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How can I not worry? After all, he has been my friend for many years, and he has protected me from injury.

Pan Dongdao: "Those people are mercenaries with professional skills. He is dirty and bleeding. Don’t move him."
It is no wonder that although you can’t see the wound, Ji Shu’s face is particularly bad and he vomited blood.
I’m terribly anxious.
Ji Shu gently comforted me, "I’m a doctor. I know my own situation."
I naturally don’t believe him. He is thinking about whether to call an ambulance.
But the situation in the house is not allowed for outsiders.
Pan Dongdao is hesitating. "I have already contacted the head of the team. If someone comes, the doctor will come."
I was relieved to feed Jishu some water.
In the back room, it was quiet until Xiaoyan gasped. It was probably too painful. She kept humming.
I didn’t even want to stop the bleeding and let her scream there.
桑拿按摩Pan Dong sat on the sofa and cut his sleeves to give himself medicine.
I tried to help, but he still refused.
Xiaoyan is about slow lead spirit and started banging again. This time it is blunt Pan Dong roar "Give me a good time quickly! Don’t be such a bitch! "
Pandong didn’t even lift his eyelids.
"Ah, it’s no wonder Ye Xiangyuan keeps a dog." She sneered. "But you’re wrong. Don’t arrest me and I can save those two old guys!"
I clenched my fist involuntarily.
She suddenly turned to me and grinned at me. "Just wait for the body!"
I hated her so much that I was worried about my parents. I couldn’t help but go over and kick her in the chest. "Shut up!"
Xiaoyan stand to look more sinister that smile is so horrible "I just want you to die! I will watch your department go to hell! "
I was so angry that I wanted to hit her.
Pan Dong said lightly, "Let her make trouble and let her slowly bleed dry."
Listening to him so indifferently, I can’t help shivering when I imagine Xiao Yan becoming a mummy.
Not the kui is Ye Xiangyuan hand against the enemy means are so cruel.
Fortunately, I am not hostile to them.
I thought about it and asked, "Aren’t you going to interrogate her?"
Since she is obeying Ye Sanye’s orders, she should know something.
"Well" Pan Dong also didn’t lift his head.
It seems that he knows well, so I didn’t ask more questions.
Xiaoyan kept cursing in her mouth, apparently she had lost her mind.
Pan Dong thought she was noisy and simply knocked her out.
The room was completely quiet.
After waiting for a while, there were bursts of footsteps outside.
I went to see Pan Dong nervously.
Pan Dong’s face was revealed with a smile.
He had got up and opened the door when I was in a daze
Ye Xiangyuan came in.
His uniform is tall and dignified, a little more solemn than usual, more collected and more calm, but also more dazzling.
It was the first time I saw him wearing a military uniform, and I couldn’t help but look stunned.