye to Chuhang when suddenly the office door opened and Lin Mo-chen appeared at the door. Today, he was dressed casually, revealing a sharp, gentle and plain look different from the shopping mall. His eyes fell on her body and her lips were smiling implicitly. He also followed his assistant Pang Bo and smiled at her with a head.
"Why are you here?" Lu You can ask Hu Er about the sudden appearance of Lin Mo-chen and think of his injury. "Are you here to review the wound?"
"Well," Lin Mochen also saw that something was wrong with her at the moment, and her eyes were still glowing with red. "What’s wrong with you?"
"I’m fine." Lu You tried to look fine and act relaxed. "I’m fine."
"I just heard that your mother is ill?" Lin Mo-chen can hear clearly inside.
"It’s just a small problem. Take some medicine and you’ll be fine." Lu Youyang handed in a single hand. "Then I’ll go to the queue first."
Lin Mo-chen reached for the D/P in her hand and handed it to Pang Bo behind her. "You go and help Miss Lu pay it."
"This ….. how line? This is my thing or don’t bother assistant pang "Lu sorrow really don’t want to give him any trouble.
"I also want to hand it in, so let Pang Bo take it with me. He doesn’t need to wait in line to get medicine, and it saves time." Lin Mochen has his own specialty in this hospital. "You look very pale, so let Chu Heng show you one."
"I’m a surgeon." Chu Heng coldly woke up with Lin Mochen.
"Where?" Lin Mochen asked him.
"I can’t cure the heart disease" ChuHeng unhurried tone and then leaned over to Lin Mo-chen’s skin with bare hands and lightly draped his shoulder, slightly lowering the sound "and lovesickness"