Is the in the mind such as treating the daughterinlaw Zhao mother in the mind have a dispute.

Section 317
There, even though she was still wearing topless breasts at home, Au Yeung Fei saw two strangers brought in by Yang Xiaojing.
Asked casually
Mom, who are they? Did you ask them clearly?
Don’t bring strangers home without asking.
What are you talking about? This is a person. Zhao Ping’s parents came to see you specially.
Don’t come and meet the parents quickly.
桑拿按摩Au Yeung Fei is wearing a Vneck skirt with suspenders. The neckline is a little wide, and her career line has soared. A few people have seen it in a glance.
I’m used to my daughter’s dress. Yang Xiaojing didn’t think it was wrong.
It is rare to see people wearing Zhao Fu like this, but they have long been afraid to look at it at the beginning, which can make people impulsive. The woman has been psychologically prepared. When Zhao Mu sees this, Au Yeung Fei’s mouth is frozen with laughter.
Seeing that she heard Yang Xiaojing’s words, she lifted her eyelids and looked at them. She didn’t get up at all.
Psychology gave her a big fork.
In this way, if a loose woman wants to marry her son, she really needs to think about it.
She doesn’t want to marry a woman like her ancestors to go home.
However, mother Zhao also knows that today they have done some abrupt things and haven’t asked her if her face is still smiling.
She’d like to see what this woman will do next
Hear is Zhao Ping parents Au Yeung Fei frowned.
She didn’t understand why Zhao Ping’s parents suddenly came to the door.
Uncle and aunt, have you made a mistake? Why don’t you come to the door
We know about your relationship with Zhao Ping.
With Zhao Ping object? He said?
Didn’t you send us your rolled sheets video and then tell us that you are talking to Pinger about the marriage and asked us to come to H city?
What’s wrong with listening to this Au Yeung Fei?
In my heart, I scolded Ouyang Xianqian and Hejun a hundred times.
Just said dismissively
I send you a video? Also send me a video with Zhao Ping rolled sheets?
I’m not a bitch to send you that kind of video.
For me and Zhao Ping, even boyfriends and girlfriends are nothing to talk about.
You’ve been fooled.
Mother Zhao still belongs to that kind of thinking, and when she listens to Au Yeung Fei’s socalled words.
Where can I accept it
You mean that you and Pinger are playing together and never want to get married?
Something like that.
If you don’t get married, you still sleep together and shoot this kind of video that makes people blush?
That’s your son secretly behind my back. You can ask him why he took these pictures. You can also ask him if he has any plans to marry me?
Come here, this woman is sure to be her daughterinlaw, and mother Zhao doesn’t like her in any way.
Nowadays, people have no idea of marrying their own children at all.