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She’s fine. Not at all.

She’s going to lose her baby. That’s her blood and flesh. She’s going to lose her baby.
What could be more cruel and bloody than killing your own flesh and blood?
She is a demon, a demon who is not qualified for ten levels of hell.
She will never forgive herself.
The heart is cool
be heartbroken
be completely dejected/despondent
Yu Jiahao looked at long summer’s leaving figure, so thin, so sad, but stubborn in his bones, as if with disdain for him, like a contempt.
桑拿会所His heart suddenly ached and he knocked over the expensive crystal vase on the table.
Long summer, although I hate Yu Enze, I have always been sincere to you.
I love you, I really love you, and I can’t help loving you from the moment I first met you as an adult.
If I can get you, I don’t care if I’m cunning or ruthless, even if I have to do my best, I’ll get you
What? You just don’t care.
What? You must hate me.
You’re going to be my wife. I’m not happy at all.
You are beside me, but I feel separated from you.
You don’t have me in your heart.
Yu Enze is Yu Enze.
It was Yu Enze who stole my beloved woman’s heart.
Long summer, you are my Yu Jiahao alone. Yu Enze will never steal your heart.
The resentful voice in my heart is more and more frantically clamoring for Yu Jiahao to raise the red wine in his head cup and be gulped down with a dark and strange smile across his mouth.
"Enze, do you want to meet your old lover, your future aunt Su Lixia?"
"Yu Jiahao, what tricks are you going to play?"
"Why don’t you want to see it? Don’t regret it then."
"What do you mean?"
"It doesn’t mean anything. I just want to inform you that if you want to see long summer for the last time, you can come to W downtown hospital at noon, whether you come or not."
"Yu Jiahao, what did you do to long summer?"
It’s a long night. Yu Enze’s mind plays back over and over again those inexplicable words that Yu Jiahao said to him during the day. It’s hateful that Yu Jiahao actually hung up halfway through the words, which is to make Yu Enze worried.
At this time, Yu Enze is flying to W, and his heart is like hanging on this 30,000-foot high school for a long time.
Yu Jiahao said he saw long summer for the last time.
What? He wants him to meet long summer at the hospital.
What the hell did he do to long summer?
Will something happen to long summer?
Yu Enze couldn’t get through to long summer because long summer had definitely blacklisted him since she broke up with him.
Something must have happened to long summer. Otherwise, why would he go to the hospital?
If anything happens to long summer, he will never let Yu Jiahao go.
Long summer, he will never forget long summer. As soon as he hears the news of long summer, he will still go to see her without hesitation.
The plane is flying so slowly, can it be faster and faster?
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
How much he wishes to see long summer at once.
Long summer, don’t talk about anything, just be good.
The newspaper in his hand has been crumpled into a paper ball by Yu Enze, who has no confidence in himself. He hides, panics, confuses his mind, and worries and worries torment him wantonly.
Chapter seventy You let me go!
It’s drizzling and gloomy. long summer sat in front of the mirror all night. That delicate and beautiful face is no longer covered with heavy and lengthy worries. It seems that in just a few days, it will be old, gaunt and as white as paper. She is like a dead lamp that is about to burn out and dying.
Long summer bowed his head and his thin hands could not help but caress his lower abdomen.
Is it an illusion? She feels the little guy move.
The little guy is moving.
Little guy moves
Hey, baby, did you say hello to mom?
Or are you afraid?
Very rebellious
You must hate mom, right?
Because mom is going to abandon you cruelly
You are reluctant to part with your mother, aren’t you?
You can’t bear to part with your mother
Mom also loathe to give up you.