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On Hoffenheim’s side, Ralph and Lu Wenbin, who scored a hat trick, attended the post-match press conference.

Ralph naturally insisted that Valdez had touched the ball, even if there was a player touching the ball, it should be valid.
When Lu Wenbin was asked this question by a reporter, he said that he didn’t know this kind of partial door rule. He didn’t mean to throw it directly into the door at that time, so he could say that he respected the referee’s decision by mistake.
Many people laughed when Lu Wenbin said this.
Lu Wenbin is a profit-maker. Of course, he respects the referee’s decision, but surely the Barcelona people are quite depressed.
The Super Cup match that night and the next day caused a big discussion among the world’s digital media and fans.
Hoffenheim’s surprise defeat of Barcelona to win the championship is nothing. There are too many surprises in the football world. The focus of discussion is whether Lu Wenbin’s sideline ball is a goal.
However, with the detailed interpretation of FIFA rules by the media and football experts, many people have realized that this ball should be counted and there are examples.
Villa defender mellberg threw the foul ball in the backcourt to goalkeeper Enkelmann in the 22 nd Premier League Derby.
Enkelmann didn’t pay attention to the ball. It slipped from his foot and rolled into the door behind him.
It seems that Enkelmann didn’t touch the ball. Should the ball be counted? But the referee thought that his foot had rubbed the skin of the ball and the goal was valid.
Whether Enkelmann touches the ball or not, it can be seen from this example that the referee on duty recognizes that a foul ball is a goal if a player touches it.
Finally, a FIFA expert came out and announced the final result. He said that the direct entry of the foul ball was not counted, but there was a game where the entry was counted as a goal except for the referee.
Lu Wenbin’s sideline ball is not counted if Valdes doesn’t touch it and falls directly into the goal.
But Valdez touched that and the goal was scored.
And either Valdez own goal or Lu Wenbin scored.
Because the ball is running towards the door frame, it will not count as the goalkeeper’s own goal if everyone’s shot is saved by the goalkeeper at ordinary times.
The implication is that the referee’s decision was an accurate mistake. If Barcelona wants to find a back-pot man, he should call Valdes. He should never touch the ball.
If he hadn’t touched that ball, it wouldn’t have been counted.
Of course, it is impossible for Barcelona players and fans to blame Valdes, the team’s triple champion.
This rule is too biased, and most people don’t understand it at all. Besides, the situation in the forbidden area was so tense at that time. Where did Valdez expect this rule?
The goalkeeper’s reaction is that he can’t let the ball in.
It’s bad luck that I met it at last but was blocked by Puyol and didn’t get out of the door frame.
But even so, the media and fans will be depressed for a long time if they don’t blame Valdes themselves.
Everyone used to say that the European Super Cup was a warm-up match, but now it is increasingly regarded as an official honor. After all, there is a trophy in this competition.
Losing a champion because of his own mistakes will definitely make Valdez feel bad. Look for kuunèo, a cool oo network.
Hoffenheim doesn’t care whether his opponents are depressed or not. They care that they have won another championship honor.
After returning to Sinsheim the next day, Hoffenheim celebrated again.
In the past two years, Hoffenheim fans have been so happy. From the long-term sinking into the low-level league to the present honor one after another, it is simply dizzying.
Of course, he scored a hat trick in the final, and Lu Wenbin is naturally the most popular hero in the eyes of all fans.
桑拿论坛The next week is FIFA match day. Without Lu Wenbin’s business, he will stay at home and continue to practice his speed and Italian ball and help Kate publish her first novel.
After Lu Wenbin’s trial reading, suggestion and revision, Kate is expected to create 20,000 words. More than 20,000 words have been written in the upgraded western fantasy novel.
There is no online novel platform in the west, and the population of each country is seriously insufficient. It is difficult to sell money in a small profit but quick turnover way like China.
Therefore, the best way is to take the entity out.
Now Kate has more than 20,000 words before she can publish the first film.
It is said that Lu Wenbin’s girlfriend, a big star, is going to publish a novel, but it has attracted several clubs to come to negotiate, and it has not been given the cold shoulder like his new novel.
Moreover, Kate’s plot of this western fantasy novel, which refers to China’s online novel, is also very attractive, which makes several clubs very optimistic
Finally, the lawyer helped to negotiate the largest publishing agency in Germany, and he returned it to Kate only if it was printed in German.
However, it will take some time for the publishing house to be finalized, arranged and printed.
At that time, we can see if the western novels written by Kate China’s online novels can stand the test of the western market