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Sure enough, they are rare men in the world.

Gu Changyu took Lu Xun’s hand and looked up at him with a smile. "Miss Asunnan is pretty, don’t you think so?"
Lu Xun’s eyes swept lightly from her face and said nothing.
I am busy laughing. "Miss Gu, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I sometimes look at you and look straight."
Maybe the compliment in my words was too obvious and made all three of them laugh.
Gu Changyu smiled very politely while covering her mouth. "Call me Little Fish. Call Miss Gu a stranger."
I opened my mouth a little and couldn’t shout.
In front of me, Lu Xun and Ye Xiangyuan both called her Chang Yu You Gu Changning or called her Xiaoyu.
I always think this name is too intimate.
Then I remembered that Ye Xiangyuan also called the little fish in the room …
I paused and stammered, "OK, little fish …"
She smiled and nudged Lu Xun. "Isn’t the timing cute?"
Lu Xun nai frown tone with spoil "let’s go to eat".
Ye Xiang and I go far behind.
Looking at the back of Lu Xun and Gu Changyu, I hesitated to take out my mobile phone and want to send a message to South-South.
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly reached out and gently squeezed my wrist so that I couldn’t move.
I looked up at him for a moment and said, "Nannan is my good friend. I believe she is definitely not the kind of girl who doesn’t know shame. You don’t have to worry about her ruining Miss Gu’s marriage."
Maybe my voice was too cold and hard, and he silently withdrew his hand and didn’t do it again.
I ignored him, but I didn’t break away from him and continued to send WeChat to Nannan.
Anyway, I can’t break up with Nannan.
But since Ye Xiangyuan is very shy, I can also meet South-South outside and prevent South-South from seeing Lu Xun and Gu Changyu.
Nannan replied quickly that she was having dinner with her colleagues. Today’s incident made her feel very sad, but she was also relieved that she would never meet Lu Xun again.
Although I know very well that her secret love is doomed to be fruitless, I still feel a little distressed about her.
But I can’t help it. Who told her to like an impossible person?
I stubbornly praised her for taking another picture of Gu Changyu’s back to show how beautiful Gu Changyu is.
Although South-South is also very gentle and lovely, it is still a child’s face with huge breasts, but it is not enough to see before Gu Changyu.
In fact, all the girls, including myself, are eclipsed by Gu Changyu.
Section 15
Nan-nan must have understood what I meant and gave a broadsword expression.
I couldn’t help laughing.
I’m relieved that she can adjust her mood.
At this time, it has reached the square parking lot.
Lu Xun and Gu Changyu wait for us by the car.
Because it’s the summer sun, Lu Xun still holds an umbrella for Gu Changyu.
The two men are the same shirt, handsome and calm, and the woman is a special match.
I don’t know why I suddenly remembered the scene when I first saw Gu Changyu. At that time, she was with Ye Xiangyuan. Ye Xiangyuan opened the car door and they walked side by side to the teaching building … At the beginning, I also felt that they were very suitable for each other …
I look to the side and the leaves are far away.
He held me in one hand and held a sun umbrella in the other. Maybe at this time, we are also a very suitable couple in the eyes of outsiders.
I lowered my eyes and secretly sighed in my heart.
A few meters away from the car, Ye Xiangyuan suddenly stopped.
I was so preoccupied that I didn’t notice his look.
Until he pulled me into his arms
I looked up in surprise.
With an obscure face, he held an umbrella in one hand and put his arm around my back in the other, and took me to my chest forcefully.
Then I whispered in my ear, "You are angry."
I bit my lip and didn’t speak.
spa会所He definitely looked at me. "I didn’t mean it."
My pie mouth heart suddenly felt a little wronged. "But you just gave me a look … South-South just likes Lu Xun … I said that she didn’t intend to confess with Lu Xun and wouldn’t bother him … Besides, she also robbed Miss Gu …"
"Even if she doesn’t care about herself, do you still want to cling to me?"
"Don’t I have to be angry with so many people who like you …"
Ye Xiangyuan listened to my complaint and suddenly bowed his head and violently blocked my mouth.
I blushed and then pushed him awkwardly.
This is a public place, and I used to be a school teacher, plus many rumors last year, many people must know me.
Ye Xiangyuan was a school girl’s dream lover when she was a visiting professor for half a year …
Thinking of this, I pushed him harder.
But he tightened his belt, and his lips became more and more plundered.
He didn’t let me go until I was weak all over.
I’m so breathless that I can barely lean on his shoulder.
He tapped my lip with his fingertips. "I was wrong. Forgive me, okay?"
When I see him like this, it seems that if I don’t forgive him, he will continue to kiss me, and I can’t help feeling angry.
But that lazy smile on his face tells me that he won’t back down.
I can finally pout and complain about "bullying"
He chuckled, "But you like it, too, don’t you?"
I "…"
The first time I was teased by him, I was so embarrassed that I bit him ruthlessly.
He smiled and held my hand tightly and walked to the car.
Lu Xun and Gu Changyu are still waiting. We don’t have a car.
See we approached Gu Changyu holding Lu Xun arm coquetry, "Ah Xun, did you see how good Ah Yuan is to his wife?"