Seal Chen An "…"

"Baby, don’t ignore them hungry? Let’s go and get something to eat. "Yu Yuting’s thin lips stuck to Youxiaoqiao’s small ears. After that, he proudly glanced at the two single Wang and then hugged Youxiaoqiao and walked towards the buffet area.
Gao Xiaoxiao opened her eyes and looked at the intimate back of the two. It turned out that Yu Yuting was like this after falling in love. It was simply a fancy show-off that would show off more than Han Shu!
"Open your mouth!" There’s someone in my ear again
Mouth! "Ear again someone sound.
He didn’t look at it from beginning to end, so the two men took care of feeding her.
Gao Xiaoxiao blushed and put the food in his mouth. He pressed his hand and said, "That’s enough. I’m full."
"…" Han Shu frowned at her slightly. "Is the food not delicious?"
"No," Gao Xiaoxiao blushed. "I’m really full. Let’s go home and eat later."
Han Dong "…"
He put the fork back on the plate, called the waiter to come and collect the plate, and said, "Since I’m full, I’ll take you somewhere else."
We need two more flies later.
"Second brother, where are you going again?"
Those two people across the street started again.
"Can’t we just stop talking?"
"Is it not enough to treat us as jelly?"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
It’s not nice, but I really want to laugh. What should I do?
Korea’s cold eyes took a cross look at the two "idiots" opposite, too lazy to say that they got up and left with Gao Xiaoxiao.
So when Yu Yuting and You Xiaoqiao came back with food to show their love again, there were two singles left in the seat.
The banquet hall is in the middle of the banquet hall, and the time is spent in the north, and the arms are greeting with several elders of the family.
With a faint smile on her lips, she occasionally listens to the occasional nod, and her good speech and temperament are just right.
A yellow figure suddenly came into view, and she looked at it consciously and then smiled a stiff face.
Ye Xiao, why is she here?
Look at the tall man holding her hand beside her, and you can recognize it as Han Han.
Time pu hands slightly force heart suddenly be agitated.
You can see her everywhere. What? She’s always haunting me!
"Guangpu Guangpu?" Jiliangshu shouted for two times and then frowned slightly.
Gu followed her line of sight to the north but saw nothing. He raised his eyebrows and patted the back of her hand. "What’s wrong with Guangpu?"
Time flies. "Oh, nothing. I just suddenly thought of something."
Qi Liangshu smiled, but he heard Qi Liangdong suddenly say, "I saw the news in the newspaper the other day that your father’s company declared bankruptcy. I don’t know what’s going on now?"
Time Pu didn’t expect that Qi Liangdong would suddenly ask this question with a wink and said, "Actually, my father has long planned to retire, and my eldest brother and I don’t like to run the company …"
"Understand that when you are old, you should really retire to spend your old age." Qi Liangdong’s face is full of irony even though his expression and tone are so funny.
Section 414
Time’s smile is stiff, and it’s not white that he’s malicious.
Gu north suddenly took the glass and took a sip. A hint of Yinzhi and disgust flashed through his eyes.
JiLiangDong is that year … Almost raped Ye Xiao that man.
夜网论坛I didn’t expect the world to be so small.
Han Shao took Gao Xiaoxiao through the Yi Xiang Bian Ying Ballroom and went straight to the terrace.
As soon as he got there, he pushed the door and took Gao Xiaoxiao to the dark place and put his arm around her without saying anything.
Gao Xiaoxiao’s lips were already kissed by him before he could react. After a hot kiss, he pried open her teeth and slid in directly.
Gao Xiaoxiao blushed and his hands were grasped by him to consolidate his sides. His heavy breathing sounded in his ears and he finally relaxed some strength. Gao Xiaoxiao just wanted to push him away and was held back by him according to his lower back.
Licked her lips and kept rubbing her voice in a low voice. "Be a good boy and let me kiss you. I haven’t kissed you all night."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"