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Zach’s bouncing goal is obviously to flash away from the mouse.
Seeing this situation, Lu Zhan couldn’t wait to drop the mouse, but when it comes to it, they have to go again and again.
People set up their positions just to sneak up on them. The mice in their array need the front output most, and the environment is not suitable for passive fighting while retreating.
According to Lu Zhan’s idea, the dragon lady should be rushed to sell a wave first, so that the other few people must face the dragon lady first in any case.
Dragon girl is very fleshy, so it’s not so easy to kill mice, shoot mantis behind them and harvest them. This is the perfect way for them to fight.
And it is this row of eyes that has an effect as soon as they stay in ambush.
The European team is the best at team fighting, and today is no exception.
Like the first time Xiaolong was caught, Mo Li was caught in the fire and got half blood.
Mo Li is also frightened and inexplicable. His hand speed is not slow. The other side continuously controls the gap and hands over the big move, but the blood volume can no longer support it.
"Fight or withdraw!"
See mo from death sky blue has not made eye contact with Lu Zhan directly asked.
"fight!" Lu Zhan definitely answered.
"why?" Sky blue is startled.
Tianlan seems to be facing the same situation as the second time. Lu Zhan should let people go
But this time, Lu Zhan chose a different idea.
喝茶约茶"I said fight!" Lu Zhan didn’t have time to explain that he had begun to wander around looking for opportunities.
Two people talk Xiao Chengjiang with dragon lady.
He has been cooperating with Lu Zhan for more than half a year. When Lu Zhan’s words are spoken, he will not hesitate.
"Demassia’s martial arts will be obvious!"
The dragon lady turned into a soaring dragon and rushed at the other five people.
This time, he is blue skin, and the flame is also blue burning, and the other five people leave a long track.
Four dozen five seems to have fallen into a passive position, but Xiao Chengjiang rushed away without hesitation.
Because of Lu Zhan’s word "hit"
"Spiders intercept Zach mouse fire!" Lu Zhan did not consider Tian Lan’s habitual command.
The sky blue nodded spider hung up and bit Zach, while the burning night took this opportunity to open a big move. It was the best time for him to output before the dragon lady blocked it.
The mouse made a big move and fired for seven seconds. Seven seconds, while the spider entangled Zach, he smashed all the firepower into the other crowd.
The China team assisted in the killing situation and fought with each other four dozen five times.
Chapter 63 Cut the back row
At this time, the China team’s non-stop wandering in the land exhibition has established an advantage, and the dragon girl doesn’t need to send it. It seems that they can win the four-to-five-land exhibition.
The only contribution Jiela made before her death was to attract a lot of firepower. This time, the other side didn’t pay much big moves, but put a few skills. Just a few skills are also good for the dragon lady to resist damage
The economic leader Lu Zhan chose to let his teammates fight back.
There is no doubt that apart from Xiao Chengqiang, Sky Blue and Burning Night have successively entered the battle.
However, when the dragon lady rushed, Lu Zhan watched by mantis.
He still watched after the mouse fired.
Lu Zhan et al.
Mantis is not like robbing a wave of skills, which can stably drop an enemy’s crispy skin for a second and maybe even come back.
Mantis can’t. When he broke into the enemy line, he had to wait until he could kill someone with a wave of damage because his E skill D was too long and not so flexible, so he had to refresh Ed.
However, this time Lu Zhan is not waiting for someone to be bloody, but waiting for the other party to control it.
He is thinking about the other person’s skills a little bit. Zach E has lost R and the hammer stone. Just now, Jiela has lost E, but the big move is still blind, and the big move kicked the dragon girl back. His hero is not hard to control.
Although the hammer stone move slowed down by 99%, after all, it can’t stop him from putting down his skills. He is not afraid of this.
So he has to wait for one of the other ap or ad to leave the crowd.
The mouse fire was really fierce, and a wave of skills hit each other, and several people lost half their blood, but he was finally pushed back by Zach and couldn’t hit anyone.
At this time, the blind monk also stuck to the spider and prepared to beat the mouse.
Peke saw that the time was right and took Cassadine to harvest mice.
"Here comes the opportunity!" Lu Zhan gave up the mouse behind him and started the big move directly.
One second stealth, he has cut to the other side of the camp and walked towards Obama.
The other side has a very rich view around here, and has already seen the disappearance of the land exhibition. Obama left the land exhibition at the far end of the land exhibition for the first time.
At this time, Lu Zhan mantis just wanted to take off and didn’t press the skill.
Seeing that Obama responded quickly, Lu Zhanma switched the target to kill. He wanted to kill Obama first, and now he has changed to kill the hammer stone first.
It is best to kill the hammer stone with the least blood volume in the opponent’s array.
There is another reason for choosing the hammer stone, that is, the hammer stone lantern has lanterns, and the hammer stone can pull people away, which is obviously a threat to mantis’s judgment of blood volume
The mantis wings vibrated and finally flew, aiming at the hammer stone.
Mantis jumped to the hammer stone and then a Q hit it out.
He has evolved Q skills, and this claw has knocked out most of the blood of the hammer stone. Plus, just stealth triggered a passive attack and the hammer stone instantaneous blood.
One Q and one general attack actually hit the hammer stone, which is close to half of the blood!
If you hadn’t thrown lanterns to protect yourself when hammering stones, you might have died directly.
Hammer stone waiting for death has created opportunities for his teammates.