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"No, no" may be that Han Minzhi immediately said, "You will say later that this flower was specially bought as a birthday present for him. I think Ah Shu will be very happy, too."

Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Back home, the servants are preparing dinner in the kitchen, but there is no one in the living room. They should all rest in the house.
Han Minzhi went directly back to the guest room and Gao Xiaoxiao also held the flower house.
Pushing open the bedroom door, I still didn’t see Han Shu.
Where did you go?
Put that bunch of flowers on the table, Gao Xiaoxiao looked at it and said in his heart that it was false or not.
He’s been really nice to himself since they officially got together, but a president that big is willing to learn to cook. She prepares a room to pick up and drop off classes every day, but she is …
"snapped" a door was pushed away from the outside Han Shan came in.
The straight suit has been changed into a dark gray sweater with black casual pants. The figure is tall and straight, and the legs are straight and slender. The whole person is clean, handsome, elegant and leisurely.
At first glance, he saw a large bunch of dazzling roses on the table and frowned. "Where are the flowers?"
Gao Xiaoxiao looked at his elegant eyebrow eye and suddenly blushed a little, prevaricated and didn’t know what to say.
May be watching Gao Xiaoxiao’s "guilty conscience" and not talking. Han Hao went straight to the door and picked up the rose and looked at it. There was no card.
Deep eyes narrowed sharply at once and the voice became serious. "Which wild man sent you flowers?"
Wild man? Gao Xiaoxiao Nai said honestly, "Do you like it when I buy it for you?"
"Send me?" Han Wei squinted at her eyes and her expression was a little Gherardini. "Why did you give me this?"
Gao Xiaoxiao thought of Han Minzhi’s words and said, "The day before yesterday was your thirtieth birthday. I forgot. I’m sorry. I bought these thirty roses for your birthday."
Korea’s hook lip elegance facial features gradually become a little stiff and dim voice also low "is forgotten or … I don’t know".
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao winked and picked up the bouquet of flowers and sent it to him with a soft and clever voice. "I must remember that November 16th is your birthday after I promise. I’m sorry, flowers are given to beautiful men. Happy birthday!"
Han Dong "…"
桑拿网Four eyes relative Gao Xiaoxiao face slowly some red.
Han Shao looked at her today because she was going to the wedding. Gao Xiaoxiao also dressed up beautifully, with a delicate eyebrow and clear eyes. She was wearing a pink fine needlework with a light fragrance and a short black skirt. She was even more shy …
His heart sighed and he couldn’t help but reach out and pinch her. Her cheeks were red and there was a kind of … unspeakable intimacy and ambiguity.
Gao Xiaoxiao’s face turned red instantly. At this time, a cell phone bell suddenly rang.
She touched her hot cheeks, bowed her head and held the bouquet of flowers, smelling the fragrance of roses, but her ears pricked up to listen to Han Shu’s speech, "Well, two first-class tickets."
"I’ll send you the ID card information later. Um … OK, hang up."
After the announcement, Han Shu said, "To express your apologies, accompany me to Beijing for business."
"… huh?" Gao Xiaoxiao surprised looked up to see him "go to Beijing on business? How long will it take? "
Han Shu stretched out his hand and took hold of her deep voice for "three days"
"So long?" tall
Long? "Gao Xiaoxiao tangled frowned." I have other things to do. "
"What is it?" Han Yu’s soft face suddenly became harsh, and she just got better, and her mood was instantaneous and overcast.
What could be more important than him?
Gao Xiaoxiao saw that he looked pale and answered truthfully, "I want to go back to Chongcheng. A relative has come back and I have to go back and see."
"Come with me on a business trip first, and then I’ll accompany you there after you come back." Han Shu said directly.
"But … she may leave in a few days." Gao Xiaoxiao is entangled in this place. She plans to go to the company for leave in the afternoon and then buy an afternoon ticket back to Chongcheng to save money.