At the moment, a woman dressed in heavy makeup looked curious. Chu Yun left the direction. Next to her was a gold chain outbreak.

What nonsense fairy? There are no immortals in this world, but it’s so big here that you won’t let us in. Isn’t it a waste of time to come? Let’s go in and have a look now.
At this time, however, there came a very cold sound from a distance, Step forward and die.
With this sound, a middleaged man appeared in front of two people. Although the man looked wrinkled and had some rickets, he made people feel like kneeling and worshiping.
The outbreak was also shocked, but he was new here and didn’t know what was going on here, so he dared to say, Where did you come from? You always spent money on tickets to come in here. Why do you stop me from always having money and get out of here?
As he spoke of the outbreak, he took out thousands of dollars from his leather wallet and smashed the middleaged man. Almost at the same time, the middleaged man appeared around the outbreak and punched each other in the face.
The outbreak was 2 kg, but the middleaged male fist flew out like a shell at the moment when it touched each other. The woman with heavy makeup next to her was completely scared and even forgot to scream.
Just as the middleaged man rushed to continue to teach this guy a lesson, Chu Yun suddenly appeared beside him and said to him, Forget it.
After seeing Chu Yun, the middleaged man showed a little surprised look and said, It was you. Are you going to take care of this shit?
I’m not interested in you these things, but she is not a local person at first glance. As the saying goes, if you don’t know, don’t sin, let him go.
However, the middleaged man laughed and said, I obey my wife’s orders. Although you and my wife are good, you can’t hinder me. Since you want to stop me, I will even clean up with you.
After saying this, this guy, without saying a word, smashed up towards Chu Yun. Seeing this behind the scenes, Chu Yun was also a bit helpless. He didn’t want this place to make trouble. This time he brought it with him, so he flashed a middleaged male fist slightly to the side and smashed the wall.
This wall is half a meter thick, but it was smashed by a middleaged man.
Seeing this scene, the outbreak next to him was so scared that his eyes turned over and he fainted directly. Obviously, the middleaged man didn’t take him seriously just now. If this punch hits his head, I’m afraid this guy’s head will be smashed.
At this time, a beautiful image appeared. After seeing the bearer, the middle man showed a respectful look and said, Madam, you are here.
Chu Yun glanced at the enchanting woman next to him and said, Get out of here with your man and be honest. Don’t be rich.
The woman just recovered from the shock, and then he hurriedly ran over to wake up the outbreak and left here.
Mrs. Rose, why are you showing your respect today? It’s not like you.
If the average person, I naturally won’t come, but Chu Yun is different from you. You haven’t come to see the slaves for so long. The slaves have already missed you. Besides, if I don’t come, my hand will be crippled by you.
But Chu Yun will not be confused by each other’s appearance:
Chapter 73 Fair
But he knew that this woman was cruel. He frowned and said, I didn’t come here today to make trouble, but to change something I want.
You are willing to come here to honor our fair. Just buy whatever you want today. If there is anything here, you can take it and I’ll pay for it.
Chu Yun didn’t want to promise, but this woman’s mind often says that if she refuses, maybe this woman will be angry, so Chu Yun nodded politely, In that case, thank Mrs. Rose. If Mrs. Rose needs any help, just ask.
Then Chu Yun entered the trading floor, which is no different from the ordinary market, but the people who can appear here are not ordinary people, and these people are not bound by ordinary rules
After all, these people add up to a terrorist force, and they have not done anything harmful to society, and they are also turning a blind eye to this fair.
After Chu Yun came here for a turn, he was a little dazzled. When he first came here, it was six months ago, but it was far from so prosperous at that time. Now even the most inconspicuous corner of the roadside stall is filled with those enviable herbs.
Chu Yun saw a young man coming towards him. He was very polite to Chu Yun and said, Hello, Mr. Chu Yun, our boss has said that you can tell me what you want to buy, and I’ll get it for you directly.
After hearing this, Chu Yun frowned slightly. Then he said to the young man, I want to buy some snow ginseng, and the higher the age, the better. Besides these, I have a list here. See if you have it here.
As he spoke, Chu Yun handed the list he had prepared to the other party. After reading it, the young man frowned and said, Mr. Chu Yun, if you want to buy these things, it is impossible to have a chance outside. Please come with me to the building and have a look. Those precious herbs will appear there.
After hearing this, Chu Yun nodded his head. To put it bluntly, it was also the second time to come to this place. Once she bought something, it was relatively simple. She took it and left directly. He really didn’t know that it was divided into three, six, nine and so on.
The young man sent Chu Yun to a luxurious building and said to Chu Yun, Mr. Chu Yun, if you need any help, just call me. I am not qualified to go in and wait for you here.
Then Chu Yun entered the highest floor of this floor. At this moment, there is an auction going on here. Chu Yun saw that there are not 1 people here and everyone seems to have something, but if you think about it, how can you be qualified to come here if you are an ordinary person?
Chu Yun saw that it was a dagger being auctioned. Although the dagger looked dark and had no special place, many people were crazy about raising prices like chicken blood and wanted to keep it for themselves.
Although Chu Yun was not interested in this dagger, he also sighed when he heard what the people next to him took out when they raised the price. Even if you want to buy a bottle of water in this place, it is impossible to do it with money, and you have to exchange something equivalent.
So he took out a small bottle inside, and then walked to the door. The young man said, I have two pills that can make people in good health and just die an hour ago. Please help me keep these pills. I need some 200yearold snow ginseng.
Of course, so is Ganoderma lucidum in 600 years, but if someone really takes out this thing, you can give them these two pills directly.
After hearing Chu Yun’s introduction, the young man looked at the small bottle in his hand with some dumbfounded eyes. It was hard for him to imagine what could make Chu Yun so confident that the dead could come back to life. Although it was said that it was a dead body, it was a bit of a fate.
Seeing each other’s doubts, Chu Yun smiled and said, Don’t worry. This thing will never be adulterated. If you don’t believe me, go to your boss. She will believe me.
桑拿论坛Then Chu Yun sat here patiently. He also wanted to see if there was anything he was interested in, but he had been waiting for an hour and had nothing in particular.
At this time, three people suddenly pushed a car to the head of the platform. After seeing a fat man, Chu Yun wanted to laugh. Because this brother Zun and the local tyrant he met at his door were very similar in dress, because this guy was also wearing gold and silver, and it looked like the copper smell was even stronger than that guy just now.
Zhang Hu, did you get something good this time?
Obviously, this man is a frequent visitor here, and soon someone recognized his identity and asked curiously.
That’s for sure, but don’t worry about it when you are young. I know that you lost your money some time ago, and you will never get what’s in it. You know very well that you always need cash.
After hearing this, Chu Yun couldn’t help laughing. This guy is really a clean auction. Ordinary people are determined not to want money, but this guy wants cash.