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Yu Tingchuan stubbed out the cigarette butt and looked at her with her head down. "Are you coming back alone?"

"There will be Xu assistant" Song Qingcheng said and took out a business card from his bag and handed it to "that Japanese lady gave you a call to Japan"
This statement is too ambiguous
Yu Tingchuan tasted this sentence and continued to watch her eyes float with interest. "What should I call her for?"
"I don’t know" song city whisper.
Some small actions of women, even if they are delicious, can bring desire and interest.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t pick up the business card. "Since it is for you, you can keep it."
Song city listened to the business card back.
Then get up and hang the bag on the hook behind the door
Yutingchuan still sat and patted the edge of the bed. "Come and sit with me."
Song city didn’t go over and put down luggage case took out his storage bag and took a change of clothes and towels to open the old door and looked back. "You sit down, I’m going to take a shower."
Throw this sentence and walk away.
Yutingchuan looked at the figure passing by the window and couldn’t tell whether it was fun or amused. He smiled unconsciously.
The bathing place is very simple and the whole hospital is public.
Song city simply washed a change of pajamas and it took some effort to open the rusty door lock. She didn’t intend to wash clothes and directly took the washbasin back to the wing. Because she didn’t wash her long hair, she rolled it up to show her clean face and neck.
When Yu Tingchuan went to wash, she folded the dirty clothes in her room and put them in another storage bag.
I caught a glimpse of another bed. A man pulled out a cigarette case, a lighter and a mobile phone suit from his trousers pocket. Song Qingcheng also casually threw it at the end of the bed. No matter what it looks like, it’s an eyesore. I’d better clean up the door with a paper towel first, then hang the suit and put it on the bedside table.
The bedside table is still seen by Yutingchuan.
Song Qingcheng picked it up and took a look at the cover of King Kong Prajna Paramita Sutra, and I don’t know where he got it.
September nights are still hot and dry.
There is no fan in the wing, which is temporary because it has been whining for some years.
It didn’t take long for Yu Tingchuan to come back from the shower.
He casually threw his shirt and trousers in luggage case Song Qingcheng. When he saw this scene, he almost jumped up. Because he couldn’t hang up after being quilted, she temporarily put the sweater in the box. "How can I wear it in this way?"
Luggage case squatted next to pick up the pile of dirty clothes and pinched the wet cloth in his hand. Looking down, it was a man changing pants.
"…" He should be soaked in his shower pants.
Song whole face some hot simply out of sight, out of net shirt wrapped into his storage bag at random.
At this time, there was a joke in the courtyard outside
桑拿  title=It’s Vice President Liang. Those people are back.
Song Qingcheng turned his head and Yutingchuan was sitting on the bed with long legs and leisurely lights. He looked at the Buddhist sutras and looked at them with great concentration. Just now, he complained and didn’t see him take a reason. Getting along like this gave her an illusion as if she were an old couple.
Maybe it was because they didn’t turn off the lights. After a while, Vice President Liang came to knock at the door.
I greeted Yu Tingchuan before Liang went back to the house to rest.
On this night, Song Qingcheng was just about to fall asleep when she heard the ring from the next room, and then it became clearer and clearer, which also drove her sleepy.
It is no longer a simple girl who naturally recognizes what is next door.
When women scream, sometimes.
The board creaked and occasionally hit the wall …
People who live next door are not Hengyuan employees, and temple workers should not be overnight tourists.
I didn’t expect someone in the temple to do such a thing.
Song Qingcheng buried half his face in the bed, and the next door was a little scratching. She could hear another person in the room, and she must have heard it, too. She wanted to pretend to be asleep and even dared not breathe harder.
Occasionally, the next door will tease.
The whole Song Dynasty is impatient when it will end. Suddenly, a bang in the room is really loud. She knows that Yu Tingchuan smashed eyelashes and can’t help but shake it. It’s not clear what he smashed. It’s definitely not his hand.
The next door suddenly went silent, and the darkness calmed down.
"…" Song whole city can’t help but think that the man next door may be impotent from now on.
Then she heard yutingchuan get up and move.
Moonlight leaked in from behind the curtain, and the cricket outside was loud and clear. Song Qingcheng faced the plaster wall and didn’t look back here. Yu Tingchuan sat by the bed for a while, and her eyes kept falling. After a while, he went outside and left the door unlocked. She heard the cigarette lighter.
House Song Qingcheng turned over.
See through the crack of the door that elongated figure.
Inexplicably attracted by men smoking makes her feel at ease …
The whole song dynasty slept till dawn, and the fan turned in the direction. The sun lit up the thin curtains and you could hear what was said in the courtyard outside.
She sat up and realized that the bed next door was empty.
Song Qingcheng changed her clothes and met Xu Dong when she came back from washing.
Xu Dong laughed, "I was just about to ask you to have breakfast."
Then he added, "manager Yu always accompanies Japanese guests."
Song Qingcheng didn’t take the bag with Xu Dong to the canteen temple. It was porridge and steamed bread early. It was already more than nine o’clock at the moment. These two things were not very hot. She asked for a bowl of porridge and two vegetable bags, and then scooped out the stuffing with a spoon to eat with porridge.
Xu Dong was relieved to see her off so well when she said that she would go to see an accident in Japan early. Incidentally, Yu Tingchuan said, "Yu always speaks Japanese so well when he studies abroad in Waseda in his early years."
Song Qingcheng asked, "The Japanese are still not willing to agree?"
Xu Dong nai "after all, technology is also afraid of being stolen."
"Also" the whole song dynasty bowed their heads and grilled rice congee "let’s not just get up in China"
Xu Dong couldn’t help laughing at this.
Then Xu Dong’s cell phone rang.
It was Vice President Liang who called to listen to each other and Xu Dong looked relieved and somewhat overjoyed. "I’m going to get the horse from the car and send it to the past."
Hung up the words Xu Dong said to Song Qingcheng, "You eat first and I’ll do something."
He got up and took a few steps to the door, then turned around and smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up, then left in a hurry.
☆, Chapter 126 Feeling with Yutingchuan
The whole city looked at Xu Dong this pair of happy samples and guessed in my heart that it should be with the Japanese.
After breakfast, I walked around the temple.
After passing a slant hall, she saw a Guanyin Buddha statue in it, and the pace slowed down a little, and she followed her female tourists in her leisure time.
The incense sticks in the shrine of the magnificent palace are constantly coming in and out occasionally by monks wearing yellow robes.
In the whole Song Dynasty, I walked around and finally looked at the Bodhisattva statue at the door. On both sides of Guanyin stood a statue of a wealthy child and a dragon lady. Suddenly, she wanted to be kind. She took out twenty dollars from her wallet and put it into the next merit box.