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Will he accept his father who has disappeared for five years?

Will he call him a father?
Don’t tell Amber. It’s not the right time yet.
spa会所Then when is the right time?
Self-reproach and contradiction Yu Enze’s heart is struggling and painful
"I’m sorry, Uncle Amber shouldn’t make you feel sorry." Yu Enze hugged Amber and apologized to Amber guiltily.
"I’m sorry, son, dad. Everything is dad’s fault. Dad has been away from you for so many years, leaving you completely lacking the love that belongs to your father. I’m not a good father. I’m sorry." The real voice suppressed the pain of Yu Enze’s heart.
Clear and innocent smile blooms again. That handsome little face Anbao snuggles up to Yu Enze’s shoulder intimately. "Uncle, you didn’t make me sad. Uncle, you brought me a lot of happiness. Why do you want to apologize to me?" Then he blinked his charming eyes and looked at Yu Enze. "Uncle, can you promise me a request?"
"If you want your uncle to do whatever you want, your uncle will promise you." Yu Enze’s words are serious
"Really?" Amber was dubious.
"True" Yu Enze’s eyes are determined
"If I haven’t found my father or my father’s roots, I won’t recognize my mother and my uncle. Will you be my father?" Amber sincerely looked at the eyes and suddenly became shocked. Yu Enze waited for his answer with expectation.
"Uncle Uncle" saw Yu Enze saying nothing, and Amber kept calling Yu Enze.
Yu Enze hangs down on his side with one hand and can’t help but hold it into a fist. Phoenix’s eyes are dark and don’t tolerate too many indescribable bitterness.
"Uncle, don’t you want to? Don’t you like me?" An Baoyu’s kindness seems to be reluctant to fall to the bottom instantly.
"Anbao" Yu Enze looks dignified and phoenix eyes lock Anbao tightly. "Uncle is very willing to be your father, but you have to believe that your father will definitely come back to you, and he will definitely recognize you and your mother. Sometimes surprises will come inadvertently. Maybe your father is far away."
"Son, I am your father. Forgive my father. I can’t tell you the truth now. Forgive my father." Yu Enze still pressed his heart. His heart has really dropped blood.
"Far away, near at hand." Amber looked at Yu Enze in confusion. "Uncle, how far and how close is that?"
"How far and how close depends on your heart, no matter how far and how close, your father has always been in your heart, hasn’t he?" Yu Enze’s eyes are gentle
"Well," Amber nodded, and then his little eyebrows puckered slightly. "But I still feel that uncle’s sentence is so complicated."
At this time, the school bell rang, and Amber jumped up excitedly and said, "It’s time to go home after school."
"Uncle, will you take you home?" Yu Enze asked for advice from Amber.
"My mommy should wait for me outside the door now, uncle. Please go back to Xiaowa’s dopted mother’s house with me and mommy. Mommy and I are staying at Xiaowa’s dopted mother’s house now." Amber is still immersed in the joy of school.
"What did you say?" Yu Enze looked at Anbao in amazement. "What Chen Moran do you and your mother live in Xiaowa’s house?"
"Don’t be with my bastard, he and I will get angry." Amber’s words were full of anger and disdain.
"Amber, you tell your uncle Chen Moran if he is bad for you and your mother. He kicked you out." Yu Enze pressed Amber back into the audience and asked him seriously.
"He cheated on my mother with another woman. My mother wants to divorce him, but he"
A sudden call of "Anbao" interrupted Anbao’s story that long summer suddenly appeared in the football field, and she acted quickly towards Anbao and Yu Enze.
"Mommy" saw long summer Anbao and quickly rushed to long summer’s arms. "Mommy Uncle Zhang came to see me at school."
Surprised, Yu Enze suddenly got up from the audience and walked step by step to long summer, who was suddenly pale in the afterglow of the sunset.
"Why did you come here?" long summer showed a questioning tone.
"I came to see Amber" Yu Enze sounded a little cold. He was angry with her. Who told her to keep it from him for so many years?
"Yes, Mommy Uncle Zhang came to see me specially." Naive Amber naturally didn’t recognize long summer and Yu Enze as HuaLiYouHua.
"Uncle Zhang" long summer couldn’t help but let out a sneer. Secretly, she was a little glad that Yu Enze didn’t tell Amber his true identity.
Just now, when I saw Anbao and Yu Enze together, long summer’s whole heart hung up. She was afraid that Yu Enze would tell Anbao that he was Anbao’s father. If Anbao blamed her when the accident came too fast, she would like to explain it to Anbao. Fortunately, Yu Enze was still the one who had always grasped the discretion.
But then again, paper can’t keep fire. Anbao will know that Yu Enze is his real father one day. Will Anbao hate Yu Enze and she cheated him at that time?
"Mommy, don’t you remember? This is the uncle Zhang whom we met yesterday. I sent him to be comfortable. He gave me Uruguayan amethyst. Don’t you remember?" Amber long summer forgot Yu Enze and carefully helped her remember. She also raised her little hand to show long summer the Uruguayan amethyst bracelet with his wrist wound twice.
Long summer crouched down to pretend to smile and looked at Anbao. She fondly touched Anbao’s fleshy little face. "Do you remember Mommy when you say that? Did you have fun with Uncle Zhang?"
"I’m very happy," Amber smiled brightly. "I also told Uncle Zhang that if one day my father still doesn’t show up or he disowns me and Mommy, I’ll let Uncle Zhang be my father and mommy. What do you say?"
Long summer was shocked. She didn’t expect that Amber would say such a thing.
Is all this doomed?
She, Yu Enze and Amber have always been doomed.
Why should she think so?
The three of them are family.
Yeah, they’re family
But how did things get so complicated?
"Amber, your father will appear." long summer smiled vigorously and quickly changed the subject. "The school is coming. Let’s go home."
"Mommy asked Uncle Zhang to come home with us. I want him to have dinner with us." Amber was reluctant to part.
Long summer looked back at Yu Enze, and her nails were deeply embedded in her palm. She couldn’t help biting her lip and hesitated for a few seconds. After that, she asked for Anbao’s opinion. "Anbao’s mommy is very tired today, so let uncle come to our house for dinner another day, okay?"
"All right, then," Amber reluctantly agreed.
Three people go to the school gate together AnBao long summer car long summer was about to open the main driving door Yu Enze hurriedly stopped long summer "AnBao football field just told me that is true?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Is tolerable?
"Enze is not talking about me and Anbao at this time. I hope you don’t mess around." long summer didn’t want to talk to Yu Enze about her and Chen Moran. She pushed through Yu Enze’s hand and hurried to see her start the car quickly, then stepped on the gas pedal and the car galloped away, leaving Yu Enze alone and lonely.
"Hang it all, Chen Moran actually did something sorry for long summer. Is he still a man? Can long summer swallow it? I can’t endure it." Yu Enze thought more and more about it, and his hands became more and more tight, and his phalanges were clearly exposed, as if generate were going to be angry.
I’ve made up my mind. Yu Enze picked up the phone and called his old friend who invited him to Beijing to attend the opening ceremony of the new company. "Hey, Laobai knows that you have a wide network of contacts in Beijing. I have something to trouble you-I need you to help me find out where Chen Moran is tonight. The sooner the better."
The words "Chen Moran" came to Laobai with surprise and difficulty. "Enze Chen Moran has always been a dragon who has never seen the end, and he is called a mysterious dark ghost. It is a bit difficult for me to find out his whereabouts tonight."