Shui Xin Ru was immediately proud. "Dad, now let’s win her over, but will the mother princess really let her go?"

"Ruer means that ZhuangGuiFei has been rooting out for her." Shui Huaiquan’s eyesight caught the point as soon as he got there.
Shui Xin Ru is smiling like a flower. "Don’t dad still can’t see through the mother princess’s mind? She originally wanted to choose her daughter to give it to the dude, but she didn’t give it to her daughter when she was in the boudoir. How can she look at Shui Yun-jin and now she has broken her face?"
Shi Shui Xin Ru would rather say that Zhuang Guifei is a ruthless person who doesn’t even look down on his own son. What will happen if he has offended her?
Shuihuaiquan nodded and smiled. "Ruer now knows how to guess people’s hearts. Dad is very glad that you haven’t entered the palace for a long time. Find a time to take your mother to Lingfei Palace."
"Daughter White" Shui Xinru smiled deeply and married into the palace for so long. How can she still have her little daughter’s mind and water cloud? She has been crushed by her since she was a child, and she will never climb her head.
Su Qian listened to the meaningful conversation between the two people, but her serious loss can make Shuiyun Park feel bad, and she will spare no effort.
At that time, Shuiyunjin was out of the gate of Houfu.
"The Lord just let go of those shopkeepers, who helped them to commit crimes." Gu Yan was dissatisfied with the tunnel behind him
"They’re just following orders, and I don’t care about them."
Shui Yun-jin smiled. "Gu Yan’s six shops are temporarily closed, so let people keep an eye on it. In addition, spread the news of the transfer of shops as high as possible." "White" Gu Yan’s face was dyed with a smile. The Lord said that these six shops wanted to do their own business and the transfer was just for outsiders to see.
"I finally caught you. You can’t find out if you don’t tell me." Suddenly, the loud and clear sound started.
Shuiyunjin and Gu Yan’s eyebrows are wrinkled, which is really a ghost.
"Fortunately, Xiao Ye Cong left a hand in this whole city, there is no Xiao Ye who can’t find people." Huangfu Yun said that he was very proud to look at Shuiyun Park before.
"Find out" is like "Shuiyunjin eyebrows.
按摩"Little ye also want to ask you, who are you from Shuihuaiquan, the old thing? No wonder you tried to stop you from being a group yesterday." Huangfuyun looked a little heavy.
It will be guessed by Huang Funai that Shuiyunjin will not be placed.
"You put the words clearly or small ye even Hou Fu a demolition" HuangFuYun with malicious.
Shuiyun Park gave him a white look. "That shop is not owned by Hou Fu for a long time, so it is impossible for you to be Hu Fei."
HuangFuYun zheng immediately after the reaction to come over "even if now is not that before, then you are Hou Fu someone that spread your hand, you should not be that old thing outside"
"Go to hell," Shuiyunjin grumpily scolded "I’m going to sell it at a high price, and it won’t be me soon."
"That’s good. If you want to sell at a high price, what’s the matter with such a genus? Give it to Xiao Ye to ensure that it will be solved in three days."
Shuiyunjin looked at her back and shook her head vigorously. For a moment, she took the carriage "Gu Yan went to see the three children."
Gu Yan nodded and raised the reins of the carriage.
It wasn’t long before the carriage stopped.
The dilapidated courtyard is not as clean as the depression that night. It seems that Huangfu Yun is really interested in these three children and specially sent two people to take care of their diet and daily life.
Shuiyunjin went in and took a look, then confessed a few words before leaving.
Before the carriage came out of the lane, suddenly there was a sudden brake, and Shuiyun Park clung to the cart so as not to throw it out.
"Lord, are you all right?" Gu Yanyin was annoyed outside.
"What’s the matter outside?" Gu Yanshen wouldn’t be so reckless if he was stable.
"Someone robbed the Lord" Gu Yan’s voice is unstable and not afraid, but it’s a bit weird.
Shui Yun-jin listened to the robbery and Gu Yan’s reaction. At that time, I felt a little strange that there was Yesen following her in the dark. I was not worried that if it was really vicious, Yesen would have appeared long ago.
When she lifted the curtain and looked out, she saw a group of small children holding sticks instead of swords staring at her nostril by nostril. Both men and women were eleven or twelve years old. She suddenly laughed at the sight and reminded her of bad teenagers on the street.
It’s that kid who looks familiar with him. Isn’t that the little thief who was chased by Huangfu Kun who hit himself and made faces?
A dark green brocade dress has not been cut properly yet, and the face has begun to look beautiful. A pair of clear eyes are as bright as autumn water in spring, and they are full of pride and arrogance. It is really bad for a villain to say that he is a thief.
"What a silly woman who was robbed and still laughed." The young man looked at Shuiyun Hibiscus and felt silly.
"You want to rob" ShuiYunJin confirmed again.
"It’s true that you’re stupid. Are you kidding me?" The boy took a look at Shuiyunjin and raised the stick in his hand.
"If I gave the silver, what would you do? You don’t look like a beggar." Shuiyunjin chuckled.
"You care so much about it." The young man glanced at Shuiyunjin impatiently.
"They are all beggars who can go home." Shuiyunjin glanced at the children behind him, dressed in cloth and dark, with a strong taste in their eyes.
"Silly woman, we rob."