Then Wu sent a message to the prodigal family, How is the equipment collected?

Godclass prodigal family has received a small part of it, and the purchase will be completed in half an hour at most.
Wu replied, It is worthy of being a godclass prodigal, that is, high efficiency is high efficiency!
Godclass prodigal family see you in the restaurant half an hour later if you kiss up less
Wu still put on his brain and looked around. He looked at the goatee in front of him and glanced at the crowd as if no one cared.
Combined with what I just said, it’s a group joke
I seem to see a lot of cows flying in the sky. It turned out to be you. Do you see it? Ha, ha, ha, dare to be shameless again? Maybe you are more awesome than the Assassin’s League and Bann Kwan Khiang Dao? I’m afraid they didn’t dare to say so even when they first established the guild. Really think of yourself as an onion. The goatee exaggerated and laughed.
Where is the buffoon? I don’t know where I am. I spent 1 gold coin to build a garbage guild, so I don’t know my last name. Everyone also vomited and booed.
Quiet! In the chaos, Wu still seems to feel that his emotions are not in place, yelling at him in a group of ridiculous patterns and making an angry expression. He shouted, What do you know? You don’t know anything at all. The Assassin’s League and Bann Kwan Khiang Dao’s guild are just like that in my eyes. My posture can overshadow them in minutes.
品茶论坛  title=As soon as the voice falls, everyone is all kinds of spit
You can say that this person is either crazy or his head is burnt out!
It’s not the League of Assassins and Bann Kwan Khiang Dao. They are all the best guilds in China. No one can say such a thing.
This man didn’t take medicine today? Brother medicine can’t stop.
At this time, Wu finally saw a sly guy coming in at the entrance of the guild hall. This man is a miser.
After the miser came in, he immediately found the crowd around Wu Tucao, and hurriedly leaned in. When he inquired a little, he knew that the matter was over and he threw a puzzled look at Wu.
In his mind, Wu is almost like a god. He made a fortune in Juxian Building not only before, but now he has just barely robbed the guild residence order from so many guilds and Defense of the Ancients’s first murder. How can such a wise man capsize in this gutter? Also, the message just now said that acting is not to let yourself play the fool with him, right?
Seeing the miser’s eyes, Wu knew that he had learned about it, and then he blinked at him and set his eyes on the goatee again.
At the moment, the goatee is quite proud to see the masses on his side, like watching a psychopath and looking at Wu Laughter. Don’t hold on, brother. Just admit that you are funny. This even exposes IQ defects.
You, you, you! Wu pretended to be short of breath and pointed his finger at the goat’s beard for a long time and couldn’t say a word. Finally, he sighed and shook his head. Hey, everyone laughs at me for being crazy. I laugh at others who can’t see the coffin and don’t cry. Dare to bet with me?
Yoho, I can’t see that you can still recite poems? Goat beard is strange laugh all Michael Qi.
Ask you dare? I have a lot of money. Wu seems to be really forced to be nasty. Suddenly she gnashed her teeth with a handful of gold coins from her pocket.
When you see gold coins, everyone’s eyes are bright. When you meet someone who is stupid and rich these days, it is equivalent to finding a wallet.
Goat beard, of course, is also very clear about this. The smile is slightly convergent, but it is a golden eye and asks, Afraid of you? How do you want to gamble?
Hum, I have the courage to say that the name of my posture league will ring the whole game in three hours, so I bet on this! Wu snorted and sneered. But before that, how much money do you have? I’m afraid I won’t be so interested if I have too little money.
This ….. The goatee hesitated for an ordinary player. In fact, there were only a dozen gold coins in his body. This was the first time that the brothers came together to prepare for the establishment of a guild. If the money was gone, the guild would be gone.
So he hurriedly privately exchanged an opinion with several brothers.
Big Brother gambled with him. It’s a joke and an idiot to win.
Yes, eldest brother will never lose him. Who wants to build a new guild and want to resound through the whole game in three hours?
The goatee brothers said that they are not to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and thirtyfive Gambling game 2
Hearing the brothers’ support and combining Wu Qian’s silly and stupefied performance, the goatee made up his mind on the spot, clapped his hands and said, I now have a total of 13 gold coins and 46 silver coins to bet with you!
Everyone is jealous. If you gamble in it, you can easily earn twice as much as it takes three hours. What could be more enjoyable? This is simply picking up money. Why can’t we meet such a good thing …
As a result, Wu sneered at the goat’s nonsense on the spot. Only a dozen gold coins have been cut and even the silver coins have been taken out. It’s too low for me to be interested. It’s too disappointing.
You, you are rich? How much do you want to bet? A goatee’s face turned red and white.
Wu ha ha smiled and squinted. Come on, don’t try to be brave. You and I are not on the same level. Without hundreds of gold coins, my heart will not beat faster. It’s not interesting at all.
This should be despised, right? Are you despised by others for direct money? Goat beard crustily skin of head and said, What are you bragging about? Who won’t say it? Take it out.
Hearing goat talk, people are also suspicious. Hundreds of gold coins are not a small amount. It is really not for ordinary people to take them out. At the very least, they must be rich second generation.
Well, if you want to get hit in the face, I’ll come with me to the warehouse as you wish.
Wu continued to keep this stupid man’s attitude of how high money is, and left without paying attention to the old saying that money should not be leaked.
The goatee naturally has to follow him. He is another protagonist of this farce. So many people are watching.
And people are driven by curiosity, but also attracted by gambling, and they also hurriedly follow the road. Everyone is not curious about Wu’s identity
Who the hell is this man? Someone asked doubtfully.
I don’t know if the grade should be quite high and I can’t identify it, someone said after the identification.
No matter who it is, it is impossible for a newly established guild without even one person to resound through the whole game in three hours. This kind of thing cannot be done just by having money. Someone concluded.