boss, are you very angry? Luningzong looked at Huangfuqing and was very curious to ask

Huangfuqing glanced at him, and his eyes were full of contempt.
Ning Zong’s eyes suddenly collapsed when he saw that. Well, actually, he felt relieved when he resigned. It’s not that he was unpatriotic. It’s like this. He didn’t feel angry. He didn’t turn against the emperor on the spot because he also made a decision to go back and write a resignation report. He just worked with boss. boss quit. What did he keep doing?
At this time, Emperor Jun sat in his office and was wronged for so many days. At this moment, he finally found an opportunity to vent. He sat in a chair and laughed at him proudly … He Huangfuqing would never give up easily. However, I didn’t expect him to release Zhongjun so easily … Hahahahaha … Hahahaha … Emperor Jun was very happy to make him upset and relaxed these days because of Shu Yan. Obviously, a scandal is more important than an army. A little brain people can know.
Of course, the emperor thinks he is a very kind monarch and can’t laugh so happily. Who should he choose to take Huangfuqing’s place? Ah, he’s very upset … Ha ha ha … Worrying Emperor can’t help laughing again. It’s … It’s hard to help but feel happy. What can I do? The emperor was very happy and distressed, but it was not until the next day that he began to really worry about nothing.
Ningzong went back and began to write resignation letters. Of course, Xiao Jingdong took Ningzong’s writing back and changed his name when they got the news. However, thirteen resignation letters were sent to the emperor the next day.
When the Emperor received these thirteen resignation letters, his face was brilliant, just like a palette. Although Huangfuqing was able to belong to him, he didn’t pay much attention, but being gradually banned by him and their voluntary resignation were two different concepts. These people just hit him in the face, which made him feel better. However, these are not the most unbearable things for the emperor. After all, whether he resigned or was gradually banned by him, Huang Fuqing and his diehard friends left. He relied most on the Dark Guards. This is a sword for him. How did he finally get his own hand? It belongs to him, doesn’t it?
Until the next day, the third day and the fourth day, the emperor gradually changed from joy at the beginning to the end. He didn’t know that a dark guard regiment had to spend so much money! The amount of supplies sent to him is getting bigger and bigger, but he is a monarch and doesn’t have so much wasted money? It won’t last long to fill the national treasury again
F * * king! Bastard! What the hell is going on here? Do they eat white rice or money? How long did it take to ask for money again? The emperor was so angry that he slapped his face on the desk in the office. He was so angry that he hated that he couldn’t directly tear up his desk and apply for reports one by one. Did his money come from the wind?
Report back to the Emperor is … so captain suspection.i broke all obligations to the Dark Guards after he resigned! The logistics minister who came to deliver the application was a little shaky and said that it turned out that all the money was given by Huangfuqing, whether it was guns, ammunition or soldiers’ welfare, or something else. Compared with Huangfuqing’s allowance, it was simply petty profit, even an ordinary soldier would not look at it, let alone those highlevel people. However, it was naturally impossible for Huangfuqing to raise such a large number of guns and bullets that did not belong to his own army after he resigned. The medicine department also stopped giving training to the army. It was said that sharpshooters were all bullets. Without these, the whole dark guards were soon paralyzed. The officers could not train, but the canteen was paralyzed because they were used to it. When Huangfuqing cut off the materials and manpower, the whole dark guards went haywire.
When the Emperor heard this, he finally got angry … It turned out to be like this! Huangfuqing No wonder Huangfuqing surrendered his army so easily that day. Can’t it be maintained without his Huangfuqing Dark Guards? He can’t raise an army as a monarch? Hum! Approved! With a wave of his hand, he directly signed the application form, thinking that he would always hold the Dark Guards tightly in his hands! And must develop better than when Huangfuqing. He wants everyone to know that Yue Long is the king of the Chinese empire. Huangfuqing wants to persecute him. It is absolutely impossible! Hum!
The real emperor really thinks too much. Does Huangfuqing want to give anyone an ugly plan? Yes, he is the leader of the Dark Guard Corps. He has the meaning to let the Dark Guard Corps get the best, the best training and the most advanced weapons. The best welfare treatment is that now that he has retired, the whole Dark Guard Corps and he have nothing, it is impossible for him to raise a lot of money, isn’t it? Yan Yan said that no matter how rich you are, it’s not like this! Besides, he is a businessman who never makes a loss, and naturally he will not be stupid. He will not be stupid and feed his stomach with his own money. After all, he pays enough taxes to the empire on weekdays.
Recently, Huangfuqing either went to the company class or didn’t accompany Yan at home. Finally, how many of his children are male or female? Huangfuqing naturally didn’t forget to go home and hurriedly asked her what she meant by two!
That … that I asked a few men and women! Yan looked at him a little guilty and said
Then you still say half and half? Huangfuqing stared her one eye, and she was both female!
Ha ha ha ….. Yan is a little guilty now and she doesn’t know if there is a half chance! If both of them are girls, there is still a half chance! Yan against the head novel way
Section 34
Huangfu Qing swept her one eye and never spoke. I don’t want to check men and women. Even if Yan said that when the time comes, there will be a surprise … It’s that two people will be harder than one. I thought of it here. Huangfu Qing’s face is a little dark. Fortunately, two small treasures are a little older. I often follow two grandfathers to run. On weekdays, Ah Lang and Ye will also help to look after them, but I don’t need them to worry about it.
It’s not bad to live a peaceful and happy life like this. It’s good if the emperor doesn’t hurt them. He can do whatever he likes.
But these two days disappeared for many days, and Shu Yan appeared on the Internet again. I wonder if she actually sent a video online again, and when this video came out, the whole Shu family and the royal family were on fire again. In the video, Shu Yan told about the process of falling in love with the emperorrape and prohibition. Once a family said that the vagina leads to a woman’s heart. That’s how she gradually fell in love with the emperor. She wanted to be with her lover. Please don’t force her and the emperor to be a couple. She didn’t want to watch the emperor suffer and show her love. Please leave her and the emperor alone. If there is any sin, she will bear it alone.
It seems that people really cherish the appearance of protecting the Emperor in words, so people dig out the video of the reception where the Emperor and the Empress appear together. Sure enough … The video shows that although both husband and wife smile, their smiles are not up to their eyes. They only smile together when they face the camera. When they turn around, all the smiles disappear, so the incident of the Emperor and the Empress’ dangerous daughter and sisterinlaw has once again become a very hot thing recently. These people directly went to the hot search list.
So he was made a mess by the dark guards, and the emperor became furious again and almost didn’t tear down the emperor’s palace.
Hans, who has just arrived in Dijing, is familiar with the overpass. He looks at the huge viewing wall of the opposite building and plays this video. A handsome face suddenly becomes a little pale. It’s better to know not to ask than to ask. However, he has managed to make himself truly indifferent. He must ask him clearly if she really loves Dijun … What is he, Hans? If you don’t love him anything … why don’t you let go of his hand! However, even if he really wants to know, he can’t help it. This other person seems to have evaporated from this world. Except for this video, he has no news of her. No matter how much strength he has, he just can’t find her!
Of course, Emperor Jun and Shu’s family are also trying to find out. However, their results are the same as Hans’, and they are tracked down step by step according to the video address. However, the result is foreign countries. However, Shu Yan’s recent exit record has never been found, and it is simply a piece of cake for the Dark Guards. However, nowadays, the only thing left in the Dark Guards is war assassination and the investigation has been directly developed into his own private force by Huang Fuqing. Of course, this is also a private situation. There are still few people in the Dark Guards. What has been executed? Now, Emperor Jun’s command has come for several days, but there is no clue to make Emperor Jun angry. Only then did Emperor Jun doubt what the Dark Guards were doing and what they were eating. When Huang Fuqing left, he could easily finish what he ordered, but now Huang Fuqing left, and the command person turned into him without any clue. Is this … Is this mean to give him ugly?
The furious Emperor fidgeted around his office, and now this scandal has caused many officials’ dissatisfaction, especially those old men who think they are highly respected. They all just pointed at him and scolded him, saying that the country has been reorganized, but it is not enough for a country to make such a thing. Are those officials lawabiding? This is outrageous!
This is where that emperor get angry? How dare you? Shouldn’t he be the emperor who should speak? Who are they to dare to accuse him like this? What’s wrong with playing with another woman? He can’t have three palaces and six courtyards. Can’t he sleep with one or two women? At that time, I was angry with the Emperor, so I blew this sentence out. Then he saw the disappointed eyes of the old undead and his cousin unexpectedly … Don’t dare to play with him. Don’t know what his little mind is and don’t look at yourself. Don’t you just want to be fond of these old things? Hehe … What if you have a good impression? He is the master of the Chinese empire, not those old things who want to pull him up without looking at their own weight! Death advice? Dead base is more like it! Shameless thing!
The emperor was very angry. For a quarter of an hour, he would have the impulse to reinstate Huangfuqing to the official post. However, the impulse was always an impulse. He finally took Huangfuqing back to the army, and how could he give it back to Huangfuqing? If he can do such a stupid thing, however, these piles are intertwined and give him a headache.
Father! When Long Tianyu and Shu Mo were in front of him, Yue Long felt that his brain was about to explode. Now he is in an unprecedented crisis, but no one helps him. No one helps him solve these annoying things.
Shu Mo asked you to be the head of the Dark Guard Corps. Give me your hand as soon as possible. I want the Dark Guard Corps to resume operation as soon as possible! Rubbing his eminence, Yue Long stared at his daughterinlaw for a long time and always said.
Both Long Tianyu and Shu Mo were shocked by this news. They have all heard of this but have never seen the most mysterious weapon of the Corps royal family. This … This is to give him Shu Mo?
桑拿网Yes! Shu ink directly leng there or Long Tianyu first return to absolute being quietly gave him a Shu ink this just hit a tingle straight a little broken sound said
Go ahead, I’ll let someone over and tell you carefully! The emperor waved and now he began to doubt whether this decision was right or not. Does Shu Mo have the ability to lead the Dark Guards? Now, however, there is no other way for him to give it a try. I don’t want any more twists and turns in this matter!
… yes! Shu Mo heard his sister’s name in his heart, though complicated, but he still simply answered. After all, this matter can’t be blamed on his sister, can it? A slap in the face doesn’t sound good, emperor. He also has an unshirkable responsibility, doesn’t he? However, after all, the other party is the emperor and his fatherinlaw, and he can swallow all his dissatisfaction.
After the handover ceremony, he knew who was the former leader of the Dark Guards Corps. It turned out that Huang Fuqing was actually Huang Fuqing. At this time, he remembered that he had sent someone to investigate the details of Huang Fuqing. The personal file was locked. It turned out that Huang Fuqing was the famous leader of the Dark Guards Corps. No wonder … It was … Ha ha ha … Now it has not been removed from his post? Now he is a businessman. What does he compare with himself? Shu Mo is proud to think that he has finally overwhelmed Huang Fuqing. He is confident that one day he will let Huang Fuqing fail and never hold his head high before him again!
Yu Long Tianyu is naturally very happy to come. They just rushed there to discuss Shu Yan, but they didn’t expect to get such a pleasant surprise. Obviously, she knows very well the significance of the Dark Guards to the royal family.
Ah Mo, do a good job and don’t let your father down! Long Tianyu holding Shu Mo is very seriously told.
You can rest assured! I won’t let you and your father down! Shu ink patted Long Tianyu hand is very excited and said
And Huangfu Qing accompanied Yan’s family to finish cleaning, cooking and picking up the children. Of course, there are few things about the two small treasures. Chu Xiao almost takes care of the baby fulltime on weekdays, and she will go to No.1 Hospital for two days during the weekend. Huangfu’s parents are fine, but Huangfu’s grandfather and grandmother don’t like riding in the car from time to time. When they are there, they will also bring them back to make Great Grandpa and Great Grandma hurt. On this day, a reality show is very popular and they want to record a real Cinderella love. I don’t know who has arrived in the emperor. In the eyes of the public, whoever marries Huangfusan except the royal princess is a dumb luck Cinderella, so there is no doubt that someone has joined Yan. Well, everyone knows that Huangfusan is hard to talk about and it is best to find a heroine. Yan doesn’t like to show off much, and she doesn’t know what’s wrong and wants to experience a big star. It doesn’t mean that she agreed without consulting Huangfusong.
On the weekend, when Huangfuqing saw a camera car parked at the gate of No.1 hospital, his face turned black in an instant. He just looked at the smiling girl Huangfusan, and he didn’t want any media people to come to Washington Haoting to find news! What’s the matter? Cocked his head HuangFuQing asked his little belly slightly protruding girl.
Well, what’s it called? Oh, oh, oh, well, they looked for Cinderella in reality and found me! In order to record the program, Yan specially chose a brightly colored dress and added a smile, which made the goblin ordinary people even more radiant at the moment.
Huangfuqing became unhappy as soon as she heard the name of this program. What is Cinderella in reality? How many people do you think his girl is so beautiful? My eyes suddenly darkened to think that I should solve this matter as if I didn’t know it?
The photographer looked at Huangfu Sanshao’s face and seemed a little unhappy. He was a little shaky from the small heart, but one by one, he was brave enough to continue to arrange and pretend not to see Sanshao’s bad face.
Everything is in order. Yan sat alone in the living room and prepared to shoot. At that time, I didn’t think that Fa Huangfuqing could take a document and walked over to sit next to Yan coldly.
And the girl thought that she was still a little nervous for the first time, and Huangfuqing was very happy to come, thinking that it might be easier to have this person to cooperate, and then …