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"I can’t!" Gao Zhiqiu’s face is twisted with pain. "It took me several days to find a tutor for this job. No one wants me to do this. Besides, the manager is not bad, and his colleagues are also good, and the working hours are free every day …"

After talking for a long time, she found that Yu Jinchuan didn’t respond. She always took her to the bus.
She looked at Yu Jinchuan "always … always teach …"
"Don’t call me chief instructor" Yu Jinchuan suddenly interrupted her.
"Ah?" Gao Zhiqiu blinks.
"Don’t call me the chief instructor" Yu Jinchuan looked down at her and repeated it.
Gao Zhiqiu looked at his eyes, the street lamp, his eyes were deep and dark, and he couldn’t see his emotions clearly. He only had a low voice and sank into Gao Zhiqiu’s ear. "I am not your chief instructor now."
"…" Gao Zhiqiu can’t stay with a small face.
桑拿Don’t let her call the chief instructor, then what should she … shout?
When the No.11 bus arrived in Yujinchuan, it took her off without asking.
"I bought a ticket and bought a ticket for one person." The conductor shouted hysterically because there were more people in the car.
Gao Zhiqiu was held by him. The car next to the seat was crowded. He held her arm with one hand and grabbed the handrail with the other. He was tall and clubbed, and there was a military uniform. No one dared to squeeze around.
It’s like an iron wall that separates her from others.
Gao Zhiqiu lowered his head and his eyes could see the olive cloth on his chest, and his heart was beating wildly, unlike himself …
"Do you have any money?" A deep voice suddenly sounded overhead.
Gao Zhiqiu leng busy nodded "with"
She stretched out her hand to take off her backpack, but Yu Jinchuan said, "Don’t move. I’ll help you with it."
Gao Zhiqiu "…"
She realized that her arm was loosened and went behind her to zip her backpack.
A warm breath brushed her face, and she was almost surrounded by his arms and nose, almost touching his military uniform …
Gao Zhiqiu was so nervous that he dared not move.
Soon after the ringing, the hand took her wallet, found two coins from it and handed them to the conductor.
When he put his wallet back into the bag, the low voice suddenly said, "Do you sew it yourself?"
Gao Zhiqiu first froze for a second, and his whole face was covered with embarrassment and embarrassment.
She kept her head down for a long time before she gave a gentle "grace"
Yu Jinchuan gave her a look. Although she lowered her head, he could still see her white cheeks flush.
Suddenly he seemed to have lost something.
His heart may have touched the most sensitive place in a girl’s heart …
But he didn’t know what to say at the moment, frowned and turned his head to look out of the window quietly.
Gao Zhiqiu didn’t speak again, and both of them were immersed in silence until the D gate.
As usual, Yu Jinchuan held her arm when driving.
Stand tall and know autumn, then he said, "Chief instructor, thank you for sending me back. I can go back by myself."
Her tone is polite and polite, and she brings some things that have not been alienated.
Yu Jinchuan looked at her and said, "I’ll walk you in."
"No," Gao Zhiqiu dared to bother him again. "I’ll just go back by myself. Thank you today."
Words don’t say that finish arm a demanding YuJinchuan has helped her to the school gate.
"Chief instructor, chief instructor …" Gao Zhiqiu struggled, but Yu Jinchuan didn’t hear it, and the hand had been firmly holding her arm.
After entering the back road of the campus, some students are embarrassed to talk again after Gao Zhiqiu, and because Yu Jinchuan’s dress is too eye-catching, many people have seen it and whispered.
Gao Zhiqiu is thin-skinned and faintly feels that this is not so good, but Yu Jinchuan always walks beside her with his head held high and his chest held high …
The arm and the hand have never been loosened, just like a soldering iron imprinted on her heart, which made her nervous and panicked.
Finally, the two men came to the door of the girls’ dormitory. When they saw the lights on in the aunt’s room, Gao Zhiqiu stopped and said, "I’m the chief instructor. Thank you for sending me back. I’ll just go in myself."
Yujinchuan didn’t force him to stop this time and slowly loosen his hand.
"Does your foot still hurt?" he asked
Section 726
Gao Zhiqiu shook his head "It doesn’t hurt"
Even if it still hurts, you can’t say it. Otherwise, she is really afraid that he will send himself in …
Yu Jinchuan nodded and said, "Well, then you go in."
Gao Zhiqiu saw his one eye and was about to leave when he said "Wait a minute".