Arguably, the little girl should not be so calm even if he didn’t pinch the sugar arm just now.

Look down at the eyes of Sugar Sugar Laojin and blink with shock.
At the moment, sugar sugar is carrying a small head and big eyes flashing cold color, and the right hand is slightly lifted towards Laojin’s chest.
In the face of sugar, I suddenly have a bad feeling about my right hand.
This girl began to practice at most even when she was born, and she was an introduction to Gu Wu. She can endure me.
The dull collision sounded and the painful color appeared in Laojin’s eyes.
Sugar sugar raised his hands and grabbed Laojin’s arm, swinging slightly, and Laojin controlled the balance to prevent him from falling to the ground.
Laojin, are you okay?
Laojin, let’s go
An ancient warrior swore that he couldn’t help but reach for candy quickly and scold, Laojin, hurry up and don’t let the Li family’s old curtilage master react.
Suddenly, the ancient fighters looked at their abdomen with their heads down.
A small handprint, his abdomen is full of qi, just like a dam bursting, which instantly opens his abdomen.
How can she be so strong?
Sugar is strong.
For ordinary people, the sixyearold candy is really strong, and the intensity of true qi is comparable to that of the master in the early stage of dark energy.
But at present, this group of ancient fighters is not weak, and the worst is also the early stage of dark strength.
But they were too careless to expose the fatal part to the sight of sugar and sugar for several times.
This can’t blame this group of ancient fighters. Who would have thought that sugar candy was only five or six years old and actually had such majestic qi and these qi were extremely pure?
Something is wrong
Something’s wrong
Looking at facing the Li family’s old curtilage, facing the people, Lao Zhao, Lao Jin and the remaining ancient fighters all felt something was wrong.
But they still don’t doubt sugar.
品茶论坛Thirty or so ancient fighters were like a gust of wind, and they took hold of the candy in Laojin Laozhao’s arm.
sugar sugar sister be careful
Just then Xiao Si Jia also poked around and walked out of the Li family’s old house.
When she saw a group of ancient fighters rushing towards the candy, she couldn’t help but panic and shout.
Chapter 12 Two Little Demons!
Looking at a large group of ancient fighters rushed to Xiao Si with sugar and sugar, her face was full of panic.
In a hurry, Xiao Sijia stretched out his right hand and grabbed the door beam violently.
Holy shit.