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"…" Han Shu picked an eyebrow. "What’s so smelly?"

"Who else can it be? Hello!" Jingmuchen almost shouted out this sentence.
"My son?" Han Shu frown "you say small white? He’s still in the United States. He said he wouldn’t return to China until next month. Why … Do you miss Xiao Bai, too, big brother? "
"Miss your sister!"
The president, who has always been cold and taciturn, actually spit out such a sentence. When the online buzzword Han Qi was drunk for a long time, he asked, "Er, what happened to Big Brother Xiaobai?"
"Your son just called me and turned my daughter away. You … you linked me to him now! Give me back in half an hour! "
After saying this, the words were hung up.
The sound is loud and shows great anger
Han Zuo left his thin lips and immediately dialed the telephone number in the United States
A minute later, he put his cell phone on again and smiled, which was already in stitches.
It’s really not the kui that his son Han Yan does things just like this … Don’t take the usual path.
He picked up the phone and dialed his wife’s number. "What’s the wife busy with?"
"What else can you do? Today, it’s rare for your daughter to take a vacation in the college entrance examination. Let me take her out shopping to buy clothes. "Yu Xiao’s noisy head seems to be shopping.
Han Wei "well" asked, "Did Xiaobai call you today?"
"Small white? No, "Yu Xiao said." Besides, it’s early morning in the United States. How do you fight? "
"Wife" Han Shu sighed "My son … he has returned to China"
"What? Xiaobai has returned to China? " Yu Xiao was surprised. "When will he fly? Why didn’t I know? Why didn’t you tell me! "
Han Shao smiled and said, "I don’t know, but … my son has really come back and went to school to find jiujiu’s eldest brother who called me just now. Well, it seems quite angry."
"…" There was no sound in the words for a long time, and then … Yu Xiao excited the sound. "You said Xiao Bai went back to China and went to jiujiu? God, that’s great. It’s really my son! Action is so fast! "
Han Dong "…"
It’s really worthy that his wife’s reaction is so "singing with her husband"!
D Shi mo Jia Chongqing hotpot
Han Mo white clip a chopsticks covered with red seasoning beef venetian blind into his mouth and chewed it for a few times without changing color. Then he looked up at the opposite side and stared at his girl’s eyes for a moment. Her smile was strong and narrow. "Can I be satisfied?" Is it delicious? "
Jing’ an Jiu’s little face turned red and looked away to hide his embarrassment. He also stretched out his hand and took a swig of mango juice in front of him.
It’s freezing!
Han Mo smiled and continued to pick up chopsticks and eat hot and arbitrary hot pot.
After a while, Jing Anjiu finally couldn’t help but say, "I remember you didn’t like hot pot before."
Han Mo white nodded "now also don’t like to eat".
"…" Jing Anjiu didn’t understand. "If you don’t like it, why do you come over to eat?"
Although his face didn’t change color, she could see that his face was red and his eyes were a little red. Although the room was fully air-conditioned, a thick sweat was already on his forehead.
Isn’t this asking for it?
Although the memory is a little long five years ago, she can always remember some things clearly, such as he never eats spicy food and his eating habits are so healthy that he can’t …
"Because you like to eat," Han Mo Bai said naturally. "Don’t tell me that you don’t eat spicy food now."
Jing Anjiu "…"
Eating is eating … What does this have to do with him?
JingAn nine sip sip lip openings asked "what do you want to see me? Isn’t it just a hot pot? "
Just now, along the way, she has carefully thought about what he can do to find her in the examination room and recognize her at a glance. There can be one reason, that is, someone tipped him off and probably showed him her photo from time to time.
Ten times this person is aunt Xiao!
Han Mo smiled in vain. "Yeah, or what are you?"
Jing Anjiu "…"
It seems that he thinks too much again, and he will apologize for what happened five years ago …
"I’m so hungry because I came to see you as soon as I got off the plane." Han Mobai added, "I didn’t even tell my parents."
My girl will be very touched. Who knows …
Jing Anjiu smiled and said, "I still like to leave without saying goodbye as I did five years ago."
Han Mobai "…"
He definitely said, "jiujiu, are you still angry with me?"
"No!" Jing Anjiu smiled slightly. "There is no need to be angry with people who don’t regard themselves as friends."
Han Mobai looked at her face and smiled without anger, but slightly evoked his thin lips. "I really … didn’t treat you as a friend."
JingAnJiu smile a stiff.
Section 766
桑拿会所Then she got up from her chair and lifted her feet to leave.
"Wait a minute." Han Mobai grabbed her little hand more quickly and said, "I haven’t finished yet."
"What else is there to say?" Jing Anjiu is very angry.
She admits that she is a person who bears a grudge, otherwise she would not have remembered what happened five years ago.
Because of this, she is no longer as cheerful as before. In recent years, she has few friends around her and has been nicknamed "Iceberg Goddess" by her classmates behind her back.
May I ask a person who stays with her every day who can suddenly go abroad without saying a word and then hasn’t contacted her for five years … Who can she trust with such a fragile friendship?
She tried desperately to pull her hand back, but somehow she just couldn’t break free.
Although Han Mobai is tall, thin and strong, the big hand has controlled her whole person without any effort, and the disparity in strength has also made her deeply realize that the former gentleness has harmed the little boy, but now it is really grown up.
"jiujiu" whispered after watching Han Mo’s white expert control her alive. "I want to say that I have always regarded you as my girlfriend, not an ordinary friend."
Jing Anjiu almost choked on her own saliva. She forgot her struggle and said with a horrified face, "What are you talking about?"
"I’m not talking nonsense." Han Mo’s white expression is serious and serious. "I just told Uncle Jing that I want to be your boyfriend."
Jing Anjiu "…"
After a hot pot meal, most of the ingredients are left on the table.
Han Mo white is really spicy and can’t be eaten. Yu Jingan Jiu didn’t eat much from beginning to end and was not in the mood to eat.
She kept talking with Han Mobai in her head, but he continued to move chopsticks as if nothing happened …
Han Mo got up and said, "Let’s go" after shouting the bill.
"Where to?" Jing’ an Jiu could not help but ask
"Go home"
Go home?
Jing Anjiu got up and was just about to ask whether to send her home. His hand was held by him again.