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On this day, Yu Tingchuan returned to the office and threw the folder behind the big desk. Liang came in and looked at the back of the office door with his hands on a belt and stood in front of the French window. The old man’s back was tall and straight, giving people a sense of oppression.
Thinking of what happened in the conference room just now, Liang dared not speak casually. After a while, he felt that the boss should let go of some anger even if he was unhappy. Then he tried to speak, "There is still a bad demonstration ahead of the automobile industrial park, just like Li Donglai’s intention and support, and now it has become ambiguous. Why don’t I invite people from that video company to dinner another day and ask what’s going on?"
Yu Tingchuan turned around and went back to the big table to "put it aside"
He looked at Liang and asked, "What happened to the nail in the Green Fragrant Garden?"
"Still refused to let go" Liang shook his head and observed the boss’s face. He was in charge of this project. The real estate boss looked for him and couldn’t help but sell it. "Mr. Zhang and the engineering department tried to help him talk. The other party was determined to eat the weight and refused to move. He also said that if he threatened to lure him again, he would make a call to let the TV people come over."
See the boss didn’t pick up the words beam unexpectedly continued, "the roof root can’t live. I went to see the whole building the day before yesterday, and it has been tilted and will collapse at any time. There are always doubts that someone may be aiming at Hengyuan behind this Xu Qiang."
Said his line of sight to the boss.
"Speaking of it," Yu Tingchuan picked up the lighter and the flame didn’t ignite. Suddenly he remembered something and threw the lighter back, including the cigarette in his mouth, which was also taken back to the big table.
品茶论坛In recent months, Liang has noticed that the boss smokes less and less, and he knows that the boss has a pregnant wife at home.
This woman has a child, and a man has to endure it even if he is addicted to cigarettes.
His boss is a living example.
Liang actually said, "At first, our people in the demolished area didn’t show any intention to move, such as Xu Qiang. When the engineering staff passed for the second time, his attitude changed and he began to think that the price was low. Zhang always gave him 200 yuan per square meter. According to the actual area, there are also three or four Zhang Wan’s head office this time. Which chengxiang thought that the other party turned around and went back on his word, saying that this room was left by his father to his ancestors’ possessions and could not be lost?"
"Let Xiao Fan look back."
Yu Tingchuan’s tone is unusual. There is no nail to get angry. "If he refuses to dismantle it, then set aside his piece. At the latest, work must be started to make Zhangping install cameras in every demolition machine. Now he will not want to move this piece."
Beam was nodded.
See yutingchuan picked up the landline and didn’t bother to be available and turned to leave.
Walking to the door, I heard Yu Tingchuan say, "Still wandering outside?"
This question is naturally not asking him.
Office door Yu Tingchuan listened to Xiao Fan’s report and learned that the whole Song Dynasty had been sent back to Yunxi Road by Shen Che. He began to charge "Pay attention to driving and have nothing else to do to the door, so you can go back and hang up first."
In the evening, Yu Tingchuan came home to watch the toffee sofa in the living room of Song Qingcheng.
She leans against the back of the sofa with a fountain pen in her hand. She looks focused. From time to time, the pen guides her to draw a line. She reads something softly in her mouth. There is a floor fan next to her cheek. She doesn’t wear socks. There are several test papers and two teaching materials on her feet.
Yu Tingchuan took the key and went over to see that the light in the living room was dim and put his hand on the wall to open it. "Why don’t you turn on the light?"
Song Qingcheng looked up and saw that when his class came back, the whole person was in a halo. She first bent her lips. "Is it not good to save you?"
"It was only a few cents at one time." Yu Tingchuan sat on the sofa with his left hand and caressed her white ankle. It was delicate and smooth. "I’m not afraid of catching a cold before the exam?"
☆ Chapter 37 Diary of Ten Years Found (Sweet)
Song Qingcheng shook his head and slowly sat up near Yutingchuan. He sniffed it carefully and praised, "Don’t smoke too much today. Don’t be complacent. %d7%f%d3%4%b%f3"
Yu Tingchuan laughed and still held her ankle. "You can smell the dog’s nose without your light."
A man’s smile is very shallow, not that of a young boy. It is impossible to tell whether he is happy or a little happy at a glance, but it has infected her mood.
Remembering the first meeting, I hardly saw him smile like this.
Gu Jia’s birthday party, she sat among the guests and watched him and Gu Zhengshen walk into the banquet hall to shake hands and greet people. There was a faint smile on her face, and most of the polite ingredients disappeared in a blink of an eye, which made her feel relaxed from the heart.
Jiang Chi’s sudden visit later seems to have something to find Yu Tingchuan.
Two men went upstairs to their rooms.
The whole song dynasty stayed in the living room and continued to see if there was anything to disturb them.
After a while, Aunt Gong boiled the tea and soaked it.
When I passed the living room, the villa door was pulled open from the outside. It was Lao Zhao who said that Aunt Gong called to find her. It seemed that her grandson was ill again. Song Qingcheng heard about it and told Aunt Gong, "Go ahead and answer the phone first. I’ll send two cups of tea."
Said the song city has got up from the sofa "is two cups of tea I have to move that’s all right"
Aunt Gong relieved and handed her the tray in her hand.
Jiang Chi heard knocking at the door in the room and turned to look and found that the tea came in. Song Qingcheng worried that the other party was pregnant and immediately got up and helped to take it. "Why don’t you let Aunt Gong send it?"
"Aunt Gong just went back to Xiaolou to answer the phone."
Song said the whole take a look at the sofa YuTingChuan lips smile "you continue to chat I’ll go and see"
"Go" Jiang Chi nodded.
Waiting for the door to turn around and look back at Yu Tingchuan and laugh, "Now it is more and more helpful."
Yutingchuan smell speech is also a smile.
Jiang Chi sent a cup of tea to his old friend and then took his own cup and buried it. "Your wife is pregnant and brings you tea and water. You don’t get up to meet her. Is it too long to think it’s hard to coax the little girl?"
"You have scrambled to get up. Does it make any difference if I don’t get up?"
Yutingchuan paused and said slowly, "She’s not the kind of person who is coy, and she doesn’t like me to hold her in everything. If I followed her up just now, she would probably think I was too welcome."
Jiang Chi said, "It’s just like showing your students in front of teachers."
Hearing this metaphor, Yu Tingchuan smiled unconsciously.
The two chatted for a few words, and then returned to silence. Jiang Chi took the topic back to business and pointed out that "you shouldn’t have been soft-hearted at the beginning to avoid causing these troubles now."
Yu Tingchuan said, "Some things belong to him. I’m afraid it’s not just him. Most people think so. In that case, it’s understandable to take them back now."
"You are open-minded," Jiang Chi sighed. "Even if it was him over the years, who would say it clearly?"
The water vapor at the mouth of the light teacup is dense.
Yu Tingchuan just sat in the backlight, especially when his eyebrows were dark with the fragrance of tea. He pointed his fingers through the handle of the cup and lowered his head to blow away the floating layer of tea, but his tone was understated. "Say it clearly, the board of directors will see for itself in the middle of the month."
"Hongmen Banquet?" Jiang Chi immediately sit tight.
"It’s just a play."
Yutingchuan said that the white porcelain cup was put back on the tea table.
Jiang Chi seems to have found something and suddenly said, "Your little girl is not really like Gu. You see, this can help you give up smoking."
Yu ting chuan Xiao
Seeing this, Jiang Chi sighed with emotion, "It’s not easy to get the old chimney to quit smoking. You are the only one of us who smokes the most. It’s good now, otherwise I have to worry about your lungs besides your stomach."
Yu Tingchuan didn’t quit smoking completely, but the number of cigarettes smoked dropped sharply every day. At the beginning, he was almost two packs a day. Later, he was afraid that she would think she smelled too heavy and didn’t smoke intentionally. Later, she always hinted that he quit smoking. Although he was addicted to cigarettes, he could not touch cigarettes. Since Song Qingcheng was pregnant, he has exercised restraint in smoking.
Sometimes he is so addicted to cigarettes that he will consciously reach out for cigarettes and find out that there is no cigarette anywhere in his suit bag or trousers pocket.
Section 37
Only when your voice is really uncomfortable will you smoke a cigarette and throw away the cigarette butt. Don’t forget to wash your hands and smell it.
Quitting smoking is not easy.
It has been said that this is different from castration pain for a man addicted to cigarettes.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t quit smoking as soon as possible. Apart from the business dinner and entertainment itself, there are also some reasons for his persistence. It comes from the fact that a thick note was found in the bottom drawer of the bedside table when he went home to pick someone up from school a few days ago and went back to his room to take a shower and change clothes to find a mobile phone charger.
I took it out and found it was an exquisite diary.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t keep a diary himself, so it goes without saying who this diary is.
Suddenly Yu Tingchuan felt that he knew very little about his little wife. Two people lived under the same roof for more than half a year. He didn’t know that Song Qingcheng liked to keep a diary and secretly wrote it every day.