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Lead, equalize, reverse, tie in stoppage time, direct intention in overtime, own goal clearance and so on.

The final was less famous, but today’s final was considered to be one-sided, but there were several plots that fans liked.
Except Bayern fans, everyone else is satisfied with the current game progress of 10 thousand.
It was crazy to celebrate for almost a minute before Bayern players protested and woke up. Hoffenheim ended the celebration and returned to his own half to let Bayern kick off again.
The game continues.
Chapter 15 We are champions
After the restart of the game, the score fell behind Bayern Munich, and it was natural to attack aggressively to equalize the score and drag it into the penalty shoot-out.
And Hitzfeld didn’t change people for fear of delaying the final attack.
However, he didn’t change people, but Ralph began to change people.
Before that, he didn’t change anyone, but after he scored the goal, he began to change people to delay.
And instead of changing three together, change them one by one.
Bayern has won the sideline ball, and Ralph wants to change people; Bayern has won the corner kick, and Ralph wants to change people; Bayern has won the Italian ball, and Ralph wants to change people again.
spa会所Hitzfeld stared at Ralph with anger on his face, but he could stare at him.
It was already 115 minutes when Lu Wenbin made a free throw. After the goal, he celebrated for a while. The substitution strategy of Ralph repeatedly interrupted Bayern’s attack.
Even if the referee gave 1 minute extra time, it was only a few minutes before Bayern Munich played any decent attack and Ralph dragged it to the end of the game.
With the final whistle of the referee, the final of the 272 season German Football Association Cup came to an end.
The Bundesliga team Hoffenheim won the first heavyweight championship in the club’s history with a score of 12 minutes and 32 points.
The commentators shouted in succession
"The game is over. The game is over. The Bundesliga team Hoffenheim beat Bayern Munich 32 and really played Tu Longqi to win the German Cup this season."
"It is a miracle that it was only a season before it was promoted to the Bundesliga country club. In the German Cup final, it defeated Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga overlord with many superstars, and won the German Cup. This is definitely a miracle. The name of Hoffenheim will be all over the world."
"Magic China Lu He can not only score goals in the Bundesliga, but also lead Hoffenheim to beat Bayern with two goals and one assist in the German Cup final. Lu is a football genius from the East."
The commentator of the China webcast room also shouted, "Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win,
After the stadium heard the final whistle, Lu Wenbin immediately gave vent to his excitement with a roar loud.
Although there is a lot of luck in winning this game, winning is winning. Luck is an important part of the football game. Lu Wenbin was even better after he was surprised.
He won his first championship since he came to Germany, not only completing the German Cup system, but also giving his star Lu another heavyweight honor.
Lu Wenbin shouted excitedly to celebrate the sidelines, and the coaches and substitutes rushed into the stadium. The main players either embraced, dived or shouted to celebrate.
Many stars in Bayern Munich are depressed, and some people are full of disappointment.
Bayern is a giant, but it won’t be too many champions. Otherwise, they won’t fight for the Bundesliga championship, the German Cup and the Champions League every season.
You can imagine the disappointment of these famous stars who lost to a Bundesliga team
Already on the sidelines, reporters have rushed into the field to find the star they want to interview most to shoot and interview.
Of course, Lu Wenbin scored two goals and one assist in the final, which naturally became the target of most reporters’ shooting and interviewing.
"Lu Congratulations on winning the German Cup"
"How does it feel to lead the team to beat Bayern Munich with one or two shots in the final?"
Lu Wenbin laughed. "What feeling is of course exciting?"
Then Lu Wenbin shouted "We are champions" and turned to celebrate with his teammates. The reporter didn’t dare to stop him, but he was filming Lu Wenbin’s celebration behind him.
All the audience in the stands also stood up and gave their hands to Hoffenheim.
Even those Bayern fans expressed their gentlemanly demeanor at this moment, and the champion applauded.
Hoffenheim fans even celebrated by singing and dancing in the stands.
Some older Huocun fans even shed tears of excitement.
Founded in 1999, Hoffenheim Club finally won the first German Cup, which is definitely the most memorable day in the club’s history.
In the VIP box, dietmar Hope also enjoyed congratulations from many celebrities around him.
Hope is very happy and gratified by the personal performance of Hoffenheim team or Lu Wenbin.
After the football players and coaches in Hoffenheim celebrated crazily for a while, Ralph and Salihovic greeted everyone to the stands in Hoffenheim to thank the fans, which made them more excited.
After thanking the fans for a while, Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich players returned to the locker room to change their new trophy jerseys and came out to receive the prize. The jerseys were printed with the champion Hoffenheim.
Although I don’t know whether I will win the championship before the game, it is definitely necessary for the club to prepare for this.
It’s not that Hoffenheim really beat Bayern Munich to win the championship, so everyone can wear this commemorative jersey to receive the prize.
The awarding guest is beckenbauer, the German football emperor.