He said it was interesting. Several people laughed. The representative of the Okada family said, I can’t wait to know his reaction, or I’ll call and see what he said now.

The abbot nodded and the Okada family representative immediately took out his mobile phone.
After the connection, the representative of Okada’s family will come here with some banter. Looking at the three people’s puzzled look, he will cover the microphone and gnash his teeth. The little one wants us to hand over highend precision CNC machine tool technology instead of fear.
These other three people started in Chu Yun at the same time. I don’t know that the island country with highend precision machine tool technology is unique. Even America is not an opponent. The automobile industry in the island country is so developed. It is important to know that if the basic industries in the island country are shut down, even the German car companies will be greatly affected. Those big car companies in Germany need to import parts from the island country.
Chu Yun’s mouth can be said to have directly poked the beneficiary of the island country. It’s not worthwhile for Chu Yun to hand over the core competitiveness of the island country. Even if Huaxia nuclear weapons threaten several people, it is estimated that those politicians in his country will have to think about wrangling.
Shaking his head, the abbot directly vetoed, Chu Yun, this is wishful thinking. Tell him directly whether it is possible to finish the most advanced technology.
On behalf of the Okada family, the abbot’s face became livid after just two seconds of pride. Hang up, and his face was ugly. After I put the meaning table, Chu Yun directly said that he has those cuttingedge technologies that can match China.
He also said that it would be too uneconomical to make a bet on yourself if you bought some Chinese technology in a short time.
F * * king several people are very angry in my heart and feel that they have been turned into an army. They don’t think this person is thickskinned or afraid of death to make excuses for Chu Yun’s rhetoric.
They carefully analyzed that according to the nature and volume of those companies in Chu Yun, it is really not comparable to some secondrate technologies to make contributions to China in the future.
So it seems that only those who accumulate tight blockade technology against China when necessary will take risks in Chu Yun.
The abbot walked back and forth in the room, touching his head anxiously and finally gnashing his teeth, saying promise him
What, the other three people suddenly remembered that the abbot was crazy? Even Sakata wouldn’t exchange these roots, would he?
夜生活Chapter 116 Cut Day Sword Art
The abbot said, We can sign an agreement with him to encrypt these technical data first.
The representative of the Okada family was skeptical and called the words for a moment. At the end of the call, he said, Chu Yun agreed.
The abbot clapped his hands and wiped his forehead with sweat. I’ll report the situation to Ren. You’re not worried that these materials really fall into the hands of China. Do you think Chu Yun has a chance to return to China after going out?
The three people shook their heads at the thought of Sakata’s forbearance, so that their seven hearts finally relaxed a little
Chu Yun’s family is preparing a trip to the island country. As the islanders speculated, he is really a crazy patriot. Those top technological adventures in the island country are really not about his own safety. He has confidence in his own strength. On the one hand, it is more important, and he is extremely tired of following him secretly.
Even if the island country is the first to endure, it will not be extremely annoying to its opponents. The two sides agreed that the way of communication is to go to the island country as the dean of Chu Yun Huimin Hospital for investigation and exchange. In the next two days, the abbot of Huquan Temple and the three major commercial families have to do some superficial work. Chu Yun just took advantage of these two days to make some preparations.
Although he is confident, he is not arrogant. He knows that he is well prepared to avoid capsizing in the gutter. Meeting with Yagyu Snow is a top priority. The next day, Chu Yun came to the National Security Bureau to meet Yagyu Snow, and the request was passed.
In the Okada family exchange conditions, Yagyu Snow is not aware of this at this time. In the past two days, the Okada family needs to prepare materials, which will be directly taken away by the Okada family when they return. Therefore, Yagyu Snow is still a haggard look.
Seeing Chu Yun, there was a trace of doubt in her eyes. Why are you here again?
Chu Yun laughed. I’m leaving for the island in two days. Do you have anything to tell me?
Liu Shengxue shook his head and said calmly, Nothing. I wish you a smooth trip and if you save someone, I hope you can bring him to see me.
Chu Yun eyebrows a pick.
Yagyu snow suddenly dim way of course, if it’s difficult, just forget it.
Chu Yun doesn’t feel the taste in his heart. This yagyu snow is really being fooled around. He feels that yagyu snow is very grateful to Zixiong. He recognizes that he wants to see Zixiong again after he dies in Huaxia prison, and then ends his life and sees through her heart. Chu Yun secretly shakes his head.
Do you want my real name to be Zi Shixiong? Chu Yun was straightforward.
Yagyu snowfield QiQiRan face heard him say so suddenly HuoFan up.
Who told you? She glared at her almond eyes and felt that her privacy had been violated by Chu Yun.
Chu Yun shrugged. I don’t care about these details. I want to ask you if you know your true identity.
Yagyu snow gave him a deep look in a bad tone. What identity do you want to say that I am the Lingling clone?
This Chu Yun remained, and he really wanted to say this, but the woman rolled her eyes in front of her eyes and suddenly didn’t want to say it.
He didn’t talk, but Liu Shengxue suddenly had a desire to talk.
I tell you my identity, but it doesn’t matter that according to the Zishixiong patriarch, I am really a family bloodline. When she said this, she was proud of the glory of the Zishixiong family thousands of years ago.
Chu Yun said, Can you tell me about your experience?
His voice was very soft, and Liu Shengxue was a little flustered. It was a pity, just like Zi Shixiong’s tone when he found himself.
She remembers that it was a snowy day, and she wandered the street next to the green trash can, fighting with several homeless children for the place that was not covered with snow but could withstand a little cold wind. At that time, she lived a humble and arrogant life.
That day, she was still thin. She grabbed that position and felt a warm palm wiping her face with blood before she came to enjoy a moment of warmth. Judo Son, you shouldn’t live like this.
Later, she learned that the man’s name was Zi Shixiong, who changed his destiny or put his destiny back on track.
My thoughts drifted a little further and I stared at Chu Yun stupefied. She pulled her mind back and provoked her hair. She casually said, I experienced a wild boy with noble blood flowing in his body and worked hard to repay the story after being adopted.
Chu Yun was silent for a moment and said, I want to make a deal with you. If the deal is made, you can leave here one day.
What yagyu snow suddenly looked at Chu Yun with flashing eyes and shortness of breath, and he had to go out.
You said, she hurried high way
Chu Yun reached out a finger to her lips and said, Be small with a mysterious face.
Yagyu snow cheeks flush two red tuo cross Chu Yun doubt this guy take advantage of yourself.
Listen to Chu Yun’s saying, Since you say that you are from a purple family, you must know a lot about the family’s past. I will let you out if you tell a story that the purple family has never flowed out.
This Liu Shengxue’s eyes are wide open. This bastard must be making fun of me. This condition is really ridiculous. She said angrily with her hands akimbo, Is it interesting to amuse me?
Chu Yun coughed seriously, How can I amuse you? I’m just curious about the history of the Purple Family. By the way, I forgot to say just now that you’d better talk about the absurd things of the Purple Family. Well, the more it sounds like a myth, the better.
He is serious and doesn’t seem to be joking. When Liu Shengxue’s heart thumped, he could be alert. Chu Yun’s conditions are so good that there is no ghost. But if she doesn’t make a deal, she feels down again. In case she really says something ridiculous, Chu Yun will let herself go.
As if she had been scratched by a cat, she decided to test it out.
to say something close to myth, I remember that there is a swordcutting technique for the heads of the purple male clan: