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Immediately a bodyguard forcibly dragged ChuFeiPeng up.

Chu Feipeng’s teeth chattered and trembled. "I … I really don’t know anything … I’m Chu Jiasun. Even if I want to start work, it’s my third grandfather. Even if you are Mr. Ye’s wife, you didn’t move me …"
He’s trying to put me off. He’s trying to crush me with grandpa.
Such a timid thing dares to calculate grandpa.
I was not angry and wanted to interrogate him routinely, but I suddenly felt angry when I heard him say that he was a Chu family.
He is a Chu family, but he unites outsiders to deal with the Chu family. He still has the face to hide his shame with the Chu family card.
I didn’t look at him saying to Yang Fei, "He gave me a trick. In that case, knock off his arm."
Yang Fei nodded.
Then a shot was fired, and Chu Feipeng’s arm was almost cracked by wearing a suit.
The sight of him rolling in pain and bleeding made me particularly uncomfortable, but I managed not to throw up.
I said with a cold face, "Now I’m going to ask you again whether to say or not. I’m a woman and I’ll be soft and tell you that I have a way to torture you."
I don’t know when my heart hardened.
Actually, I still haven’t adapted to this status that can kill people at any time.
It is not pleasant to dominate a person’s life in this way.
If it weren’t for grandpa and Chu, I would never threaten people by this means.
I touched my belly and secretly sighed.
I hope the child won’t get angry.
桑拿按摩I think ChuFeiPeng weakly shouted "I recruit! I confess everything! "
Could it be him behind Chapter 23?
Sure enough, as I expected, how can Chu Feipeng, who has been pampered for so many years, withstand such means?
I motioned for Yang Fei to have his wound bandaged.
ChuFeiPeng ouch call but don’t talk.
I put my arms around my chest and said faintly, "You can continue to play dumb, but I have to tell you that I have waited, but your arms and legs may not last long."
Chu Fei Peng’s face turned white and finally he dared not play with his mind and tell the truth in detail.
It turned out that someone came to him and said that he would give him a kickback of $3 million after the completion of the business.
It’s just for grandpa to sign. Chu Feipeng agreed to the latter thing without much hesitation, but he also participated in it. It seems that everything is normal. He did see that the fuel was moved to the ship at that time, but the route was changed. Originally, it was planned to go from Europe to the South Indian Ocean and then to China, but later it was changed to Europe to North America and then to the Pacific Ocean to return home.
As a result, when we arrived at the port, the cargo department of the ship disappeared, just like disappearing
Chu Feipeng was frightened to know that something had happened.
Ten million tons of fuel, that’s not a mere $3 million.
He was afraid that Lian had found someone else who promised to let him leave, but then he disappeared.
During this time, he was afraid that I finally asked him today.
Those people are lured by money. No wonder Chu Feipeng will be a pawn.
Although Chu Feipeng’s family has benefited a lot from his grandfather, three million dollars is not a small sum, and it is normal for Chu Feipeng to be cheated by greed.
After listening to Chu Feipeng’s story, I took a look at Ye Wen
Ye Wenchong nodded at me.
It seems that Chu Feipeng really knows these things.
I’ll have him dragged.

But I seem to be dragging the leaves far away, which has become his resistance instead of helping him.

Can I come out to stabilize Gu Changning and voluntarily give Ye Xiangyuan to Gu Changyu and divorce Ye Xiangyuan? I can’t do it again.
I don’t want to give Ye Xiangyuan away.
I finally made progress with him, and I felt the same way with him. I was reluctant to leave him for a few days.
Just then Lu Xun suddenly shouted Gu Changning one.
We all looked at him.
Lu Xun said, "I brought someone here. Maybe you can catch up."
Gu Changning eyebrows tiny cu.
And Yuan Xi came in with someone.
I can’t help but stare big eyes.
This person turned out to be Xu Xin!
Gu Changning’s face changed. Instead of looking at Xu Xin, he stared at Lu Xun and said, "What do you mean?"
If you listen carefully, you can still hear some anxiety and tension in his voice.
Lu Xun said nothing.
Gu Changning’s expression became uglier and uglier. He swept over and went to see Ye Xiangyuan again. "Have you long been on guard against me threatening me with Xu Xin?"
When he said this, his whole body was in a state of hair standing on end, as if to nod to Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun, and he would rush to bite.
Lu Xun rubbed his forehead some nai way "you calm down first".
Gu Changning hum 1.
品茶Lu Xun sighed, "You broke up with Miss Xu long ago. After Miss Xu returned to China, you rarely meet her again … You and she are old friends … What do we threaten you with?"
Gu Changning was a shock seems to react is wrong.
Lu Xun glared at him. "Or do you think Miss Xu is very important to you? If you catch her, you will be threatened?"
Gu Changning blushed and almost jumped up from the sofa. "You … you’re talking nonsense!"
It’s like watching a good play.
I didn’t expect Lu Xun to run on people so badly that every sentence hit the nail on the head
Lu Xun lip angle slightly evoked a smile, but soon disappeared and then said in a cold tone, "I caught Miss Xu as a threat to her family. The Hsu family took refuge in Li jiaqi and followed Li Jiawei. At this time, of course, it was removed first."
Gu Changning looked beaten and opened his mouth but could not speak.
At Yuan Xi Lu Xun no longer ignored him.
Yuan Xi knowingly gave Xu Xinsong a tie.
Xu Xin looked indifferent and very calm, and his face was free from anxiety and fear.
I was really worried when I first saw her tied up.
No matter what the Xu family did, I like Xu Xin very much.
She is straightforward and has done nothing wrong.
Besides, she once helped me get rid of Chu Feifei, which saved my life for me and my baby.
I’m sure I can’t just sit back and watch her get caught by Lu Xun this time.
The original is secretly pondering the countermeasures. Lu Xun called Yuan Xi to untie her.
I’m wondering if tracing the cause doesn’t really want to threaten Xu’s family with Xu’s heart.
Then what the hell does he want?
Chapter 33 Reasons for Breaking Up
After Xu Xin was loosened, he walked to Gu Changning from the ground.
She is very tall, but Gu Changning is very tall, and she also looks petite in front of him.
Gu Changning looked down at her expression is very complicated.
Xu Xin and his eyes sneer at a "you really hurt your sister"
Gu Changning mumbled something and didn’t speak.
He doesn’t usually forgive people, but this time he was blocked by Xu Xin’s words.
But he didn’t look angry at all
Xu heart before he seems to be some unintelligent.
Xu Xin didn’t buy it, but his face still hung with a cold sneer.
Gu Changning whispered, "Are you … Are you hurt?"
Xu Xin said lightly, "Lu Shao invited me to be a guest, which is very kind to me. How can I get hurt?"
Her clothes are neat and her face is clean. It really doesn’t look like she has been tortured.
Gu Changning stopped talking again.
Xu heart corners of the mouth GouXiao quipped "you don’t mind your belly is less than your sister lu jun"