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Her lips gradually smiled, and the man was so affectionate.

He Lianyin looked at his watch and it was already two o’clock in the afternoon. He picked out an apple from the plate and picked up a fruit knife to help her peel the apple carefully.
"I asked Song Jie to cut the fruit for you this morning. If you didn’t eat it, I’ll help you cut it and eat an apple every day. Your metabolism is good. Now you are a patient. You should supplement more nutrition and make up for the missing meat as soon as possible."
Looking at the apple peel to Yin, he turned round and round in his hand. "Am I thin now? Actually said I was a patient. "
"You’ve lost more than a little weight. I think you have to make up ten pounds less to get rosy."
To Yin slightly open mouth "ten catties? Is this too exaggerated? "
"It’s no exaggeration. I recently had a lot of fresh ingredients shipped. After that, you have to eat five meals a day to mend your body." So I didn’t say anything about mending Helian Yin.
"But I don’t eat that much."
"Then take gaining weight as a goal and gain it slowly. I’m not in a hurry."
Xiang Yin couldn’t help laughing. "Of course you’re not in a hurry. It’s not your increase."
She joked with him.
He Lianyin was delighted and raised his head to catch her eye. "You are a little fatter and look good now, and your bones are too thin and diaphragmatic."
What did he say to Yin Bai? His face turned red
He said what happened that night.
After a while, He Lianyin peeled the apple. He frowned slightly, put the apple that was almost peeled back in the box and picked up an apple peel again.
The move was looked at by Yin, who puzzled and asked, "Why did you put it in that box?"
约茶Didn’t you say you were going to give it to her?
"That can’t eat" HeLianYin face some unnatural.
Xiang Yin found that he was white and his ears were red.
"Before a game, if you peel an apple for your lover, it will mean that the marriage will end in failure." God knows how long he has practiced peeling this apple.
Xiang Yin smiled and gently covered his lips and eyes. "I didn’t expect you to know this."
When we first met, I felt to Yin that he was cold and indifferent. I didn’t expect him to be so simple and immature about love.
It’s really cute
"I just want to see if I can peel a whole apple in front of you," he said softly.
Smile more joyfully at Yin.
"What are you laughing at?"
"That’s not an apple in your hand, it’s a snake fruit." She couldn’t help telling him the truth. Her eyes are sparkling and beautiful.
Xiang Yin almost laughed.
HeLianYin holding hands red eyebrow slightly pick "this is not an apple? Then why did Sister Song tell me that this is an apple? "
Xiang Yin endured a smile. "Maybe it’s because snake fruit is very similar to apple, and its taste is just a little sweeter. Song Jie can’t tell it herself. Just like litchi and Mao Dan, two kinds of fruits are almost a kind of long hair, and the older generation has no hair. The name is imported apple and imported litchi. It’s normal that Song Jie is not white."
He Lianyin "…"
before long
Tong Tong came back, and his lines changed again.
"Zheng came back and you still don’t welcome Zheng?" Holding a small sand shovel in his hand, he shouted "unbridled!"
To Yin dazed zheng.
"Didn’t you just minister? How did it become Zheng now? " He Lianyin endured the smile and asked him.
Tong Tong thought of a card waist handsome face tender and white "just now is now now"
"Well, who am I?" He Lianyin pointed to his canthus smile narrow.