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Inter Milan fans in the stands also saw the situation change, and suddenly they were in high spirits. The team cheered and hoped that Inter Milan would score a goal to equalize the score and keep the hope of promotion in the second round.

As time went by, Barcelona still tried their best to control the ball and defend it. When it was delayed, Inter Milan kept pushing for it and then got the ball and immediately fought back.
However, Lu Wenbin is naturally the key target of Barcelona.
Even if Inter Milan grabbed the ball and handed it to Lu Wenbin, Lu Wenbin failed to make a breakthrough in a short time.
In the first minute, Lu Wenbin once broke through the defense of Iniesta and Mascherano, but was shoveled away by a beautiful tackle at the front of Pique’s forbidden area.
Seeing that the game is coming to an end, Inter Milan players are getting more and more crazy, and there are more and more loopholes in the backcourt.
In the ninth minute, Messi almost hit back. Fortunately, Cesar shot Messi in his arms.
But Inter Milan can’t care whether they will be countered in the backcourt. They want to score goals.
Finally, in the 92nd minute, when the game was about to end in one minute, Cambiaso forced Pique to throw the ball without careful observation.
Pique gave the ball to full-back Alves, but Stankovic had already rushed over, and Alves didn’t dare to stop the ball. He quickly kicked the ball out and pushed it to Harvey.
As a result, Sid predicted that Alves rushed desperately to catch Harvey’s ball and fell to the ground to tackle it and gave it to Lu Wenbin in the middle.
At the end of the game, Barcelona lost the ball and it was about to fall to Lu Wenbin’s foot for a monthly ticket.
Chapter 465 Make-up time is absolutely flat for commutation ticket.
In the 92nd minute, Sid shoveled the ball from Alves to Harvey to Lu Wenbin.
However, Lu Wenbin has been followed by Iniesta and Keita, and Mascherano has also rushed to prepare for blocking Lu Wenbin’s breakthrough and shooting route.
Lu Wenbin ran to the football rolling direction and observed the situation near the forbidden area.
品茶The players in the stadium are all from a 2d perspective, and they can usually see a few people running around them, which is very ugly and far away.
However, Lu Wenbin’s full field of vision made him observe that Pique and Puyol were preparing to run from the forbidden area to the outside, while Cambiaso Chester shoveled the ball to Lu Wenbin and suddenly started from the forbidden area line and rushed to the forbidden area.
Cambiaso wants to be offside.
Never played striker Cambiaso and Lu Wenbin had no tacit understanding, but Lu Wenbin found Cambiaso’s anti-offside movement in his vision.
So Cambiaso leaned forward to start a moment, and Lu Wenbin carried Iniesta and Keita to force the ball to stop.
The ball leaps from Mascherano, flies over Pique’s head and falls to the left of the penalty spot in the penalty area.
Cambiaso succeeded in offside and Pique grabbed the landing point behind him.
Pique frightened to disgrace has stopped moving outward and jumped back just visible to try to steal the ball from behind Cambiaso.
If Cambiaso tries to stop the ball, Pique may destroy it.
However, Cambiaso did not stop the ball.
He got stuck in position, then kicked the falling ball and volleyed it to the goal like a shell.
The shot was too close, and the volley was very powerful and fast. Valdes didn’t even see the ball clearly, but he waved his hand in the direction of the ball.
Then he saw the ball fly into the net.
"Cambiaso scored from Lu Wenbin’s assist."
"Magic Bird Mourinho’s substitution received a miraculous effect. Inter Milan equalized the score."
"The magical substitution of Cambiaso as a striker not only improved the success rate of Inter Milan’s frontcourt steals, but also really scored an equaliser goal by Cambiaso."
"Mourinho is a magical bird."
In the 92nd minute, Lu Wenbin assisted Cambiaso to score an important goal, and Inter Milan equalized the score 11 times.
On the scene or in front of the camera, the fans of Inter Milan cheered and screamed wildly, while the fans of Barcelona lamented.
1 and 11 have absolutely different effects on the second round.
Cambiaso and Lu Wenbin, who scored the goal in the stadium, also rushed to embrace each other to celebrate him, and Inter Milan players also rushed to celebrate fiercely.
The score of 11 to Inter Milan retained a greater hope of promotion in the second round.
But on the whole, Barcelona won the game.
Because they got a draw away from home and scored an away goal.
After returning to home in the second leg, they will have a certain advantage, whether it is the score or the home game state bonus.
Therefore, after the re-kick-off, Barcelona still did not rashly attack and directly controlled the ball, which dragged the game to the end.
Four minutes after the stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game. Inter Milan equalized the score with Mourinho’s magical substitution and Cambiaso’s goal in stoppage time.
After the game, Mourinho’s substitution and Cambiaso’s goal became the focus of everyone’s questions.
Mourinho said that he had found a way to deal with Barcelona. In the second leg, Inter Milan eliminated Barcelona and reached the Champions League final easily.
Guardiola was a little disappointed to concede the goal in the final stage, but he said that Cambiaso’s goal was a dog’s shit.
Back at home in Barcelona, they will run through the Inter Milan defense and seal Inter Milan.
On how Mourinho did find a defensive way to deal with Barcelona’s possession.
Although Barcelona won an away draw and scored an away goal, the neutral media think that Inter Milan will advance a lot.