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Tang Yuanshan finally persuaded Tang Ying to go on a blind date, saying that she had arranged a handsome young man for her.
Tang Ying began to dress up in the evening and didn’t leave home until half past seven.
Lan Club is located in the northernmost part of Kyoto.
That land has always been an entertainment club, and most of them are rich and powerful people.
Although Tang Ying has been accustomed to pampering and taking part in many activities in recent years, she was not dazzled by the extravagance when she arrived!
From the moment she came in, Xu Ran locked her eyes!
Soon a waiter led Tang Ying to the other party to reserve a table number. Tang Ying sat down and someone brought drinks and snacks.
Yes, it’s ten minutes since the appointment
Tang Ying frowned and asked, "hasn’t Mr. Li arrived yet? !”
Shouldn’t men wait for women on this occasion? How can this man come later than her Tang Ying gives birth to a trace of unhappiness!
The waiter respectfully said, "When Mr. Li arrives and meets an acquaintance, say hello and let me tell Miss Tang what you want to eat first."
"Oh" Tang Ying impatiently waved "you go to busy you"
The waiter backed out with a nod.
I took a sip of coffee and was about to put it, but I saw Lin Ya coming in with a light blue gift at the gate!
Tang Ying’s eyes sparkled with angry flames. I hate this woman!
If it weren’t for this woman, she would be on a blind date. !
Her eyes sparkled with hatred and she remembered that there was a sex shop when she first came in!
The trick flashed through her eyes and she got up and went out.
When Tang Ying came over, she just sat opposite a fat old man.
She went over and pawned the bag in her hand. "Who are you? This is my position!"
The old man opposite looked at her with a gray hair and a sly look. "Miss Tang, I’m Li Jinghai!" "
Isn’t Tang Ying the blind date who remembered this name after she lost her head? !
She cried with frightened stare big eyes, "Are you Li Jinghai? !”
The man replied with a smile and a wretched "yes"
Tang Ying gas chest jitter opposite people have been obscene staring at her chest!
Is that what his father said about young talents? !
"ah!" She stamped her foot, took the bag and went out.
In the corner, Lin Ya looked at Tang Ying, her face was black and her lips were slightly upturned!
Tang Ying tilted her head and saw Lin Ya smiling in the corner and gestured to her with champagne.
Her eyes flashed a trick, then she turned around and took two glasses of red wine and walked towards Lin Ya.
品茶  title=-digression–
Remember how Miss Lin was slept by Mr. Mu’s old rascal? One, she’s going to give that little bitch Tang Ying an eye for an eye! (^o^)/~
☆, 62 humanity treats people!
Tang Ying must have handed a glass of wine in front of her and asked with a smile, "Miss Lin, would you please have a drink?"
Lin Ya’s beautiful eyes swept the glass of red wine in her hand and then put champagne in her hand to take it.
Tang Ying’s eyes flashed a little smug and then gently touched her glass of wine and said, "Thank you for coming."
Looking up, I was about to drink the cup in my hand, but I was stopped by Lin Ya!
"Don’t worry, it’s not too late for us to talk later."
Tang Ying consternation when Lin Ya has taken the glass in her hand and put it aside.