But if everyone knew what Chang Sheng said, I’m afraid they wouldn’t think so

It is estimated that talking in Guardiola’s ear will make many Barcelona fans angry.
I’m sorry, Pepper. I won again!
In the face of such a boss Guardiola can also smile again and again.
Let go of Guardiola’s winning stride. He first found Handanovic and gave him a big hug. He wanted to hug the tall Handanovic!
Handanovic laughed and said, Don’t lift the boss! I will crush you!
His teammates also poured in.
Everyone knows who the real hero of this game is.
Even cavani was not jealous of Handanovic. Without Handanovic’s two key saves, there would be no subsequent goal.
Everyone flocked to congratulate and thank Handanovic sincerely.
He definitely deserves this treatment for his performance in the last game!
Handanovic also looked very happy.
A veteran still has a chance to play for the team at the end of his career and help the team so much.
Although they are old, they still have such performance. For the old, this may be their dream in the future.
Nobody wants to be old, because being old means being gone.
If I still have it, am I not old?
Every time I see those young people alive and kicking on the stadium, I hope to return to my youth, even if I can go back for a while …
Handanovic went back for a whole game.
Chapter one hundred and one Seven hundred million
夜网论坛After the game, the press conference always ridiculed the reporters, I’m waiting. Don’t you have any questions about Handanovic’s unstable state?
What can a group of reporters do in the face of such a constant victory except roll their eyes to show their resistance?
Handanovic did really well in this game, and their focus should also be on Handanovic.
However, what Chang Sheng said made the reporters feel a little uncomfortable.
If they had their own choice, they would choose not to report Handanovic.
Can they?
They can’t.
Handanovic’s performance in every game is worldclass, and no one can ignore his brilliance.
The fans will be very interested in Handanovic.
If they open the newspaper the next day and find that there is no news about Handanovich, they may tear up all the newspapers …
Even with constant ridicule, they still have to do a good job of reporting …
This is the most painful place for them
It was their day of suffering.
In the news after the game, Lazio goalkeeper samir handanovic really became the top star of the game, and all the reports covered him and made a lot of space.
Handanovic deserves a strange title for his performance in this game.
Lazio was in the most dangerous time when he saved two penalties twice in a row.
If it’s a penalty save, it may not be anything.
The problem is that he saved the second penalty and launched a successful counterattack.
He threw the football to Messi, took the ball and then gave it to cavani, and finally let cavani score.
It can be said that Handanovic is the initiator and planner of this goal.
He dominated the game with one hand, and he was able to attack and defend well, and a talented goalkeeper was born!
Handanovic has rarely had such a good time since he stopped being Lazio’s main goalkeeper.
The team Nou Camp eliminated Barcelona, and all the players were happy.
By this time, they have forgotten such things as share change.
But you can’t forget the constant victory.
The first thing he did when he returned to Rome was to call Kate Gracie.
Ask him about his fight with the Russians.
We are asking Lazio Moloto for 100 million, and we hope to get 650 million …
Changsheng smiled, This old profiteer!
When we decided to buy Lazio, Changsheng had asked professionals to evaluate Lazio.
Because Lazio’s own stadium is more valuable.
Generally speaking, 60% of the shares and 560 million yuan are normal quotations, but the acquisition is at a premium. If it is calculated at the market price, no one is willing to sell it.
Lotito wants to sell as high a price as possible, even though the situation is not so good.
If there is no constant victory involved in his idea, it will be realized by law because there is a Russian buyer
Now that the two companies are competing, he has raised the Russian offer to 100 million as soon as he opens his mouth!
Where are we now?
750 million
Stop grinding and tell Lotito that if he accepts our Kyle contract for the last time, what if he doesn’t accept it? We will announce our withdrawal from the competition and let him earn 400 million euros for himself.