Prester’s face is very horrible. The apocalypse magic elephant, the sword tiger king, already knows the situation, and now he can’t come out.

Where is my body? Are you ready? Prester bold asked.
The apocalypse monster said, I was too hasty to report back to my master, and I was not ready yet.
Waste, then take your body to me! Distorted and terrible voice said prester immediately pounced on the apocalypse golems.
Apocalypse golems don’t want to be taken away by prester. Master, after all you’ve done, don’t you end up in such a field? I still need my appeal to manage the entire Apocalypse Corps!
At present, the Western Expedition Army, headed by Hydra King and Cangmu Eagle King, has lost its pillars, which is simply a mess. It is quite troublesome for the Apocalypse Elephant to be brought back into its own command and manage this huge army.
Prester hesitated for a moment and then changed his goal to Sword Tiger King.
Tiger, I’ll choose you.
No master …
Resistance effect!
Then the Sword Tiger King let out a scream, and prester’s soul jumped into his body and ate up his soul, and then completely mastered the body.
Then prester picked up his weapon and destroyed the blade. He growled, Bazura, wait for me and I’ll take care of you right away! ! !”
Chapter 166 Ice Magic Sword VS Destruction Blade
Although Saranrat has become stronger after getting the ice magic sword, he still has no plan to counterattack Mo Xiaoxie.
With a semiartifact to help her recognize her strength, Mo Xiaoxie’s World War I ice magic sword is no worse than killing the blade
However, her army is quite weak, and the number of her army has been greatly reduced after the fall of the Ice Palace.
Snow turned out to be a lonely place with a total population of just over a few million, not to mention how many troops a large city in the Rhine Empire can have.
She heard that Mo Xiaoxie and his troops had withdrawn from the ice palace and set out in the direction of the Rhine Empire
Saranrat naturally won’t put the ice and snow palace, regardless of caution, sending a lot of hands to occupy it again.
But Saranrat didn’t go back to her palace. She won’t go back until she kills her sworn enemy.
The other side seems to attack the Rhine Empire, and big princess Zilin of the Rhine Empire holds the method to defeat the devil.
Before the first king of the Rhine Empire was killed, it was revealed that a dwarf knew the only way to stop the devil.
And Zilin will try to find that way from the dwarves.
spa会所So Saranrat decided to go to the Rhine Empire to see if Zilin could reach an agreement to jointly deal with the devil.
Saranrat set off after arranging things in the snowfield.
She didn’t carry her hand, but she walked alone, but the soul of her ancestor Lord Storm was still with her.
Do you feel it, old ancestor? It seems that another powerful thing has broken into our world.
Not long ago, that soaring black light beam couldn’t have made her notice.
Xiao Ni is keen on a lot. I really feel it. I’m afraid it’s another artifact with a handle and a half. Before it was sent over, the place where the black light beam was located was the location of the apocalypse golem’s doomsday volcano. I think that guy in prester was cheating again.
Well, it seems that our situation is not optimistic, old ancestor. Since the semiartifact is bad in the highlevel plane, why don’t you buy me another handle?
Saranrat’s voice just fell and the soul of Storm Lord jumped out of Saranrat’s neck pendant as soon as he was angry, like burning water.
Xiao Ni, you are too greedy, he said disgruntled. It took me decades to save money to help you buy the ice magic sword. Although I said that the artifact there is worthless, I still have to spend money to buy it.
Oh? Saranrat showed a puzzled look. So, old ancestor, how are you getting along there?
After listening to this, Lord Storm was even more dissatisfied and shouted, How dare you look down on me, Xiao Ni? Give me back my ice magic sword. I changed my mind and decided not to help you!
Saranrat laughed. Come and grab it if you want, but can you beat me with your soul left in my ancestors?
Lord Storm’s face turned ugly. Well, I learned to bully the old man. I’m your ancestor. Why are you so disrespecting the old and loving the young?
Hehehe … I never thought that the allpowerful storm Lord turned out to be an old urchin. Saranrat muttered with a smile.
When Saranrat was chatting on the road, her ancestors joked with each other.
Before, she stayed in the snow palace all day, and almost never went out to study magic. Even the nextdoor neighbor’s surname was almost unknown. She had never been so comfortable. Saranrat secretly decided to travel after killing the devil and vowed to travel to all planes like her old ancestor Storm Lord. That kind of adventure was wonderful enough.
Walking, she came to a forest.
All of a sudden, it’s still cloudy in Wan Li.
What’s wrong with the weather getting so fast?
Saranrat immediately raised his vigilance. Storm Lord woke up and said, Be careful, a powerful guy is coming here quickly!
Saranrat also felt that the magic in the air suddenly became active. She dared not be careless and was ready to take out the weapon of the ice magic sword at any time. She had practiced it quite skillfully, and she could also master the skills of the ice magic sword well.
A moment later, a dark cloud appeared on the horizon and fell straight towards the location of Saranrat, which was very fast.
Saranrat prompted ice silkworm cloak behind Zhang two pairs of wings to fly quickly to avoid the dark clouds.
Dark clouds finally bombarded the ground and shook it for days, and it was blown out of a big hole. After the filar silk gas drifted away with the wind, prester’s new body appeared in front of Saranrat.
Saranrat still knows the name of the King of Sword and Tiger, and she also knows that that guy is a lackey of prester.
She didn’t know that the Sword Tiger King had been killed by prester and still regarded the guy in front of her as the Sword Tiger King.
According to the basic ability, Saranrat believes that he will not lose to this strange realm monster this, but the present situation is …
She saw the sword tiger king holding a dark kopis in his hand, and the blade was broken around the black ShaQi, which bloomed with strong terror, just as Saranrat felt before. It seems that this is the semiartifact that was sent to me not long ago.
The King of Sword and Tiger is Preston’s special envoy. Come and kill me. Did Bazura let you come because he didn’t listen to him? Saranrat cold tone asked.
The King of Sword and Tiger laughed and showed a horror expression. His eyes bloomed with black eyes, and the tiger lines on his body turned black. His body has been transformed by prester and turned into a dark creature.
He said, Don’t talk nonsense. You also have a handle and a half artifact in your hand. Take it out and see!
Saranrat also you’re welcome immediately drew her ice magic sword from the virtual.
As soon as the ice magic sword comes out of the surrounding gas, it immediately reduces the speed visible on the ground and freezes.
Prester said, It was a correct decision to kill you immediately. Who helped you get this sword?
Saranrat said coldly, I don’t think it’s necessary to answer your question.
Hehe, forget it. You have to die here today anyway! Prester reveal a murderous look.
At this moment, Lord Storm said to Saranrat, Xiao Ni, be careful. That guy’s weapon is unusual.
Saranrat disdained the soul and said, It is unusual that my weapon is different. What is there to be afraid of?
A moment later prester attacked.
He slowly raised the blade of destruction and split it at Saranrat across a distance of tens of meters. In an instant, hundreds of black firm but gentle waves crashed into Saranrat like a burst flood.
The earth and stones on the ground were ground to pieces.
Saranrat calmly raised the ice magic sword with a wave of his hand and a blue ice wall five meters wide and six meters high immediately stood in front of her.