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Yao Yao da:

Chapter 34 No more bitter than bitter.
"Don’t, I’m going to my sister-in-law today. From now on, I have to be kind and take me in for a few days. Just give me a house manager and I’ll eat my fill." ChuChengXuan is really going to stay here.
"These two hospitals don’t have you, so don’t think about it. The woodshed is still waiting for you to sleep." Huangfuda glanced at him faintly, and his eyes became darker.
Chu Chengxuan immediately looked miserable. "At least we have known each other for more than ten years. You are really willing to let me sleep in the woodshed. Even if you are willing to be a sister in law, you can’t see the past."
"Well, I don’t care if it’s up to you."
Shuiyunjin raised her eyebrows in English. Can she say what she calls it? It’s not that she sleeps anyway.
Knowing that Chu Chengxuan had already made up her mind, what else could she say? It seems that she is determined to eat. She can’t bear to bully him with Huangfuda. Look, his arrogance and pretence are due to more than ten years of friendship, or she would have thrown him out according to Huangfuda’s temper.
"Sister in law is more accommodating than those baiwenhang can have a conscience." ChuChengXuan looked at Huangfuda with a proud and provocative face.
桑拿按摩Huangfuda glanced at him and ignored his provocation. "How long are you going to stay or do you think the trick of running away from home can change anything?"
Smell speech ChuChengXuan immediately glared at HuangFuDa "see through don’t say through too not enough meaning, you so I will be ashamed"
"Do you still know how to meet? Are you sure you still have" Huangfuda raised her eyebrows.
ChuChengXuan disgruntled suddenly choke slightly hectares is still unwilling to admit defeat "I don’t know how many times I have been kicked out by you, but it’s better if I don’t simply save some energy."
Listening to the conversation between the two people, Shuiyun Park is slightly hooked on the corner of her mouth, and her thoughts have already drifted away. Chu Chengxuan was a little shocked in her heart. At this time, she ran away from home, and presumably Chu Wangfu had just gone through a blood struggle.
The reason why he left angrily was because he was too interested in Gu Chenxi. It is rare for him to let the Buddha know right and wrong. It is extremely difficult for him to be so affectionate.
Nevertheless, he still behaves so casually and easily, and is not affected at all. Whether he is used to it or has long thought about the countermeasures or doesn’t want to think deeply, he will know for himself.
"Actually, I want to confirm one thing with you." ChuChengXuan is still a little heavy with a smile.
Shuiyunjin raised an eyebrow. "Do you want to ask Gu Chenxi about his physical injury?"
Chu Chengxuan nodded. He knew that Gu Chenxi in Lingyin Temple was taken care of by Shuiyunjin and his face was even better than that in Beijing. He vaguely felt that Shuiyunjin could cure Gu Chenxi’s disease.
"It’s not difficult to heal her body injury, but it’s as difficult as to heal her heart." Shui Yunxi thought about the girl whose mood was like a deep pool of stagnant water. She really didn’t want to be hurt any more. This is also because people can consciously build a fence after experiencing an indelible nightmare and want to dismantle it for a while.
Chu Chengxuan’s face suddenly turned gray, and he was no longer in high spirits at that time. How could he think of impervious clouds and hibiscus? She is now more terminally ill than physical injury. How he wishes he could solve her heart knot. It was him, but now she has completely isolated herself.
When she was in pain, her mother princess stabbed her again. She saw this sword as her own, and it was difficult for her to open her heart to herself again. This was also the most troublesome and worrying crux of him. He had been doing almost nothing but insisting. I’m afraid he was also in pain.
"You can really heal her wounds. Even the imperial doctors in the palace say she is."
"It’s really dangerous for a sword to pierce the abdomen and hurt the dirty, but after so many years, I want to heal the damaged dirty by myself, and then I will take care of her carefully." Shui Yunxi truthfully said that she didn’t think Gu Chenxi’s physical injury was fatal, and her frequent illnesses over the years were just caused by the shadow of childhood.
"I believe you, then you can have a forensic doctor to treat her heart disease." Chu Chengxuan looked at Shuiyun Park Che with deep excitement and hope.
ShuiYunJin wry smile that she really doesn’t have any good method "heart disease can’t be cured by medicine stone, and it can’t be solved overnight. You’d better go with the flow."
Smell speech ChuChengXuan corners of the mouth overflow with a bitter smile and was quickly hidden by him.
"I forced her to be as bloody and cruel as a knife when she was six years old. I wanted to forget to talk about Yi. The calmer she behaved, the more worrying she was. How could she not care about anything? Over the years, she was even more unhappy and angry. Can she really put everything?"
Real Chu Chengxuan wants to say that Gu Chenxi really can let him go? Does letting him go mean that he will get involved again? He feels inexplicable when he thinks about this.
The words sound just fell, and a night wind came and it was cool, which made people suddenly feel that the night was as cold as water, and the moonlight was boundless and gloomy. However, in this world, there is more sorrow than death, as sincere as Gu Chenxi and as sincere as Chu Chengxuan.
Huangfuda looked pale. He looked at Shuiyunjin and unconsciously shrank a hand. He held her tender little hand and looked at ChuChengxuan with beautiful eyes in his palm. "If she can let go, then you can do it."
Chu Chengxuan’s heart suddenly shook. To ask him to let go in this generation is like to gouge out a piece of meat and blood. Nothing is more terrible than death. He will never let go.
Huangfuda’s eyes are shining on his face. stop for a minute knows that his mind is firm and he will never retreat. Chu Chengxuan is as sincere to Gu Chenxi as he is to Shuiyunjin. Not wanting to let go is like burning his heart and selling his bones. This exclusive heart is like knowing that people can’t install it again.
Shui Yun-jin looked at the whole body, and the depression and grief had faded. Chu Chengxuan’s mouth was slightly raised. This sentence hit the point. Although it is not as transparent as an awakening, it will become more and more frustrated and brave. never back down.
"I haven’t touched the bed in the world for several days. You and your wife slowly admire the moon and don’t greet me. I’ll find a place to sleep by myself." Chu Chengxuan is still that frivolous and casual look, so he got up and walked towards the waterside pavilion