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Snow nai smile stiff face.

"I can say that life is forced" is really forced by life. After 20,000 yuan was taken away from her aunt, she stopped trusting people, including herself. Although Xiao Yin was kind to her, she still managed to be really at ease. It was all because she finally got it. She didn’t allow her future to go wrong. The Gaos are the most powerful family in Beijing. She must hold on to this opportunity and she must not have weaknesses before she reached the peak.
She has solved many people who hurt her in the past, and her bad gambler father Xiaosan has been driven away by her. Now she is taking care of the old hag who complains all the time at home with trepidation. The old hag loves to complain. She won’t let her die so soon, torturing a person is not to let her die, but to let her die and live hopelessly.
She fed the old demon’s family a lot of tonic every day, which made her eat indigestion, vomit, vomit, have a nosebleed, cough, dizziness, hypertension and suffer from illness every day.
And that bad gambling father, she cut off all his ten fingers, so that he could not gamble and be addicted.
桑拿论坛And that money-rolling aunt
She loves money so much that she feeds her money every day. If she eats 10 thousand a day, she will have an operation to stimulate her appetite. She will put 10 thousand yuan into her stomach and let her spend her life in the whirlpool of money, which will fulfill her wish.
However, she got revenge on these people, but she still couldn’t get revenge on Han Luoxiao and Liu Yun. Because their family background is not what she wants to do, she can move the role. She is not strong enough.
Ever since I’ve been through these things
Chennai feels so good to be rich and powerful.
Killing feels so good.
Everyone who doesn’t like them can crush them with one hand. Compared with the past, she is humble and cowardly. Now she is what she wants, and she has everything to do.
"What have you experienced in these two months?" In the narrow carriage, Helian turned to look at her calm eyes and flashed a trace of invisible forbearance.
She didn’t answer Helian Yin’s question and looked out the window with indifference. "I owe you a chance in the future, and I will definitely pay you back. Now I beg you to help me keep a secret and hinder my future, such as killing my parents. I hope you can help me move forward depending on my future. Xiao Yin, I am afraid of you and your brother. I know I can’t hide it from you. I didn’t lie to you, and your brother is no match for his financial position."
"Since you know that coming to Beijing will be recognized by us, why do you want to come to Beijing?" He Lianyin lowered his head.
"It’s not that I want to come. It’s the capital of Gaos thought. I have to come."
"Can you make sure that you will not be identified by Gao Ze?" If you are found out, you may go to jail. That Gao Ze is not a good crop at first glance.
"He didn’t find out that Xia Jin is dead. Now the person in front of you is Xue Nai, an orphan. He has a pair of adoptive parents who are wizards, and I am really a wizard now. I have worshipped my great-grandmother’s friend’s name. I am no longer a family member. I used to live in such a mess. I don’t want others to know that I used to be Xia Jin. Of course, Master Gao may be able to frame me if he knew about my past. After all, Thaksin is a science, and his mother gave me so much money every month. He has long disliked me."
"What’s your decision?"
"Marry Master Gao" and then get divorced and get half of the property of Gaos thought, overlooking Liu Yun and Han Luoxiao, and happily avenge that year. She wanted to torture Liu Yun to death and make her parents dare not say anything and dare not resist.
For Xiao Jin, this decision is too risky for He Lianyin. Master Gao is not very good at holding the object. From the afternoon, she can already feel it. Master Gao looks at the game player but is actually thoughtful. Maybe he is faking his romance.
Suddenly, there is a feeling that everyone around me is deep, and there are intrigues and hatred everywhere.
I don’t know what I will be like in the future
I wish it weren’t so complicated. Although she was afraid it wasn’t intrigue, she didn’t want to be surrounded by intrigue all her life. Unfortunately, four of her brothers were destined to be involved in the intrigue.
I wish her brother could be so beautiful all his life.
"Chennai, I know I can’t stop you from thinking, but I want to tell you one thing. Your Harvard complaint was definitely not written by Liu Yun."
Chennai was shocked. Harvard admission was the last thing she wanted in her life.
"Who else would it be if it wasn’t for her?"
"I’ve thought about this matter. Liu Yun likes Han Luoxiao so much that she won’t do such a thing. First, you stay away from Han Luoxiao abroad. Second, even if they go to study abroad together, it is unlikely to go to the United States. At the beginning, I heard Han’s father say that Han Luoxiao is going to study in Europe. Even if they are thousands of miles away from the United States, even if they go to study abroad, they won’t touch your place. The happiest person is Liu Yun, so Han Luoxiao can’t touch you when she goes to study abroad. She seems to be the most suspected person,
Smell speech
Chennai stopped talking.
Half a ring, she seems to have figured it out. She looked up at He Lianyin. "Yes, she really didn’t have this motive. I spent time alone with her that night when the college entrance examination ended. She also gave me a sum of money to support me to study abroad, telling me that I’d better not go back to China or contact him."
He Lianyin knew who she said he was, holding her hand silently and thoughtfully. "It seems that there is a dangerous person hiding in the dark around us. This person is likely to provoke us in this group of friends. If you leave, I will not be able to talk to Han Luoxiao in a friendly way, and it is even more impossible to ignore Liu Yun’s brother. Although my brother said that he would not be involved in his brother’s family affairs, it is difficult for me to catch him, and then it is Yuanbao and Jiang Chenxi. If you really make trouble, they will inevitably disperse."
This passage said that the key point snow nai looked at her quietly. He Lianyin also looked at her. The two men looked at each other for a long time. Finally, He Lianyin slowly withdrew his line of sight and long eyelashes covered the complex emotions of the fundus. "I know what to do."